Rayzon Global LLP: Bringing All Your Sports Infrastructural Dreams into Reality

Rayzon Global LLP
Rayzon Global LLP

For a young country like India, to stay young, healthy, and fittest forever means engaging in every kind of sports activity. The biggest hurdle for young sports enthusiasts was the lack of proper infrastructural facilities to practice and train within.

Popular sports like cricket, hockey, football, tennis, basketball, badminton, kabaddi, and many more turning up in leagues all over the country have been changing this scenario. What is more heartening to see is the emergence of Rayzon Global LLP – a professional all-in-one sports infra-building experts’ team. Rayzon is filling the humongous gaps in terms of government and private players ready to invest in building infrastructure-wise top-notch sports arenas equipped with advanced modern facilities and a perfect infra-developing partner.

Rayzon Global, a dream of Founder and CEO Vivek Parekh – a third-generation entrepreneur at his renowned family-run business, National Plastic Industries Limited – “Is at the forefront of India’s Sports Infrastructure market, leading the way with an innovative and cutting-edge strategy,” says Vivek, adding, “We’re committed to constructing world-class infrastructure that exceeds expectations, with a deep dedication to quality and a love for producing extraordinary athletic facilities.”

Fostering Best Sports Arenas

Rayzon Global is transforming the future of sports infrastructure in India via smart collaborations and partnerships with local and international entities, ensuring that players and sports enthusiasts can access top-tier facilities that inspire and improve their performance.

Vivek furthers that Rayzon Global is a sports infrastructure company based in Mumbai. “Our goal is to give all sports categories the best conditions to flourish by providing our clients with key knowledge and expertise to address their general and specific demands in this space,” he shares.

Within eight short years of starting this company, Rayzon Global has already met the standards of established sports infrastructure companies worldwide. Rayzon is fast emerging as a pioneer in manufacturing and setting up basketball, tennis courts, FIFA approved football turfs, which are at par with global standards. The Polypropylene (PP) tiles manufactured by the brand have gained popularity quickly and have become the most popular outdoor flooring. The high-quality Polypropylene utilized makes them durable and sustainable.

The brand aims to become the one-stop shop and a preferred solution provider for complete sports infrastructure requirements. Rayzon holds a strong reputation for working with the most seasoned industry professionals. Eight years since its inception, Rayzon has worked on over 300+ sites internationally and in India. Some of the notable projects of the brand encompass the Graffiti Basketball Courts at St. Andrews College in Bandra, Air Canada in Matunga, Mumbai, the Hockey Rink in Jammu and Kashmir, and Paddle Courts in Maldives.

For the most opulent residential developments across the country, Rayzon has built turf tennis courts and squash courts in collaboration with renowned builders like Lodha, Oberoi, and Kanakia.

Elevating the Playing Fields

Vivek adds, “Our USP would be our sophisticated and proven A-Z turn-key solutions that save considerable time, money and effort.” Rayzon’s cutting-edge solutions, complete project management assurance and hassle-free installation set it apart from other contractors and developers in this space. “Our ultimate goal is to become a one-stop-shop and a preferred solutions provider for all sports infrastructure requirements,” states Vivek, who acquired a Master’s Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the University of Warwick after completing his undergraduate at the University of Reading, UK. He founded Rayzon with the intention of elevating sports infrastructure facilities. He has developed turfs for sports like paddle, squash, and pickleball that were not at the forefront. He became aware of the gaps in the market and sought to narrow them with the services provided by his brand, Rayzon.

Reflecting on his inspiration behind venturing into the sports infra-developing niche, Vivek says the outset of his journey with Rayzon was quite organic. He recalls, “At an exhibition, we got a pretty big order. So, we took a risk and got into this space. We learnt everything from scratch and never looked back.” The prospect of handling such a project was exhilarating and taught him a lot. He mentions, “I figured out that having key staff at different locations was crucial to meeting our clients’ needs and for our operations to run smoothly.”

Eventually, he and his team created a strong network nationwide, enabling them to scale their projects much more easily. They also have an array of marquee sites that people aspire to play on, which they would love to do more of. Vivek believes, “Having worked with a close team and lakhs of people in the sports workspace, my only motivation to succeed in work comes from the desire to be creative, entrepreneurial, ambitious, and to make a difference in every realm I operate in. Over the next five years, we want to be No.1 Sports Infrastructure company in the country.”

Advanced Techno-Boost

He also gravitates towards the rapidly evolving technology field and always keeps up with it. At present, AI does not play a significant role in the sports infrastructure space, and Vivek says he has not heard of other companies benefiting from it either. However, he does feel that in the future, it could become a useful tool in the infrastructure industry in general.

Telling more about Rayzon’s offerings, Vivek adds that what makes them stand out is their ability to keep up with new developments in sports and their specific requirements. Their brand aims to deliver end-to-end sports infrastructure facilities by providing A-Z turn-key solutions, which means they handle all requirements, from flooring and lighting to civil work, 3D virtual modelling, and the necessary maintenance after installation as well. They strive to bridge the gaps in the sports ecosystem and find more key solutions to problems, big or small. He says, “My mission at Rayzon has always been to develop one stadium in every state in India, as I believe in the positive impact sports has on the youth of India.”

Creating an Exceptional Sports Ecosystem

Considering the current industry scenario, Vivek shares that because they aim to cover all sports, their biggest challenge would be keeping up with all their specific requirements and the regional considerations that come with dealing with a vast territory like India. They have overcome this hurdle by employing key personnel in different parts of the country, thereby growing a strong network throughout, enabling them to meet the various demands of their clients.

Rayzon has its own installation team, their own site engineers and their own equipment as well. At Rayzon, they have invested many resources into building a strong senior management team and sales force that gives each project the finesse needed in sports infrastructure in India. The government now allocates a lot more money to sports infrastructure, making it easier for people to carry out their visions for sports.

Addressing Future’s Global Sports Infra Needs

In his advice, he says, “I would tell all the budding entrepreneurs in the sports industry that India is a very young country (with an average age of 28).” Most of them engage in sports in some way, so the market is large, and there is much to explore when it comes to providing facilities, experimenting with various ideas and introducing new concepts to the public. One exciting development is seeing people use sports venues for social events, which tells of the dynamism and high prospects of the sports infrastructure space in the future.

On envisioning scaling Rayzon Global’s operations and offerings in the future, Vivek divulges that the best way to grow Rayzon would be to always work with top talent and get the best teams together Pan-India. They have taken this approach from the beginning, and it has proven reliable time and time again. Maintaining this strong network keeps their operations fluid, whereby their clients and potential clients can get any assistance they need; they can view Rayzon’s body of work and get a clearer idea of what the team does, making it easy for them to trust Rayzon Global.

Attending exhibitions around the world is also key to getting an understanding of technologies and products being introduced to sports infrastructure. “This enables us to differentiate ourselves from the rest and excel as a sports infrastructure company in all possible ways,” he concludes.

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