RS Signatoure: Redefining IT and HR Services, Dynamically

Suman Mahendraprasad Sharma | Founder, MD & Director | RS Signatoure Solutions[ Best IT and HR services]
Suman Mahendraprasad Sharma | Founder, MD & Director | RS Signatoure Solutions[ Best IT and HR services]

A dream is a cornerstone for every venture that is started and sometimes, few minds with a common goal collaborate to form a company. Many people do it for profit, yet very few want to change the world and strive to achieve the goals while really making a difference. Every individual who has ever owned a business knows the struggles of hiring the right people with the right skill set to cater to the operations of the organization. Hiring the right candidate or even coming across the right talent is very hard in this dynamic business environment, where everything from technology to resources is changing with the blink of an eye.
A gap needs to be filled to take the IT and HR Services market’s game up a notch. The HR solution providers are spread across the market, yet there is a hollow space where the quality service providers are charging unreasonably high rates and the cheaper substitutes are not really up to the mark. The client organizations or businesses in demand don’t find both the trends very fulfilling.
RS Signatoure Solutions Pvt. Ltd. entered the market in 2017 with a clear goal of providing the best quality IT and HR services at the most affordable rates to all the business organizations. Regardless of the size and type of the firm, RS Signatoure wishes to deliver excellence in the best way possible. The company was formed to disrupt the market through advanced IT solutions and tools. The company also understands that recruitment has become a highly time-consuming job. To make the selection procedure accurate and error-free, RS Signatoure applies the latest technologies and scientific selection methodologies to help companies recruit the right talent which is cost and time efficient.
“We are available 24×7 to deliver the best support and services and we are one of the few IT companies with assured expertise and reliable, consistent results,” says RS Signatoure’s team. The dedicated client success team of the firm ensures that esteemed clientele is provided with world-class customer experience throughout the project’s life cycle.
Dynamic Personalities
The vision and enthusiasm of a dynamic duo have made all the difference in bringing the firm from the ground up. Suman Mahendraprasad Sharma – Founder, Chairman & Managing Director of RS Signatoure has a wide corporate experience. She has been following her dream of entrepreneurship for the last nine years. Her initial career endeavours included being a Portfolio Manager in Kotak Mahindra Bank, right after completing a Masters in Finance from Bangalore. The job provided her rich experience in Banking and Non- Banking procedures. With such a key role being at her disposable, she turned out to be an astute strategic planner. Her expertise comes to the fore in the areas of budgeting, taxation, investment and wealth management. She is extremely good at crisis management and resolving complex financial issues.
Co-founder and Director of RS Signatoure, Rajesh Sanikop is a Mechanical Engineer and the foremost exponent of the sugar packaging industry in the country. A far-sighted entrepreneur with sharp business acumen and technical skills, he has introduced many far-reaching innovations in the sugar industry in India like Lincoln Helios Centralized Lubrication systems. Technical knowledge of trade combined with business skills makes him an ideal leader in business. He started his career in Marketing with DIFFUSION ENGINEERS LTD to be promoted from Sales Engineer to a Regional Manager. Rajesh has an extensive experience in Sales and Marketing before starting his own Venture where he met Suman Sharma and later on the duo teamed up together to start RS Signatoure Solutions.
Stairway to Success
There are always challenges that a start-up faces in its initial days. It was nothing different for RS Signatoure, which always faced the adversities straight-up by analyzing and executing the situations to deliver world-class solutions. “The challenges have only helped us in moving forward in the right direction,” states Suman. One of the biggest challenges for the firm has been recruiting the right talent and developing the right competencies in them. “Being a startup, few chose not to work with us, few of them hadgreat demands on the salary packages and few of them didn’t meet the criteria,” explains Rajesh. However, the firm managed to find the right people. “We never stopped till we got our A-Team of our excellent IT and HR professionals ready,” he adds further.
After acquiring the A-Team, RS Signatoure started to focus on developing reliable software solutions by using cutting edge technologies. The development process led to a flawless performance while facilitating smooth communication between various departments. The company follows a constant procedure of including newage talent in-order to cater to the futuristic market, like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Visioning, and Biometrics, etc. The company is not only well-versed in providing end-to-end IT support to the clients but also, is one of the few reliable and results-oriented recruitment agencies and IT staffing companies in the market. The company has teams of excellent IT and HR professionals who are creative in their respective areas and always strive to provide the best. “We have always believed in providing our clients with the best talent in the market who would not only match the company’s requirements but would help the company marching ahead towards a bright future,” describes Suman.
As far as the future is considered, the dynamic and influential leaders of the company have always focused on the big picture while directing the small scenarios. The firm will passionately work on continuous quality improvement ensuring the customer service remains on top priority without any compromise. RS Signatoure’s team is empowered to make powerful decisions, inculcating their strategic and tactical plans in-order to yield effective results.“We portray us working with some good big scale entities globally by providing cutting edge IT solutions and helping some big industries hire the right talent they need in the next decade.” informs Suman.
Strategies with Innovation
Businesses, who want to grow and not just survive in this dynamic technology-driven world today, have to improve with the presence of IT. The organizations need to start utilizing this technology for the betterment of their business. “We have always kept ourselves updated with modern technologies & innovations,” says Suman. “Also, we make sure to keep a close eye on the futuristic evolving technologies to understand the market trends and be future-ready,” she adds further. The company has various strategies in place. Out of which, it focuses mainly on the Adaptive and Visionary Strategies that help in responding rapidly to the changing market conditions by continuously experimenting then selecting and quickly scaling up. “We have a clear vision to work on the B2B model and our target customers, for now, are small and medium enterprises,” concludes the duo.

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