Road Ministry to Introduce Two Apps for Road Safety, Reporting Accidents

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is development to soon launch two mobile apps “m-Parivahan and e-challan” which would not only give a drive to road safety but also facilitate citizen interactions. m-Parivahan is a citizen centric app which would deal the facility of searching and starting the genuineness of a vehicle and driver.
e-challan is an enforcement app which will be utilized by traffic police as well as transport authorities. “The ministry is planning to promote two apps related to road safety and customer facilitation. Any of them would be e-challan which would be used by the execution authorities and another would be m-Parivahan which would deliver host of services to citizens,” a Road Ministry stated.
“We expect to provide big push to the road safety cause with these two apps and also facilitate customers while relating with the transport department,” they added.
“m-Parivahan will help in the safety of the passengers if they are employing a driver. It will also help transporters. Secondly, it will aid the people who are purchasing a second hand car,” they reported. Additionally, m-Parivahan will facilitate Good Samaritans with the assistance of technology.
“m-Parivahan will help in reporting an accident and this accident reported will be openly transmitted to worried traffic authorities in the state and the concerned Regional Transport Offices.”
If we usage this app, the flash they put in a driving license number, they will get whole information about the license holder or the vehicle holder from the back-end and then they will have the option to beat the proper violation which has been committed and accordingly challan would be produced.
“e-challan mechanism facilitates payments as also cashless model. I am assured that the states over a period of time would come and join this path. Already some states have ongoing pilot run and it has been quite good,” he said.
The Road Safety Week will be seeing from January 9-15. On January 10, Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari will connect a conclave which is being organized to include corporates and enlist their support for the cause of promoting road safety.
“We suppose the corporates to create commitment for road safety. This is the first time we are plotting such an event. We are trying to include the corporates also in road safety,” they claimed.

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