Richa Singh: Guiding Learners Achieve Their Goals by Developing the Art of Storytelling

Richa Singh
Richa Singh

Our reality would have been unprogressive if not for our dreams. Of course, dreams are free-flying imaginations, always breaking the boundaries of what is possible and daring to explore the realm of what is impossible. Seeking answers to these questions is the journey from surreality to reality.

If we look at history, the dreamers of the past are today’s globally celebrated and world-renowned discoverers, inventors, scientists, and visionaries, who by pursuing their dreams irrespective of the circumstances, challenges, difficulties, adversities, and adversaries, and successfully converting them into reality paved the way for the futuristic times which we today call our present.

Today also, students, researchers, scientists, educators, learners, technological discoverers, and conventional wisdom disruptors keep pushing the limits of possibility. The result is that they solve or are constantly trying to solve the most pressing problems we as a humanity face collectively.

These brightest minds of our collective victorious story began their journey as learners, questioning everything and searching, finding, checking, and rechecking their answers till they discovered the ultimate truth. By dreaming and continuously pursuing to realize one’s dream, one can create a better future for everybody.

Their inspiring stories are our legacy, from which we can learn everything. But we can learn to dream big and try with all our heart, mind, body, and time to pursue realizing that dream. Yet, giving up on their current difficult situations, many learners, students, and academic pursuers today choose to lose or fall out. They lack backing, support, and the kind of mentorship provided by someone like Richa Singh – an enthusiastic Educationist who mentors learners to fulfil their dreams of becoming successful professionals or entrepreneurs. But, before that, the focus is on inculcating good habits in students and making them good human beings.

As an educator and facilitator for pre-engineering and pre-medical, motivator, and career counselling, Richa worked in software, education and EdTech industries. She says, “I love to share what I gather. Sharing ideas and listening is what I love, and I have converted them into my passion and profession. Mentoring the learners to achieve their goals makes me feel satisfied. I am trying to develop the art of storytelling in my profession.” She also believes “Every student, everywhere, should reach their highest potential.” Her motto is

Converting Dreams Into Reality

According to her, everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. She reflects that it was an overwhelming experience to be a part of the Executive Management Programme at the Indian Institute of Management. “So many useful insights. I feel it will help me to bridge the gap between my technical and managerial skills.”

Richa understands the psychology of teenagers and makes them overcome all the pressure they face through proper guidance and counselling. An EducationistAcademicianCareer-CounsellorSocial Welfareand Traveller, she is a mentor and educator by profession. She is very skilled in developing lesson plans and balancing teaching students with conducting research and publishing papers in their field of study. She is well-versed in teaching and communication.

Richa is a B. tech from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur. She has over 12 years of diversified and rich experience in mentoring, supply, and delivery in brands like FIITJEE, VMC, IITIAN’SPACE, BAKLIWAAL PUNE, UNACADEMY, and PREPLADDER.

Her professional journey started with working in software companies like INFOSYS and IBM, but life took her to a different turn. She developed that passion for being a mentor. She later tried to convert it into a full-time profession with the motive of Returning to Society.

With around ten years of educating experience, she has helped mentor about five thousand students to date to fulfil their dream of cracking IITJEE or NEET UG. Others are successful pilots, businesspeople, and army officials. She believes in the overall holistic growth of the learners.

She is admired by so many students. She is a motivation and role model for many female students.

Richa’s Achievements

For her, learning is a never-ending process. Hence, she also got selected for the Executive Management Programme conducted by NSRCEL at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore- Sponsored by Goldman Sachs.

She was selected for INDIA PRIME WOMEN ICON 2022 with coverage in FOXSTORY and Tribune.

Her Social Welfare Activities

In modern times, seeing the problem of senior citizens, she is actively looking for alternate solutions. Currently, actively helping them through Swaraj Ashram Kanpur to meet the needs of 70 senior citizens. “They are our priority too. We make personal care easy.Our approach is good life for seniors,” she adds.

A Rich Saga of Influential Career

Currently, Richa is Freelance Mentor. She was also the On-Site Team Lead Manager for Unacademy, Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India. It is a full-time job which she joined in Dec 2019. There she was engaged in developing business models, digital marketing management, content-related surveys, all India tests, software checks, training of faculties on board, recruitment,

She has helped learners to reach their goal and dreams.

She has contributed to various publishing houses to update and synchronise their content to meet the need of the learners. She has helped authors to bridge the gap between need of learners and modifications. She was a Part-time Senior Editor of Chemistry at Arihant Publications India Limited, New Delhi, Delhi, India,.

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