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Netrika Consulting

As the requirements for compliance are increasing, many players have crop-up with multiple risk and compliance solutions. Such solutions are helping the industries to move ahead towards the success. Well, at the end of the day, the size of the pie is increasing, and so is the share of each player. There is no dearth of opportunities in terms of requirements of risk and compliance consultants. One such innovative and trusted risk and compliance solution provider is Netrika Consulting India Pvt Ltd.
The corporate office of Netrika Consulting India Pvt Ltd. is based in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. Incorporated in May 2013, it has regional offices in Mumbai and Bangalore. However, in a span of 5 years, Netrika Consulting has grown from 5 employees to 150 employees. It has its base offices in Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai. And, the international offices of Netrika are in Dubai, Singapore and Sri Lanka. It not only caters to pan India requirement, but whole of South Asia and Asia.
Netrika stands as “The symbol of vision and acute observations”, where the word Netrika is derived from the word Netra, eyes in Sanskrit. Netrika is like a powerful eye that empowers company to connect with the world, to see it in a larger scale with a global vision. An eye for better understanding of business, and risk, which will secure business with the help of intelligence finding solutions, and thus empowering with the protection.
The idea behind establishing the company was setting up risk mitigation practice with a base in India, which will further go global. However, Netrika is a team of Multi-disciplinary professionals like Ex-Army, Ex-Police, CA, MBA Graduates, Cyber Forensics expert, Competitive intelligence graduates & also other skilled, research oriented and dedicated people. While looking to the company’s awards and achievements, Netrika has been awarded “Security Project of the year” Shield award by Secutech. Also, Indian National Bar Association (INBA) awarded Netrika for its outstanding contribution in the field of Risk Management and Forensics from honorable Justice Siddharth Mridulduring.
360 Degree Risk and Mitigation Services                                  
Netrika is adopting feasible approach in today’s endeavor, to satisfy clients’ needs to execute assignments in a seamless, cost effective and time bound manner. Basically, the Risk Mitigation services of Netrika Consulting are divided into six specialized divisions, namely Fraud Risk Management, Security & Risk Consulting, Brand Protection & IPR, Information Security, Background Checks, and Training & Certifications.
However, Netrika is team of all wonderful people, with a unique consulting background to support various organizations across industries in Intelligence Gathering, Investigations and Security Management dealing with complex business threats.
Inspirational Director of Netrika & his Astounding Achievements
Sanjay Kaushik is the Managing Director of Netrika Consulting and ARVP ASIS International Region 13 A. With over 24 years of experience, he is a recognized expert in Anti Counterfeit Strategies, Corporate Security Consulting, Risk Assessment, Investigations and  Anti-Fraud investigations, , including working as Chief Operating Officer of one of the largest Risk Consulting Firm.
Moreover, Sanjay is the proud recipient of prestigious “Investigation Professional of the year 2012”Award, in the 7th Security Leadership Summit. He has been trained and certified in Transport Asset Protection Association (TAPA) and have helped many corporates in securing there supply chain in international border. He has also assisted many corporates in securing there supply chain in international borders.
Well, Sanjay has achieved great experience by being the General Secretary of Association of Certified Professional Investigators (ACPI), Founder member of Indian Association of Professional Background Screeners (IAPBS), an Associate Member of APDI (Association of Private Detectives of India), and an Associate Member of ACFE (Associate Certified Fraud Examiner). However, Sanjay has been the Chairman of Law Enforcement Council of ASIS India and Ex-Chairman for Loss Prevention Council of ASIS India, Delhi Chapter 207, India.
Further, moving to the trainings and certifications, Sanjay has been trained and certified in –P.E.A.C.E – Suspect Interviewing technique, Australia, Enterprise Risk Management, Investigative Skills for Security Managers, Certified Fraud Accounting Professional (CFAP), and Executive Protection for Security Management.
Key Elements that Lowered the Challenges
In early days, every company is facing challenges. However, where the solution fails, the opportunities remain in the area, and where the solutions cannot be made, the challenges become evident. In this challenging scenario, the company stood with confidence by providing the satisfactory solutions to the client. In this way, after doing a lot of hard work, the team Netrika has successfully registered for the consistent growth year on year.
Netrika’s Stringent Solutions for Clients
Team Netrika believes in quality services. They have local expertise, having 100 + years of management experience in the domain. The clients, who are expecting value for their money, are coming back, continuously, to Netrika. Though, with varied fraud instances oozing out despite stringent audits by multinationals, clients are approaching the company to seek their valuable services.
Future Endeavour
Netrika is a new, growing organization having a clear vision of growth, while extending support to the clients. The company is making high efforts to place themselves as the top most risk consultancy company in ASIA in the next five years.
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