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Believe in yourself and take calculated risks

Rakesh Gupta: An Innovative & Committed Finance Professional cum an Award Winning Filmmaker

“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” – Bernice Johnson Reagon, a renowned music composer, scholar and social activist. That’s the spirit a person must possess in order to dream something big and achieve something bigger. Challenges are the parts and parcels of our life which takes us forward towards success. Accomplishment of each challenge takes us a step closer to our dreamt destiny. Taking up any challenge and winning over that is definitely not easy and as wise and successful people say, success never comes without pain,….
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The 10 Most Dynamic CFOs to Watch in 2018  

Vikash Sureka: An extraordinary leader moulded by experiences, expertise and empathy

And as the old adage goes, “Change is the only constant in the world.” Time changes everything around us, but what makes a winner out of each one of us depends on how we...

Parag Gupta: A Relentless Improver Revolutionizing the World of Internet

A constant believer of hope, a self-motivator, dedicated, curious, patient, daring, hardworking, sincere, and achiever, these are the quality a successful entrepreneur possesses. Meet Parag Gupta, CFO at Spectra, an extraordinary entrepreneur who sacrificed...

Interview With Insights Success

Eros International PLC: Entertainment Unleashed

The Company stands amongst the global leaders in distributing and aggregating Indian movies on the international platform. In a conversation with the CFO – Mr. Prem Parameswaran, he talks about his professional journey and his overall experience...

CXO Standpoint

The evolving role of a CFO in the current business scenario

The Chief Financial Officer (CFOs) of a business organisation especially that of a telecom sector knows how to utilize the pillars of leadership that can fulfil promises. The individual in this role has the...

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Truth, Transparency and Honesty: Ingredients to cook a successful Entrepreneurship

Life is to open the covered, reveal the secrets, know the unknown and turn uncertainties into certainties. Some say that lying is a bad habit, while some others say harmless lies are okay. Even...


Seven Relationship Tips Which will Help You Create a Non-Toxic Workplace

8 Hours a day. 5 Days a week. 4 Weeks a month. 12 Months a year and, 40 Years in one’s life. This figure is humongous, and so is its importance. Believe it or...

Fascinating Facts

Weird Startup Ideas to Million Dollar Businesses

Startups are often termed as the unknown seeds. You never know what fruit it may come up with. Defining the path of a startup seed is hard. Some may fail while others may turn...