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Ranal Software Technologies

India has long associated with information technology, and over the years it has witness significant trends within country. Technology has transformed the modes of business operation as well as market competitiveness. Ranal Software Technologies is one such technology firm that offers best-in-class software solutions globally.

In an interview with Insights Success, Rohit Mallya, Technical Head at Ranal Software Technologies gave some insightful answers highlighting the influences made by the company to take construction industry to next level.

  1. Kindly brief us about your consultancy.

Ranal, a technology conglomerate is a Provider of Technology Software solution to its customers worldwide. Journey started over 3 decades back with development of Advanced Technology Solutions in areas such as Digital Manufacturing that helped organizations to Simulate & Analyze performance of Mfg. systems such as Robots, Machines & other Factory floor equipment as well as human interactions in a Mfg. floor.
Over a period, group extended its operations successfully to other enterprise software solution areas such as Project Management, Process Planning, Airline &Travel Booking, B2B/B2C Systems & Custom Development.
In early 2000’s taking advantage of already available Engineering Expertise expanded into newer areas of Mfg. Engg. design, Virtual Validation & Robotic simulations services. As time progressed Ranal grew vertically to support customers through the complete product lifecycle & horizontally into newer segments of Aerospace, Defense, Railways, Heavy Engineering & Industrial Machinery to name a few.

Given early head start in the Digital Manufacturing space, complimented with rich blend of both Engineering & IT expertise has helped to deliver solutions effectively to address customer business challenges. Thus, making us trusted solutions partner for Engineering & Manufacturing.

  1. Brief us about the Founder/CEO and his/her contribution towards the upliftment of the consultancy. What was the source of inspiration for your consultancy to be a pioneer in the Engineering Consultants segment?

Rohit Mallya, holds a masters degree in Industrial Engineering and has played roles as a Business Analyst, Trainer, and Application Specialist before moving into the current role of Head Technical at Ranal Software Technologies. During the career he has worked through the solution lifecycle right from requirement gathering to post implementation support for companies of varying sizes and sectors like automotive, auto supplier, industrial machinery, defence labs, PSU’s etc. The area of expertise has been in Digital Manufacturing, Change Management, Project Management & Enterprise Application implementations. On the personal front he is always updated technology and gadgets which has been a inspiration to look out for newer and better ways to address customer business challenges. This experience has been instrumental in carrying out discussions with client leaderships and derives their digitalisation journey to improve the overall business. Familiarizing the latest industry trends to academics through talks and workshops is of keen interest.

  1. What are the distinct products and services provided by your consultancy, setting you apart from your competitors?

Thanks to the initiatives like Industrial 4.0. & Make in India today Indian companies are trying to embrace these approaches to compete with the global players. The global exposure from executing projects for global companies gives us in depth understanding on Engineering solutions.
The decades of engagement with customers globally made us understand that today organizations are more and more looking for companies that are able to solutions that help address business challenges solutions approach over software or services.
The varied expertise that comes from Product Development, Engineering Services, Software Sales gave us the agility to orient our approach to the changing business environment swiftly to support further towards Industry 4.0 through addition of Virtual Reality, Motion capture through body suite and gloves over & IOT solutions in addition to the standard software for digital manufacturing solutions which has been close to us through our decades of expertise. Now is the right time to that organizations are adopting these technologies that help in optimizing the product costs and lifecycle, this is exactly/accurately the space that is addressed through our solution.

  1. What are the key attributes that helped your consultancy to overcome the challenges?

The global group expertise coming from product development, sales and services for automotive, aerospace & heavy engineering companies has been key in localizing our solutions for Concept & Product Designing, Tools and Fixture Design, Engineering Analysis, Discrete Event Simulation, Robotic Analysis and Ergonomic Analysis. We understand Indian market and help Indian Companies to digitalize.  We also believe that skill development is key to inspire companies in adopting digitalization.

  1. What is the current scenario of Engineering Consultation industry, from your point of view?

Currently the decisions are based on ​ and the effect of it are Brain Intensive, High time to validate, Approximation Error​ and Impact due to Automation​.
Currently most decisions with respect to process and plant capex investments are based on Averaging, Approximation & past Experience. These methodologies are brain intensive, error prone and validation is possible only after investment is made. Usage of solution based consultancy will assist customer realize results earlier and scientific approach for decision making.

  1. With the massive advancements in the Engineering industry, what are the opportunities and challenges evolving with it?

The trends in the industry are Globalization, and Indian companies trying to setup operations in other countries. These leads to new challenges in industries like Speed to Market, Growing demand, Unpredictability & Varying Demand, Geographic etc

  1. What are the benefits gained by your clients while doing business with you?

We have presence across geographies and our primary focus is to provide solution to our customer which can bring productivity and sustainability in their business.
A global player understanding the Indian market allowing us to deploy the global technology suiting the Indian needs. We have been able to get the help our customers to start looking at approaches like Virtual Commissioning, Virtual reality and motion capture based solutions which has reduced the time spend on preparatory activities.

  1. What is the role of your employees behind your consultancy’s success? How do you keep them motivated?

The key to success has been the employees who come with vary experience backgrounds. This allows multi-disciplinary teams to deliver the solutions based on customer requirement. The success of the engagements has been the key motivation of the team.
Strengthening and developing the ease of doing things by adopting new technologies in all stages of manufacturing like starting from Production & Planning till production and Launch.

  1. Brief us about your consultancy’s future perspectives.

We intend to be leaders in our market niches seeking for technological excellence in our products and customer delight in our own methodology. And to support companies in Technology advancements and opportunities that emerge in with our customers.  
Source :-The 10 Prominent Project Engineering Solution Providers

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