Unocoin Technologies: A Prominent Organization Delivering Unique Bitcoin Services

Unocoin Technologies

With each passing year, crypto assets are becoming more diversified and gradually gaining a firm foothold in the real economy through numerous services related to their storage. The Blockchain technology which circulates the crypto assets, is offering plenty of potential users to both financial & non-financial corporations. This technology has brought a great innovation in the financial sphere. Additionally, the virtual currencies are making a swift move in the payment processing and traditional financial processes.
One such organization which is all set to make radical changes in crypto-currency trading is, Unocoin Technologies, which has a vivid goal of ‘Bringing Bitcoins to Billions’. Unocoin is engaged in providing a bunch of integrated crypto assets services that includes purchasing, selling, and storing of the crypto assets. Unocoin’s unique Merchant Gateway and PoS application platforms offer the most exclusive benefits to its merchants that eliminate the volatility risk, transaction fee, and chargebacks.
Unocoin assures the unified and convenient trading of digital assets and working efficiently on a multi-crypto assets exchange policy, which supports the alternate assets like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litcoin, Ripple, and many more. The giant companies like Blume Ventures, Future Perfect Ventures, Draper’s Boost Barry Silber’s Digital Currency Group, etc. in the venture business, are aiding Unocoin financially for its unique approach.
The Leading Light of Unocoin
The dynamic Co-founder and CEO, Sathvik Vishwanath was always passionate about the innovative and disruptive technologies. However, this successful entrepreneur began his career with working in Venture Next, a company that dealt with custom scripting for the businesses in the virtual world. During his tenure, he was introduced to the bitcoin concept. Once gaining sufficient knowledge about the same, he founded Coinmonk Ventures; which was established with a sole purpose to bring Bitcoin awareness among the people. Sathvik even organized a conference, named as ‘Global Bitcoin Conference’ in 2013, which was obliged to serve the same purpose. The success of this conference initiated the rise of the Unocoin Technologies in the venture industry.
Unocoin’s Comprehensive Set of Unique Services
With its exclusive services and unique platforms, Unocoin is flourishing the crypto assets industry. As secure and punctual delivery of the orders is the prime concern in today’s time, this issue is perfectly resolved by Unocoin’s OTC (Over-the-Counter) service. The transactions occurring through OTC are excluding the operational fees and on the same, which is an added advantage for the users. The company’s cutting-edge SBP (Systematic Buying Plan) service averages the cost of a Bitcoin and offers a strategic technique to acquire bitcoin on a periodical basis in small quantities rather than buying all of them at once. SBP is a unique service with which the users can commit a fixed amount from their respective wallets.
For the flawless transaction via BTC, Unocoin’s Merchant Gateway application is an effective technique, specially designed for the merchants and operates impeccably on both the Android and iOS devices. The company has also introduced an innovative ‘Meetups’ platform, with which the company’s customer support team delivers the information about the products to its clients. Besides these trailblazing services, it provides a broad spectrum of innovative products like the Strong Social Media Presence, Hackathons, etc. The company is also a pioneer in boosting its budding entrepreneurs through various sponsorships programs. It has recently invented magnificent Exchange and Trading applications for its customers with the best User Experience and UI Response Rate.
Vital Traits for Assured Success
Unocoin is spearheading with a strong passion and consistency towards its goal. Its robust team is promptly handling the technology advancements and dealing with the legality issues of their products in the country. “The heart and soul of the Unocoin is about the innovation. This is what keeps the company glued to our clients”, Sathvik mentions.
Unocoin has always been achieving astounding customer experiences, and regarding this, Sathvik smilingly utters, “We are happy with the customers we have. So, keeping their concerns in mind, the most satisfactory compliments we received was regarding the SBP Plan, classic user accessibility of our website and applications, etc.” Unocoin is offering numerous ground-breaking services to its clients and its team of professionals always makes sure to surpass the client’s expectations by fixing their issues without fail.
Future Summary
Unocoin is undergoing a paradigm shift in the crypto assets epoch and heading swiftly with more than 1,200,000 users. Currently, its expert professionals are dedicatedly working on a crypto-related project. “We are constantly coming up with the groundbreaking ideas which make our company unique from the rest. We are always prepared to work against all odds. Whichever way the coin flips, we are prepared for both”, Sathvik confidently affirms, while discussing the future prospects of the company. Unocoin is also working efficaciously to expand its roots across the globe in the coming years.
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