RE/MAX India: An Undisputed Market Leader in Real Estate

RE/MAX India
RE/MAX India

The real estate field is an artful mix of skills, tactics, and strategies. It covers  creative space, innovations, thinking and advancements across economic, social, political, and technological proportions. The changing landscape will have major implications for real estate investment and development. It will increase the size of the asset pool, yet not change the nature of investment opportunities. Real estate organizations will need to adapt early to live, grow and prosper.
RE/MAX, India’s No. 1 Real Estate Network since 2009, has a world-wide success phenomenon in many countries and has played a pioneering role in shaping the unorganized real estate market across the world. RE/MAX with its unique concept combines maximum commissions and the best support services to attract top agents, and is continually increasing the number of new entrants to the real estate business.
At RE/MAX, agents share office overheads, pay a small management fee, and in return receive a wide variety of real estate services like world class office facilities,  international as well as national referrals, high commissions, benefits from national & region centric advertising campaigns, superior training & certification,  professionalism and growing market share.
RE/MAX blends the administrative skills of its franchisees and the sales skills of its Broker Associates and creates an organized and unparalled professional framework, where consumers would not only be able to buy/sell/rent/lease residential & commercial real estate but also find financial and legal assistance under one roof. 
An Ingenious Persona of RE/MAX
Yatin Sharma, COO at RE/MAX India, has 22 years of inspiring success driven career across Telecom, Real Estate & IT sector. He was involved in running companywide operational functions and leading large scale teams & projects from inception to successful completion across organizations.
Yatin has been known as a “Launch Expert” having lead teams and been part of ones which launched Paging services, Online Insurance, Mobility & IT operations across India/Indian States. He is also well-versed in various fields including sales strategies & operations, cross functional team management, marketing, cost management, IT systems & project delivery processes including CRM. He is a strong believer in the use & impact of technology in capturing & analyzing “Human Effort, Efficiency & Business elevation.”

Yatin is a fabulous mentor who gives independence to his team simultaneously ensuring that execution happens as expected. He is someone who is focused on numbers without losing the sight of the larger picture. He is indeed a good human being who is really interested in team members’ grooming and well being.
Diverse Strategic Methodology to Fulfill Clients Needs
Indian Real estate is at the cusp of getting organized. The need of the hour is to have all round transparency, financial clarity, customer awareness alongwith  upright & professional agents. With RERA coming in, it is believed that most of the issues related to the real estate market will be solved and sorted. Indian real estate has attracted $32 billion in private equity so far. The global capital flow into Indian real estate in 2016 stood at $5.7 billion. With the changes in its regulatory framework and with the launch of Real Estate Investment Trusts, REMAX is all set to achieve its goals with a dedicated team of professional broker offices & agents.
At RE/MAX, they just don’t believe in servicing our customers but “delighting them”. Hence they constantly train and up-skill its agents to provide professional services and create a distinct niche for themselves through customer centric business appeal.
RE/MAX originally stands for Real Estate Maximums – Maximum implies to satisfaction for clients, agents, and franchise owners. RE/MAX worldwide phenomenon is based on ground-breaking principle of boosting “earning potential by facilitating affiliated self-employed entrepreneurs to retain the majority share of commissions on their individual sales”. With an unsurpassed support structure to back them up, it produces highly motivated Broker Associates who invest their maximum effort in ensuring a deal closure.
Every Broker Associate , Franchise Office and institute of RE/MAX whether owned or independent, has remained very profitable, positive, passionate proactive to establish the universally successful RE/MAX model.
RE/MAX India’s mission is to develop a premium quality real estate system in providing sustained value to end users and community by consistently delighting the customer with best-in-class service through a superior broker network and an empowered and energized work force
Being recognized and respected as a Leader of Innovation and Sustainability in the region, they currently service top 23 towns in India with equal passion to expand and enhance customer delight to top 100 cities across the country by 2025.
Dedicatedly Satisfying Clients Needs
Being a certified and licensed real estate broker network in the market, RE/MAX values their client’s needs and property requirements and fulfills them by providing transparent, trustworthy and expert services.
Future Visions
RE/MAX plans to expand from 60 offices to 200 offices (Franchise’s) and from 200 agents to 2500 agents, by 2020. As an equal opportunity player, the company is planning to hire more women brokers in India keeping in line with RE/MAX internationals network statistics where 55% of 116000+ agents are women. The brand is also planning to pump in over Rs.50 cr as growth capital and incubate realty start-ups.

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