The Rise of New Innovation in the Corporate World


The Rise of New Innovation in the Corporate World
The corporate world is at the forefront of the tech-led transformation of the economy. The democratization of technology where exponential cost reductions have allowed everyone to produce tech-based innovations which is disrupting the core sectors of the economy. The main characteristic of the corporate world is that it is open by nature and various innovations have been brought by the companies for marketing, processes, distribution, etc. Using open innovation techniques, corporations are making new inventions with each passing day and bringing a variety of opportunities at their doors.
The world is changing so quickly that the organizations need a paradigm shift in managing the innovations which would transform them and create successful innovation ecosystems. There is no doubt that the world is becoming a more competitive place and the arrival of the ‘digital age’ has led to the accelerated innovation, as the new technologies have drastically changed the operations of the economy and businesses on a daily basis.
In the issue of “The 10 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2018”, we have presented the most innovative companies who have set their remarkable benchmark by crafting cutting-edge solutions and services in their respective industries.
We have listed; Channel PR which is the foremost Public Relations Agency that promptly delivers innovative communications and PR strategies. Codelattice which is a leading digital and tech-solution provider company which delivers astounding services like Conversation Commerce, Cloud Enablement, Blockchain, AI & NLP, Analytics & Insights, and Data Driven Marketing; Elearnmarkets the nation’s premier organization that provides advanced financial education to the Indian as well as abroad customers; Unocoin Technologies, the leading bitcoin company which provides a wide range of bitcoin services to the customers; Maxbyte Technologies which excels in delivering innovative and advanced solutions in digital transformation consulting, industrial IoT, Advanced analytics and Immersive Technologies for smart connected factories and aftermarket product intelligence; and Go Fish Entertainment which is the leading organization in the entertainment marketing industry delivering various entertainment services like entertainment marketing, sports marketing, and many more.
We have enclosed Expert’s opinion ‘Effective Strategies to Develop Healthy Customer Relationships’ by Rohan Agarwal, the Deputy Chairman of Geopreneur Group. We have also covered the Biz-Outlook ‘Business with CSR Activity’ by Imran Khan, the Founder of CSS Organization, and the Trend-Talk ‘New Trends in Business in 2018’ by Anyatama Ghosh, the Deputy Manager (Marketing) of Abercrombie and Kent India.
We have encompassed ‘Interview with Insights Success’ with PayQwick which combines strict BSA/AML and state law compliance with electronic payments, payment processing, and financial services for the cannabis industry; Elica PB India which is the prominent manufacturer and wholesaling company of cooktops, kitchen hoods, glass hobs, gas burners, and much more; Lovely Professional University, a leading university in India which provides excellent teaching, learning, and training to its graduates to make them global professionals.
Also, we have enclosed Powerful Techniques to Recover and Secure Data in IT Infrastructure’ and Secrets to Make the Best-in-Class Business Decisions’ scripted by our in-house editors in the delightful pages of this magazine.
So flip through the pages of our magazine and indulge in the era of innovative companies!

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