Recruiters, read this: 9 PM is the preferred time for job search, says PocketJobs Survey

· Most entry-level employees start looking for other job opportunities within the first year of working, revealed a survey by PocketJobs. Salary, promotion and role change were cited as the top reasons for seeking new job opportunities elsewhere
· Most (44%) survey takers said that they got their first job through an internet search
New Delhi, September 28, 2019: Managing entry-level candidates’ job search experience is the trickiest for hiring managers. To understand what factors, influence an entry-level candidate’s job search experience, especially their first job experience, PocketJobs – an exclusive platform by TimesJobs for entry-level hiring surveyed 1,138 respondents.
Nearly 63% of respondents claimed that job portals such as TimesJobs/PocketJobs are the most effective medium to get hired at the entry-level. Instead of simply applying for jobs, candidates prefer to directly call (46%) and mail the recruiters (44%).
What is an interesting note in job search preference for entry-level candidates is that 90% of candidates find map-based (location-based/nearby) job search features useful.
In the survey, candidates highlighted that while applying for jobs they would like to see information in the following order:
· Salary
· Location
· Role
· Company Name
· Domain/Industry
Most people search for jobs at night:
When asked about preferred time for job search, most respondents said that they search for jobs in night time after 9 pm (52%), followed by morning time when people are traveling to the workplace (35%).
Job change pattern
About 96% of entry-level staff think of job change within one year of working revealed the survey. The top five reasons cited for seeking new job opportunities were (in order of preference):
1. Salary
2. Promotion
3. Role change
4. Benefits
5. Nearby locations
The PocketJobs survey went to analyzing how these respondents had landed their first job. Most (44%) survey takers said that they got their first job through an internet search, followed by 40% who said that they got their career breakthrough a reference. Another 10% of respondents said that HR consultants helped them get their first job and the remaining 6% said that they landed their first job reference through a newspaper.
Commenting on these findings Mr. Sanjay Goyal, Business Head, TimesJobs & TechGig said, “Internet search is the preferred mode of job search, especially at the entry-level where professionals want to quickly check for new jobs, apply right away and find more opportunities.
Our survey also hints at the same. Another revelation from our survey is that 97% of respondents said that English is the preferred language, even as compared to Hindi and vernacular languages. This also subtly hints that the user mindset for internet portals is maturing in India”.
About PocketJobs: PocketJobs is an exclusive platform that connects entry-level job seekers and employers. Backed by TimesJobs, it is an interactive, mobile-only platform that helps freshers seek jobs instantly.

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