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Chandan Singh | Managing Director | Stäubli Tec Systems

As technology is getting increasingly ingrained into every facet of our lives, the term Mechatronics which is the combination of Mechanics and Electronics became synonymous with engineering innovation. And Robotics is emerging as a hot sub field of Mechatronics. Its role in the modern World is to cater to Industrial Automation, be it in Automotive, Food, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Plastics, Solar is immense. The Mechatronics market is attaining significant momentum due to its prolific run in the Industrial and Infrastructural development in India and all over the World. Industrial robots are witnessing rapid adoption with Automation gaining momentum as these are helping businesses in production scale expansion and operational cost reduction simultaneously. An Innovative Mechatronics solution provider, Stäubli Tec Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is an international group serving many industrial sectors. Founded in 1892 in Horgen, on the banks of lake Zurich, Switzerland, Stäubli is rooted in a proud heritage of engineering. Stäubli is a leading global mechatronics solution provider primarily known for its Textile machinery, Connectors and Robotics products. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills in the Industry, Stäubli works at the intersection of Innovation and Technology. It helps customers improve their performance, efficiency an create a sustainable value for their stakeholders.

Building a Seamless Space

Stäubli was initially recognized as ‘Schelling & Stäubli’ by Rudolph Schelling and Hermann Stäubli. It got started as a workshop specialized in producing dobbies. Eventually, in 1909, the company opened a new manufacturing site in Faverges, France. Furthermore, apart from the dedicated focus on the production of dobbies, the organization diversified its line of products into the field of hydraulics and pneumatics and commenced the production of rapid

action couplings. This was the period when the Connectors division was born. Subsequently, in 2002, its efforts led to uphold a majority stake in Multi-Contact, a global market leader of

Electrical connectors, which later became ‘Stäubli Electrical Connectors’ in 2017. Today, being a widespread Mechatronics solution provider, it operates in 29 countries with agents in 50 Countries across four continents.

Product Offerings

Stäubli’s wide range of Fluid & Electrical Connectors are tailor-made to provide Connection solutions to the requirements of each Industry.

Stäubli’ s versatile and extensive range of innovative connection solutions can handle all types fluids, gases and energy requirements in most sectors like Automotive  Railway, E Mobility, Aerospace, Alternative Energies, Alternative Fuels, Plastics, Nuclear, Chemical, Medical Industry, Food Industry, Steel & Oil and Gas and many more.

Stäubli Electrical Connectors is proud of its advanced contact technology which makes it an innovation leader in many markets. An essential role is played by our patented MULTILAM contact technology handling reliably high mating cycles and high currents.

Stäubli’ s products have set standards since 1990s even in the Solar industry which is a new business model in the field of alternative energy. More than 240 GW of PV power, or more than 50% of the PV power worldwide, has been successfully installed using over 1 billion original MC4 connectors from Stäubli Electrical Connectors.

Moreover, Stäubli’s high-speed and high precision robotic arms are recognized for their efficiency and reliability. With wide range of Robotics products catering to niche applications for different markets, Stäubli Robots help customers in many industries with unique solutions to tackle the challenges of Industrial 4.0.

Smart Solutions

With a passion for Innovation, Stäubli continually pushes for Innovation, addressing current and future needs. Stäubli has gained reputation in the market for offering customized solutions for many Industrial applications. Stäubli makes this possible by working closely with the customers both conceptually and geographically even for the most uniquely demanding tasks.

Stäubli has developed connection solutions for all areas of production within the automotive industry. Stäubli specializes in quick release couplings and electrical connectors for the railway industry, offering reliable connection solutions for all types of trains, locomotives and trams.

Stäubli’s expertise in the field of plastics processing guarantees the right solution to optimize productivity ranging from the simplest applications to complete solutions for Industry 4.0.

Stäubli Industrial Robots offer smart & automated solutions by maximizing efficiency and minimizing interruptions thus increasing flexibility and eliminating the risks of contamination for the food industry.

Our robotic arms are designed to handle all applications, from upstream processing through to sorting, packing and end-of-line palletizing.

In drug production, maximum output is essential. Whether handling and packaging of IV bags, syringes and vials, aseptic dispensing or loading and unloading of insulators, Stäubli robots score particularly well in terms of ultra-short cycle times.

The Visionary Leading Stäubli

Mr. Chandan Singh, Managing Director, Stäubli Tec Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

set the ground for Stäubli in India. He carries 2 decades of Engineering solution selling experience and has built the track record of scaling up the Organizations to growth trajectory from scratch. Mr. Singh’s strong business knowledge and past experience set the right strategy and solid base for Stäubli in India. Under his leadership, Stäubli Tec Systems in India has shown strong and stable growth trajectory since its inception in 2012. He is one of the technocrats who has demonstrated Stäubli’s potential in the Indian market and is very positive about its future potential in India in different market spaces like E-mobility, Industrial Automation, Renewable Energy and Industrial 4.0 to name a few. Through his pioneering ideas and positive outlook, he continues to serve as a guiding force for the organization leading it successfully since 7 years through the market volatility.

Expert Guidance & Assistance

Mr. Singh believes that Innovation and entrepreneurship are key drivers in today’s engineering world, and the push for sustainable products, services and technologies is needed now more than ever. Mr. Singh advises the students that Mechatronics offers well-rounded, integrated insights on how different disciplines Mechanical, Electrical, Software and Controls work together and that it will help them straddle the boundaries as the Mechatronics field is growing and opening up many opportunities. He also advises students to innovate and put their theory into practice. He says that it would help them land up in opportunities working with highly reputed organizations like Army, Navy, Air force and  prestigious government organizations like the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Future Plans- A Boost to Business Confidence.

To harness the next phase of growth for India, Staubli Tec Systems India has plans to considerably increase the Infrastructure and workforce in the coming future. Pointing out the bigger opportunity in the Industry, Mr. Singh has envisioned Stäubli Connectors and Robotics Division to touch the mark of INR 3000 million by the year 2028. The organization has already setup offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore to cover the Northern, Western, and Southern parts of India. But in the forthcoming years it is planning for further expansion in the Western region i.e. in Pune and penetration in the Eastern Region. In the long term, the organization aims to grow its existing business in the neighboring countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. Abiding by the tagline, “A passion for innovation”, the organization would keep innovating and introducing new and futuristic products for the industries it caters to. Mr. Singh envisions Stäubli as a fountainhead for all the companies in the field of Mechatronics. Summarizing current achievements, the organizations’ vision to become a market leader, future ambitions, Mr. Singh quotes a couple of lines from one of his favorite poems which goes like “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.”

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