RenXSol EcoTech: Providing Astounding End-to-End Solutions in Solar to Consumers

A renewable energy-powered future is already here, and India is one of the sun’s most favored nations, blessed with about 5,000 TWh of solar insolation every year. Newly built solar plants are already considerably cheaper than new nuclear plants per kilowatt hour of electricity produced, and solar energy will compete head on with conventional energy generation. RenXSol EcoTech is one such solar company focused on providing astounding end-to-end solutions to consumers.
Specializing in Both Grid and Off-grid Solar Systems
With a collective team experience of 60+ years and ISO 9001:2008 certified company, RenXSol Ecotech specializes in project management and execution of both; grid and off-grid solar systems. Over the years, team of RenXSol has installed over 55 MW of grid connected solar power plants in Gujarat, Karnataka etc. under the central government and state government schemes in, India. Specializing in Site Feasibility, Project Development, Design, Engineering, EPC, Balance of Systems (BOS), Project Management, O&M of Solar Power Plants.
RenXSol helps harness the Power of the Sun through which they provide services in areas of Grid / Utility Scale Power- Services of EPC / BOS activities including evacuating at 11KV/33KV/66KV with all associated approvals, Roof top / off-grid Power for offices, industry, institutions, BOS and integration, and Thermal / Fluid / Air heating Solutions for Steam Generation up to 150 degree Celsius or boiler pre-heat or process feed water and also, recently into cold storage solutions using solar for aiding farmers.
Notable Services of RenXSol
RenXSol’s expertise is provided in varied areas of Solar Energy including customized solutions if required, in areas as
Consulting Services Related To

  • Site Feasibility, Project Development, Design, Engineering, Balance of Systems (BOS), Project Management, O&M of PV Power Plants of Rooftop or Ground based multi MW plants, Project Monitoring, Project Design validation, Performance ratio validation etc.
  • Setting up, developing systems and operationalizing manufacturing / production facilities of photovoltaic technology and thermal heating systems.

Turnkey Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants For

  • Rooftops, Grid Connected, Grid Interactive, Hybrid systems, off-grid systems,
  • Online storage grid tied systems
  • Technology choices for systems and panels as mono crystalline, multi-crystalline, thin film technologies as CIGs, CdTe, amorphous silicon, flexible solar panels.
  • Add ons as concentrators, trackers with auto or semi-auto cleaning solutions.
  • Inverter technologies using.

Solar Thermal plants with applications for institutions, hotels, industries, central kitchens, drying chambers etc. enabling savings of conventional fuels, diesel, electricity, LPG etc. suited for

  • Boiler feed water, Pre-heated process water upto 90-95 Degree Celsius
  • Steam generation upto 150 Degree Celsius for cooking during day time and pre-heated water for night / other time use.
  • Air heaters, hot air generators for space heating and drying use upto 70 Degree Celsius for drying spices, dehydration of fruits and vegetables, industrial applications, customized etc.
  • Cooling systems suited for air-conditioning or cold storage.
  • Distilled water generation using evaporation systems.
  • Effluent evaporation solutions as supplemental or independent applications depending on end use.

Solar Power of existing / retrofit or standalone agricultural / Irrigation pumps sets with hybrid options of any HP for operation with or without grid power.
The company’s clientele spreads across all sectors. RenXSol looks to make the most of tomorrow by empowering as many industries as possible under its solar wing. They balance every aspect of the enterprise and look to always serve the best interests of their present and future clients.
The Passionate & Committed Leader of RenXSol
Srinivas Kumar is the Managing Director and CEO of RenXSol EcoTech. He is a Mechanical Engineer, with over 30 years of experience and expertise in solar field, in various leadership positions such as BHEL, TATA BP Solar (Tata Power Solar), co-founder and CEO KOTAK Urja, co-founder and CEO EverSun Energy, handled advisory and consulting with SunEdison, Honeywell, raised venture funding through Kliener Perkins, Sherpalo, Applied Ventures, had M&A exits in a successful entrepreneurial career. Co-Founded RenXSol in 2012 along with IPP firms SunVeda Energy/Power enabling clients benefit from latest in solar energy and consulting services.
Srinivas has many specialties and his expertise lies in solar energy applications in thermal & photovoltaics, Multi project & product conceptualization, incubation, cost effective production techniques, team building, leadership, all round management, effective sourcing & purchasing, value engineering, developing & planning growth strategies, budgeting, R & D with field based solutions, govt. regulations, coordination, brand development, new product architecture, funding initiatives, and planning equitable development of team members. His goal is to develop a need based solar market, providing cost effective solutions to industry and society.
The Strength of RenXSol
RenXSol with its strong engineering and design expertise offers a wide range of products and services, which they consider as their strength. The company uses solar photovoltaic technology to generate electricity used for varied applications as rooftop power generation in grid tied or off-grid mode, with storage or without storage, or ground based MW applications. It also uses solar thermal technology to generate heat used for heating of water or fluids or air and again with storage or without storage for various applications.
The Certifications and Registrations of RenXSol

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
  • MNRE Channel Partner – Grade A for Grid Tied and off-grid PV Solutions.
  • ICRA rated 2C.
  • NSIC and MSME accredited.
  • Approved EPC in client projects and interface with Utilities and Nodal agencies in various states as BESCOM – Karnataka, TANGEDCO – Tamil Nadu, MSEDCL – Maharashtra, SPEDCL – Andhra Pradesh, KREDL – Karnataka, CEIG’s of various states.
  • Technology partners for solar panels and inverters with Gintech – Taiwan, EnPhase – USA micro inverters, String inverters of Sungrow, Delta-Taiwan, ABB.

Future Vision
RenXSol’s vision is to be the go-to solutions provider in field of solar energy, for solar power for electricity or solar heating for air, water or fluids or air conditioning-cooling, enabling citizens, industry, institutions in use of sustainable energy, increasing savings, reduce use of fossil fuels, reduce carbon footprint to safeguard the environment, and provide satisfaction for all stakeholders.
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