Novus Green: A Pioneer in Reaping the Benefits of the Solar Boom in India

Novus Green is in quest for the next generation of green technologies and orients its thinking towards intelligent engineering of Solar Energy. Their motto is to promote clean, robust and reliable solar photovoltaic technologies and systems and be at the forefront of a solar revolution in India.
Rapidly moving towards a scenario where all global energy dependent entities will opt for this revolutionary, clean and inexhaustible form of energy for sustenance, the company seems to be the name to reckon with in the days to come.
The Exceptional Journey of Novus Green
Incorporated in the year 2009 by Anshuman Yenigalla, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, Novus Green Energy Systems is a leading turnkey solution provider of photovoltaic systems in the captive power generation segment. They specialize in creating and delivering bespoke solar energy solutions to the commercial, industrial and government sectors. Today Novus Green operates from 12 states in India with strength of more than 200 employees. Having to its credit an experience of more than 3000 systems (including some of India’s first and biggest) and with a strong order lineup of another 7000 systems, the company is pioneering in reaping the benefits of the solar boom in India.
Diverse Range of Leading-edge Products
Novus Green offers an integrated PV package, right from the design & consultation stage to the installation and performance monitoring for the commercial, industrial and public sectors. At the forefront of innovative PV technology development, Novus Green has a diverse range of leading-edge products to create and deliver the ideal bespoke solar power solutions for the Indian market.
The company handles the following range of projects:

  • Grid Interactive Solar PV Plants
  • Off-Grid Solar PV Plants
  • Solar Water Pumping Systems
  • Manufacturing of VFD’s, Control Panels & Home Lighting Systems
  • BOOT Model Solar Power Plants

Extraordinary Services of Novus Green
Novus Green is ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certified organisation with simple but sophisticated ERP solutions implemented across all functions within the organization. This results in deriving highest standards, increased efficiency, accuracy & streamlined processes across the entire organization.
The company has an internal quality assurance team and experts in solar domain on a retainer basis to carry out random site inspections so that their quality is not compromised, even while scaling great heights and dealing in thousands of sites each year. In addition to this, the company has a resource base of diverse and versatile design software’s for their in-house engineering teams. Their In-house project management and monitoring teams reduces operating time-lines and increases quality. They also boast of customer oriented and dedicated service team to attend to their clients 24/7 with a dedicated toll free line.
Innovation is their Thing
Novus in Latin means New or Innovative. True to its name, innovation seems to be their thing in designs and the material being used. In 2011, they designed and built their first fully integrated 1.1 MWp Captive Solar PV Power Project in Chhattisgarh for the Secretariat in the new capital city of Naya Raipur. This project received accolades from all the solar experts across India and was termed as a model project. The project was inaugurated by Dr. Farooq Abdullah, the then Minister for MNRE. There were many first of its kind used material in this project – from 3 different types of Earth Screw Type structures to stainless steel cable ties. Eventually Novus Green became a known name across India due to their innovation and commitment.
Another first to their account comes in the form of a solar bus shelter. Within a record time of one month they designed and erected a 100KWp plant as bus shelter which spans across 100meters in length and houses more than 30 school buses. This laid foundation to many such solar shelters coming across India.
A Vision of Solar India
In 2014 Novus Green, has designed and installed the largest PV integrated rooftop in Delhi NCR for IIT Delhi. This 2MWp projects stands as the biggest solar roof-top project in the Delhi.
In addition to their regular EPC division, Novus Green is venturing into RESCO model or third-party model in Rooftop Solar Project through its subsidiary company. Over the next three years Novus Green desires to achieve 500 MWp installations across India, under which 300 MWp would be in RESCO Model through this subsidiary company. By proactively participating in framing of government policies, the strategy of the company is always in sync with the vision of Solar India. They function with the belief & contribution of Entrepreneurship, Teamwork & Relationship, Delivering the Promises, Continuous Learning, Social Responsibility & Respect for Individual.
In addition to the above, Novus Green is venturing into energy storage and electric vehicle developments through its strategic associations with technology partners from Europe and China.
The Remarkable Leaders of Novus Green
The management seems to be geared up for these ambitious targets and growth plans. The company is run under the dynamism of Anshuman Yenigalla, who is the Founder & Managing Director. After his post-graduation from IIT Kharagpur he worked in Honeywell in their aerospace division. Subsequent to a year of employment, he quit his job to venture into renewable energy space. His vision to concentrate only on the captive power segment and not venture into utility scale EPC seems to have paid good dividends now.
Anshuman is supported by Ravindra Yenigalla, another Director in the company, who is responsible for the entire Group’s corporate relations and structuring. He plays a vital role in strategic planning and financial analysis for the Group in addition to maintaining and nurturing business and investor relations. Known as the trouble shooter he comes to the rescue as and when there is a serious issue that the organization faces.
Current Industry Scenario & Challenges
According to Novus Green, solar today has become a term everyone knows and talks about.  The industry has become more focused, bigger and streamlined. “I see a lot of companies coming up every other day and feel happy.  The very ambitious program of our government to have 100 GW by 2022 has opened new avenues and doors to more and more entrepreneurs.  The best part is that now they don’t have to go through the hurdles that we had to encounter during our growth phase.  Things are now restructured now, policies are in place, markets have opened up, and there is a wide acceptance of solar, unlike earlier where it was more of a myth -solar is very expensive and the technology is not reliable in the long run.  The acceptance across various industry sectors also has increased to adopt solar.  More and more industries and institutional clients are coming ahead to adopt solar as a secondary source of power.  In fact, we have installed a few plants in hospitals where the ICU units and critical loads are powered by solar.  In my opinion the industry today has very clear market segments, time tested technologies, trained man power and wider acceptability in the market,” asserts Anshuman.
On the other hand, Ravindra says, “In any business, you wake up daily to new challenges. The moment you overcome a challenge, a new vision and experience comes out. Similarly, with us also, we have faced tremendous challenges from our inception.   Most of the challenges we faced were policy related.  By the time our business strategy was formulated for the time, latest changes would come up.  We had to constantly be alert and keep changing very frequently.  Roof top market was highly subsidized earlier.  What kinds of subsidies, who could avail subsidies, release of subsidies, were always a task at hand. Solar as a technology was also constantly evolving then. We always had to pick and choose the right technology partners and vendors who would be able to cater to the client’s requirements and provide proper and dedicated service. Apart from these, there would be other regular challenges that any business and would face from time to time.”
Future Paramount
Today Novus Green caters to diverse clientele across the country. They primarily deal with the renewable energy departments of more than 12 states in India. An impressive range of big names in India like Indian Institute of Technology, Gail India Ltd, Reserve Bank of India, Jindal Power and others are under their kitty.
With all the factors going right for them and with a very ambitious growth plan, Novus Green seems to be an organisation that needs to be watched out for as they plan to go public in the next few years.

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