Ramesh Lakshman: Providing Optimal Solutions that are Benefiting Financial Business World

Ramesh Lakshman

A firm of chartered accountants, that consciously choose to move away as early as 1992, from its traditional business areas of taxations, audit, assurance, certification etc. to explore consulting in the field of risk management, derivatives, cross border acquisitions, strategies, private equity etc. Driven by the philosophy adopted by the firm “Quality is never an accident but is a result of intelligent effort”, the firm could quickly establish its reputation in its chose niche areas of business. As an early entrant into the field Mr. Ramesh Lakshman has been invited by leading firms like KPMG and Earnst and Young to conduct customized training for its employees in the field of derivatives. Mr. Ramesh Lakshman, the Founder proprietor of Ramesh Lakshman & Co. is also a speaker in many platforms in these areas of expertise. He also conducts a course in Derivatives for SP Jain School of Global Management at Dubai, Singapore and Sydney.

The firm is known for its ability to come up with creative solutions to problems and more often than not, the firm exceeds client expectation.  From pre disbursement verting of security documents to managing financial risk, using derivatives for the best interest of the firm, assist inn market to market valuation for exiting contracts, negotiating joint venture agreements, planning for cross border investments we have done it all. Apart from national clients the firm has catered to clients overseas through UNDP project AMSCO in different African countries, particularly Swaziland.

Diversity of Industry Coverage
Whether it be pure and simple business consulting, or private equity sourcing and deal negotiations, structured finance, derivatives and risk management, valuation of financial instruments,  pre disbursement validation of security documentation our clients range from varied industries. These include automobile components, pharmaceuticals, jute, infrastructure- water distributions and cargo movement logistics, financial services, banks, hotels, private equity investors, trading, engineering services, power, jewelry and watches, software, power.

Evolving Opportunities with Massive Advancements
The recent changes in accounting standards, new thoughts and legislation, new technologies and new business models all throw up multiple opportunities for consulting in diverse areas. The firm is now looking forward to another decade of rapid growth powered by these business opportunities.
Recently the company advised a corporate on unwinding a derivative structure.  The MTM valuation by the bank was USDm1.2 Million. Against this the Value placed by the firm was 5.5.Milion USD. Then a protracted negotiation was held with the bank and finally the client closed it at a valuation of 4.3 Million USD. The enhanced value assimilated for the client is an indication value accretion that the firm provides in its niche areas of expertise.

Focusing beyond the Apparent  
The firm continues to hold its position that –“We are a boutique firm and intend to be so. Hence we do not face any major problems. We work with the limited number of clients at any time, so as to be able to reach out and meet their requirements in a time bound manner”  We always have and will continue to ensure that as a firm, it must reach out beyond the apparent and deliver more than what was expected.
Consultants on Engagement
The firm typically works with a range of consultants whose services are drafted on the basis of expertise requirement and the client engagement. The firm undertakes both short term and long term projects, nationally and internationally. The last international engagement was at Muscat.

Risk Analytics
Another key area being explored by the firm is risk analytics, the use of data analytics to determine risk of fraud, mis appropriation, cheating, etc. This area is being explored in addition to identify risk in automated environment where human intervention is limited. Using algorithms, historical trends, deviations and number repetition, risk analytics will drive down to areas or documents with potential risk and explore these areas further to identify actual risks and also losses if any or determine that there is not apparent risk despite the deviation in data patterns.
Future Endeavors
As identified by the company health is turning out to be one of the major risk factors in the lives of most citizen. With a view to meet this challenge and provide useful management services the firm is setting up a new entity which will provide holistic health care management through alternate medical systems. Initial programmes planned include reversing diabetics, Hypertension, health care during pregnancy and developed of mental faculties of children between three month to three years. The approaches will center around vibrations, magnetic healings, sound therapy etc. Managing these through diet and nutrition using special techniques of cooking etc. will happen to be key ingredient in the solutions offered.
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