Rajashree Sampath: A Seasoned IT Professional

Rajashree Sampath | Associate Director | Klaus IT Solutions
Rajashree Sampath | Associate Director | Klaus IT Solutions

The below excerpt showcases the professional journey of Rajashree Sampath – Associate Director – Staffing at Klaus IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Kindly brief us about your professional journey and what kind of ethics, principles and manner of working you observe while managing the business operations?
The 25 years of my professional journey have been a roller coaster ride. I began my career soon after my graduation and since then, one over-riding principle that I followed in my life was to keep on learning endlessly. I have extensive experience working in small setups to large corporates in wide-ranging areas such as Human Resources, Finance and Admin.
I formulated policies which helped the organizations I worked for create a positive work environment and a culture which imbibed equal opportunities for all. The results were evident through employee loyalty and higher productivity.
Share with us the noted milestones, accomplishments of your journey along with highlighting the company’s achievements under your leadership.
I have been a part of this Organization since its inception and having seen this Company grow from a size of 40 to 1200 is amazing. We have evolved from a HR Company to a Technology Company today and are mature to handle projects in IT and Engineering. Our diversification from Staffing to managing large projects has attracted good talent.
Please tell us about the business model you follow and the services you provide that makes the brand unique in the mid of cut throat competition.
Our business models are agile which gives our clients the comfort to work with us. We work on Staffing, Development and Testing activities. Our uniqueness lies in our flexibility to cater to every client differently.  We consider people as the biggest asset and give a lot of importance to their progression which in turns leads to the Company’s progress.
State us about the most memorable and remarkable moments of your life.
There are many memories that I treasure, both personal and professional. On the personal was when I became a mother of a beautiful girl and on the professional when I got promoted to the position of Director at Klaus. The journey of both has been incredible.
Where do you see yourself and the company in future? Or, what is your goal to mark the uniqueness in future?
The future of Klaus looks very promising. My goal is to take Klaus to the next level by reaching a headcount 2500 in next two years with continued focus on Latest Technologies
Kindly tell us about the most daring challenge you took and the risk associated with it.
A client of ours wanted us to manage resources working in a very remote location. Tracking them on a daily basis was impossible. We took the risk to take up this assignment and managed it very well.
Advise for the budding entrepreneurs who are trying to embark in the same field.
Life isn’t easy and people who learn the hard way sustain in the market. As they say, there is no shortcut to success. But thanks to technology and mentors in the Industry who are ever willing to help budding entrepreneurs and support & finance their ideas, the present generations have much scope to succeed
What is the one thing that is acting as your motivational tool? Or, who is your role model And how the person inspires and motivates you?
My role model is our Managing Director, Mr. Varma N K who in spite of seeing so much success in life is very down to earth and ensures that every employee is happy. He has inspired many people including me. His urge to take up new challenges and drive it to success is highly motivating.
Share your views on the current technology-enabled business scenario in India.
With the ever-changing technologies in the global scenario, there is a growing demand for technology-enabled services and India is leaving its footprint in this arena.  With its large talent-pool, India is a force to reckon with and has become the digital capabilities hub of the world.  India is the topmost offshoring destination for IT companies across the world, having proven its capabilities in delivering both on-shore and off-shore services to global clients.  Emerging technologies now offer an entire new gamut of opportunities for top IT firms in India.

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