Interactive Bees: We Believe, We Can Make Your Brand Fly High on the Success Tree

Interactive bees
Interactive bees

A truly innovative mind is a neurological beehive of creative ideas flying with their magic of limitless imagination by defying every law in the books ever proven. The restlessness of the rebelliously constant change shatters the boundaries of the past to usher the present into the futuristic times, again proving that we must embrace novelty with an open mind no matter what. Those of us divergent enough to carve out our transformative thinking can, in reality, change the world for the better.

If you don’t believe it, ask the Bumblebees, who have been flying since their species came into existence by defying all the physical laws of aerodynamics. It might be thanks to their being unaware of the laws themselves, but they have been inspiring wise humanity from the age of sensibility and the dawn of reasoning.

“Bumblebees at Interactive Bees – a full-service brand communication agency – are our inspiration, too,” says the Founder and DirectorMonica Gupta.

Interactive Bees started in 2008 when the ‘start-up’ buzzword was still finding its ground, and companies were playing safe by using traditional marketing solutions for branding purposes. Already worked as a seasoned marketing professional, Monica realized that with the changing world, brands needed more than just traditional marketing; they required an integrated approach to marketing which comprises both conventional as well as digital with a secret and a smart ingredient what she terms as

‘Brand Storytelling 

She explains, “Let’s take an example of the days when our grandparents told us stories.” The stories were not just read; they were told with words that children could visualise. There were sound effects and voice modulations infused in the narration, and the story remained imprinted in our brains, waiting to be retold. It is the USP of Interactive Bees, which is a complete Brand Communication Agency, that offers 360° integrated brand-building solutions that leave an imprint on the consumer’s mind with a favourable image and top-of-the-mind recall. She adds, “Our beehive of experienced professionals design unique solutions customised according to each area of business; Our list of client testimonials encompasses a rich mix of brands from various industry segments – B2B, B2C, NGOs and even Government Organizations.”

Regaling her journey in this industry and how she made the brand Ibees excel in its niche, Monica says she knew it wouldn’t be easy, but she was sure it was possible. As a child, she struggled with dyslexia, but with determination, she overcame all mental blocks and rose above the challenges. Meditation has helped her in this journey of realising her creative and logical potential and building a path of her own through hard work and perseverance.

For about a decade, she worked across industry-leading creative teams, driving innovative projects and successfully delivering solutions to clients until it was time to choose the obvious path of starting her own company. On 17th December 2008, Interactive Bees was formed along with a group of passionate professionals equipped with different expertise.

Creating a Buzz

From the start, Monica’s vision of Interactive Bees was about creating a holistic Brand Communication agency that works as a solution provider for the overall brand identity creation, brand positioning and marketing communication design and development for various brands. From Offline (Brand Identity Creation, Communication Style and Design Creation, Print Designs, Films) to BTL (events, designs, etc.) to Digital Marketing (owned, social, marketplace, bought and earned media), “We have gradually built our niche as the ultimate destination for overall brand communication. I am happy to say that in fourteen years, Interactive Bees has created a buzz amongst the who’s who of the Brand Advertising world and has been the proud recipient of numerous titles and awards in this field,” she says with a smile.

Being a holistic Brand Communication Agency is not just about being creative; Monica encourages her team to practice a research-based work process at Interactive Bees. Therefore, their client list is not limited to a particular business segment. They excel in B2C brand communication and have mastered the art of brand positioning in the B2B segment, which helps them fly high even in such volatile times. Dedication and passion for the work and doing it innovatively with customised solutions delivered are the practices that keep them ahead of the competition, along with quick and timely turnaround.

The Power of Change

Whether in her personal life or managing Interactive Bees, Monica ensures that their vision remains focused and that their attitude tackles every challenge as another stepping stone towards success.

She shares, “Well, frankly, we have always loved and stayed headstrong with our Purpose of creating the agency, which gives us clarity on; “Why am I doing what I am doing?” Clear individual and organisational purpose awareness, which is well-aligned, and we constantly keep the attention.”

Being an experienced leader, sharing her opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts her industry and how Ibees is adapting to the change, Monica says she started Interactive Bees when the marketing world was transitioning towards digital, “And we all know that the industry has seen a tremendous transformation within the last decade.”

The Tech-Nectar

It is not incorrect to say that ‘those who adapt and adopt’ are growing. AI and Machine Learning have created their presence in all aspects of human communication and learning. While many believe this will lead to many jobs becoming irrelevant and redundant in the near future, she believes they will evolve.

“Many of us are spiralling and getting stressed when it’s time to evolve by using the latest technologies for our good. At Interactive Bees, we take modern technology as a learning ground and find a balance between the creativity of employees and the convenience of technology.”

Let’s take an example of the recent buzz around ChatGPT; though much about it is still to be understood, Ibees creative team is already optimising their skillset by working around concepts like prompt engineering and its application within their arena. They believe technology interwoven with human creativity can result in tremendous success.

The Honeycomb 

Considering the current industry scenario, Monica accepts there are challenges they face, yet they drive their company to overcome these obstacles. The market has been highly volatile for the past few years, especially as uncertainty loomed during the COVID times, because of the Work from home, business-from-home cultures and a lot of new normals creeping up. Creating and maintaining their position in the market and holding together a team of more than sixty people at a time when clients have limited their budgets and attrition is at an all-time high, they know the quality of their work will help them overcome all hurdles. “The way ahead for every company in the business of client servicing is to create an ecosystem where your customer becomes our spokesperson, and that for us is Mission Accomplished!” she believes.

Her advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the Brand Communicators niche is simple – keep your vision straight and focused. Understand your client’s requirements very well. It is essential for every person trying to make their mark in the industry to take care of and respect themselves and their team in all situations. There will be challenges along the way. As we are in a highly volatile and fast-moving arena, be flexible and innovative, and keep upskilling is her mantra.

The Beehive of the Future

On envisioning scaling Interactive Bees’ operations and offerings in the future, Monica reveals they have reached the threshold of completing 14 years, overcoming many challenges and growing steadily by focusing on delivering quality service to their clients. She envisions Interactive Bees as the preferred agency for brands across industries.

A happy team balanced with go-getter attitudes will keep the creativity buzzing and the agency moving ahead. “We are working towards scaling up our operations by serving clients beyond national borders and helping potential start-ups create their brand communication strategy from brand visibility to public relations,” she says, adding her clients’ praises for Interactive Bees.

*Shabana Rahman: Deputy General Manager at Century Plyboards –

Monica makes everyone see the best in every situation and strive for excellence. She is a team player and will take you through her ideas, make you believe and participate in her vision and then commence work. It is the quality that makes her different from any other agency head that I have worked with. She is passionate about her work and doesn’t fear giving her opinion on ideas and strategies if she thinks they will not benefit the brand. Over the years, I have also seen her do much pro-Bono work for causes she believes in. She is a very inspiring woman who manages to find balance in the chaos and would do tons of good for any brand she works with. All the best!”

*Moumita Sarkar: Marketing Manager at Fortis Healthcare –

Monica is a true professional who believes deeply in delivering excellence. She helped us to develop an advanced E-commerce website, and she has been a reliable partner for our Marketing needs. It’s been absolutely fantastic working with her. She is extremely creative with full of skills and knowledge in this field and understands clients’ requirements very easily. I respect her immensely as a versatile professional with an impeccable value system.”

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