Abhishek Shinde: Heading Towards Success Delivering Excellence

Abhishek Shinde|Excelsior Research
Abhishek Shinde | CEO | Director

Achievement is a sense of success. A medal of honor that one gives himself, for making a difference through all the adversities faced. Challenges are inevitable, but facing those challenges head-on with a proper plan is the way to go. Breaking through the limits and rising above the horizon of hard work will place you on the top.
One such remarkable entity, instilled with the above-mentioned ideals is Abhishek Shinde – CEO/ Director – Sales and Business Development, Excelsior Research Pvt Ltd. The journey of an entrepreneur is never easy. “I actually had to go through a lot of tough times during the inception of my company,” says Abhishek. Every failure in his life gave him the strength to move forward, and he learned a lot from his mistakes. As far as his driving force is considered, he thanks his wife primarily. “Personally I would like to thank my wife Vrushali Shinde who left her carrier and helped me in my worst times to get the company to this level,” states Abhishek. “I would consider my father, Shri. Deepak Shinde as my role model. Seeing him happy gives me a lot of strength,” he further adds.
Excelling Excelsior
Excelsior Research is a full-service market research agency. It offers a wide range of Research Solutions and services to a global clientele.
We are providing a one-stop solution for all market research related needs of the leading large scale as well as medium and small scale companies,” tells Abhishek. The company’s digital practice research services are customized to ensure that the clients’ campaign derives the maximum and most relevant leads. Its Lead Generation team works with laser-like focus and uses cutting edge digital advertising methods to drive in potential customers. “Excelsior Research is the best agency to work with and the best company to work for!” proclaims Abhishek.
One of the primary objectives of the company is to become the first and foremost choice as their go-to solution provider for all the companies and other users. “We want to be the prominent market research & ITES projects enablers in all the sectors, be it private or public,” Abhishek envisages. He wants to grab more opportunities and create more employment opportunities for society. On a priority basis, he wishes to expand the company to an organization where his team would consist of more than 1000 employees. He is on the way to create a great pool of talent for the betterment of society.

Struggles and Troubles
Working during odd hours was always a challenging task for Abhishek, which required a tough mind to cope up with work stress. Not just stress, but the pressure of performing as per the industry expectations and on-time delivery were also engaging factors. Finding the right talent has always been one of the difficult activities in this industry. The industry is in need of people who can manage and multi-task along with handling a tremendous amount of pressure.
The industry has been changing at a rapid pace. With the growing innovation across various verticals like artificial intelligence and data science, are proving to be the modern solution for doing business. With new competitors emerging every day, client satisfaction is considered to be on top priority for being on the charts. “We have to be on toes to meet the requirements of the end-user,” claims Abhishek. “We have also been very well recognized by our clients across the globe,” he boasts proudly.
Another thing that holds the company together is its human resources or employees. Employee satisfaction is the key that has been incorporated in Excelsior from the beginning. Hence, within just four years of time-frame, the company has gained new heights and was able to create its own identity in the industry. “I am so glad that my team and I were able to get into this competitive market and make our identity,” informs Abhishek. Now, the company comprises of more than 250 staff personnel working in different segments. “Finally, when I see my team and Excelsior as a brand, it makes me feel so proud,” he relishes.
Abhishek’s advise to the young business heads is, “Take care of your employees and they will take care of you.”

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