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India hosts one of the largest startup hubs in the world. The country’s Digital India campaign has inspired aspiring entrepreneurs and creators to turn their transforming ideas into reality. But, the nation has failed to produce a skilled workforce since most of the educational institutes are still not properly equipped with advanced labs and state of the art research and training facilities which can help students to implement their ideas.

There is a lack of industry-level training and exposure to students in the educational institutes. Even if these institutions partner with industry training partners there is an issue of authenticity and trustworthiness. Hence, to solve these issues RoboLab Technologies has created an advanced, state-of-the-art platform to help students across India explore, learn and build robots and related latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, etc.

RoboLab is on a mission to develop an ecosystem which gives people access to technology, provides necessary resources, training and cultivates innovation.

How it was Conceived

Robolab Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a venture by alumni of the College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) and is being mentored and supported by the BHAU Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership (BIEL).

Robolab Technologies came into existence out of the rigorous efforts of its founders as an attempt to transform the Educational facilities in the country. The aim was to provide an innovative platform for the students to show their skills and implement their ideas and create employment for the youth. Instead of taking up lucrative jobs, the founders chose to start a company.

Having worked in the Robotics field for four years during their Engineering, participating in various types of competitions and securing laurels for the Alma Mater at all levels, the founder decided to continue with the same zeal and impart the knowledge to the newcomers and students. The idea of RoboLab was conceived when they came across a survey which showed the laggardness in the ‘Research and Development Facilities and Center of Excellence in India.’

Distinct Training Facilities

Robolab has a Centre of Excellence in Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Rapid Prototyping (RP) and Industrial Automation, tailor-made for its students. It holds all of these distinct modules of training under one roof.

The company has an advanced state-of-the-art technical research facility within its campus. It provides students with hands-on practical experience along with the required theory that will help them to develop their envisioned project. RoboLab also provides students an exposure to renowned names across the industry.

For various industries, defense and research organizations it provides research and development consulting and product development.

For Colleges and Research and Development centers it has:

  • Center Of Excellence in Robotics (COE-R)
  • Center Of Excellence in the Internet of Things (COE-IoT)
  • Center Of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence (COE-AI)

Apart from these, RoboLab also holds a broad range of excellence centers. To know more about them, visit:

For Schools:

  • Atal Tinkering Lab
  • Do it Yourself (DIY) Lab
  • Robotic Lab and many more that can be found by visiting the above mentioned URL.

Towers of Strength

The team is being mentored and supported by Shri Sanjay Inamdar, who is also cofounder of Bhau Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Shri Anil Sahasrabudhe, Previously Director COEP, Currently Chairman AICTE.

The zestful personalities who are acting as pillars for  RoboLab’s success are none other than, , Mr. Pratik Pravin Deshmukh, Co-Founder, Mr. Amol Ashok Gulhane, CEO and Mr. Ajit Balaji Pawar, COO.

Born and brought up in the Yavatmal District of Maharashtra state, Gulhane is a first-generation entrepreneur and Roboticist who is shaping the Robotics and Automation Company. With his entrepreneurial, management and technical skills and being an accomplished sports-person, he implements his unique ways to motivate the entire team and get the best out of people.

He is the recipient of the National Entrepreneurship Award (GoI), Youth Inspirator Award (Sakaal) and 30 under 30 startup entrepreneurs (Hindustan Times).

To an innovative company, Deshmukh’s right mix of technology and business skills forms a unique blend and comes in as a great positive feature. He has gained experience in technology consulting and solutions in the areas of business analytics, analysis and consulting space.

He is the recipient of the National Entrepreneurship Award given by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Government of India, Young Achievers Award (SIDBI).

Immensely passionate about Robotics right from his graduate studies, Pawar has earned expertise in the design & development of robots. His knowledge in product design and his way of approach to product development is commendable.

Pawar is also the recipient of the National Entrepreneurship Award given by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Government of India and Young Achievers Award (SIDBI).

Rewards and Recognition

For making a positive impact in the Educational System and helping industries to find eligible candidates, Robolab and its team have been bestowed with below awards.

  • National Entrepreneurship Award Winner 2018, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Government of India
  • Recipient of Young MSE Achiever Award by Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) and The Economic Times 2018
  • Chosen for the Startup India Initiative, Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Government of India and many more that can be found by visiting

Future Plans

RoboLab desires to continue educating people and bridge the gap of skilled workforce across India. It aims to create a network of knowledge human resources at the institutional level who will contribute towards the long-term and bigger projects in the future.

It aims to launch products that will impact the day-to-day lives of mankind and instill a sense of curiosity among the country’s youth to develop innovative technologies in the endeavors.

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