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Dreams Group

While looking at the real estate industry of India, one can easily state that the industry has undergone and is still undergoing huge modification in the recent days. With the latest technologies coming up in the industry, new models of construction, innovative architecture and modern business strategies, and latest government policies, the industry is witnessing a huge transformation. Experts have forecasted that new targets have been set in the real estate sector to make housing affordable, hybridization and transformation of office spaces, industry consolidation, and many more things that are yet to come. For any enterprise or for any individual, it becomes the most difficult task to find the answers to their questions and solve their queries by searaching number of properties to get thing they are looking for.
Instigated in 2000, Dreams Group is a leading real estate developer of housing projects which strongly stands as one of the most trusted construction companies in Pune, India.
For almost two decades Dreams Group has evolved at every step and upgraded its products, services, operating systems and skills to give rich experience to all its associates, starting right from its customers, vendors, contractors, consultants and investors. They have constantly challenged the status quo and have expressed to experience sheer joy through best deliverance. During it’s journey, it has successfully accomplished a vast number of projects that seemed impossible to accomplish in the beginning.
The group stands with the values of maintaining transparency, honoring commitments and conducting fair dealings. The journey started with the thought process of

  • Progress through evolution
  • Growth through togetherness
  • Excellence through dedication

 “Our thought-process is our USP. We believe that the purpose should not override the philosophy and let our philosophies guide us to achieve the purpose.” – Dreams Group.
The Faces behind the Successful Enterprise
Dreams Group is a dream chased by two passionate engineers and childhood friends, Ramesh Mehta and Umesh Ambardekar. They had an ardent passion of building an organization with the name that is synonymous with TRUST, be it any domain. Housing being the basic need of mankind, Real estate development was chosen as the domain.
Ramesh Mehta is a visionary, ambitious and has an absolute clear thought. These qualities resonate in his passionate personality and man-of-the-people attitude. He currently leads the organization as its Chairman and Managing Director.
Umesh Ambardekar, the founder director, heads the execution and purchase department of the group. He has vast technical knowledge and experience of handling projects of any scale and people of any type. He is very focused and extremely result-oriented.
The duo led the organization to grow ten folds in the past decade and established in and around Pune.
Tackling Challenges to Pave a Path towards Success
After certain changes in the administrative and real estate industry caused by the Government policies, working in the industry seemed much more challenging than it was earlier. Starting from getting approval from different government departments and authorities, taking procedures further, improper maintenance of land titles and land records, speculation in the land and real estate prices to gathering capital, sourcing finance and the rising price of input costs, are some of the problematic factors standing as the hurdles on the road of real estate industry.
Transformation of the industry and the organizations transition are the biggest challenges the organization will have to tackle. The firm foresees that, as the industry matures rapidly, there would be a necessity to shift focus to national and global businesses rather than just operating as a local / regional player. To stay relevant in this volatile and defiant time, the group needs to

  • Prepare its organization
  • Build team
  • Build expertise

Through the transition phase, the group expects to tackle a lot of grey areas caused by external factors and the non-standardization of various materials, processes, systems and bodies that the business is dependent on.
We believe in long term relationship with all our associates -customers, contractors, vendors, investors and our teammates,” asserts Ramesh.
Future of Real Estate through the Eyes of Dreams Group
No matter how strong the tides are, how difficult the waves come in the world of business, Dreams Group stands firm with their values as maintaining Transparency, Honoring Commitments and conducting Fair Dealings.
Dreams Groups say that in the long runs As the industry matures, there would be better prospects for good and serious real estate developers. Transparency, good governance and constructive competition will lead to better product and service delivery.
Consolidation in the industry will lead to good but limited players with huge volumes. The trend of business will shift from it being a turnover-based business from the existing margin business. Customers’ interest will be protected and will prevail.

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