Railway Ministry in Talks with 6 Global Establishments for High Speed Trains

Railway Ministry in Talks with 6 Global Establishments for High Speed Trains_Insights Success

Discussions by the Railway Ministry with top six global firms for the launch of very high speed trains in India that can travel at a speed of 600 kmph was in the progressive stage, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu stated.
“We called for six top global companies who have technology that can travel beyond the 350kmph speed. These trains can mobile upto 600kmph speed. We called them and we expressed them that we will develop with you”, he spoke reporters on the sidelines of a conference here.
“Six companies have come headfirst and the talks are in progressive phases”. If they could make such high speed trains, the county would also be proficient to export it, he uttered. Prabhu was here to yield part in the Tamil Nadu Business Leaders Conference organized by CII.
To a query on the time frame for the unveiling of such high trains, Prabhu stated, “it may happen in 10 years. These are new zones which we are working on”. On the launch speed trains, he said “Japanese companies are investing almost Rs one lakh crore into high speed railways.”
On the investments occupied up by his Ministry, he stated, “including the Rs 8.50 lakh cr. proposed to be capitalized, we are devoting an added amount of Rs 85,000 cr. for the steadfast freight corridor project. We believe that to be completed in 2019.  In the last two years, contracts have been brought, tenders have been finalized”, he told. On emerging the railway network in the country, he thought, the Ministry has undertaken a visionary idea for Railways 2030.
“For the first time we are preparing a strategic plan to invest and decide on how the railway network should be developed,” he told. Earlier, Prabhu revealed a series of enterprises at the Railway Station here, containing the launch of fifth and sixth track line among Moore Market Complex-Basin Bridge junction, commitment of free WiFi service at Chennai Egmore Station, double discharge platform at the Mambalam Railway Station, and also a raised booking office at the Kodambakkam railway station.

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