Sachin Dedhia: Taking Standalone Responsibility of Securing Cyberspace

Sachin Dedhia

The need for strong data security officials for the Indian corporations has gradually increased due to recent increase in the number of cyber-attacks that nearly took the world of web into its knees. Executives are in vital search to form partnerships with the top security firms. Sachin Dedhia, Founder and CEO of Skynet Secure Solutions is one such corporate leader taking information security seriously and creating barriers against cyber-crimes.

The Erudite Leader
Sachin Dedhia is an independent Cyber Crime Investigator and also a Certified Ethical Hacker (CISA, CEH, CEI, ISO 27001 LA). He has served various MNCs, SMEs, Government departments, both corporate & individuals as an independent Cyber Crime Investigator and also as an IT Security Expert. He has also been assisting various State Police Departments and Departments of Indian Governments with respect to their Cyber Crime queries. He is passionate about IT, Information Security, and Digital Forensics.

Since 2010, he has been successfully conducting various seminars and workshops on information security across numerous schools, colleges, universities, chartered accountants chapters, Rotary clubs, hospitals etc. He is one of the most popular speaker in Mumbai University for the refresher and orientation courses. Leveraging nine years of experience in Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, and ISO 27001 Network VAPT; he has conducted numerous audits for various international as well as national clients for, both corporate and government departments. Furthermore, He has also successfully conducted over 500 seminars & workshops across India and enlightened over 75,000 participants about information security. After perceiving the imminent need of information security in the Indian industry, he founded Skynet Secure Solutions.
One personal level, Sachin is passionate about IT, Information Security and Digital Forensics. He aims that people will soon start realizing the importance of security. He also believes that this awareness is necessary for parents and IT Security can be wonderful career for any child.

The Right Time to Begin With
The foundation of Skynet Secure Solutions was laid in 2008. At that time, the awareness regarding the information security was very less in the industry. The security information was also low in society and companies were thriving for their survival. However, as the cyber-breaches started rapidly, law enforcement agency’s work started flowing in. Consequently, the demand for the Cybersecurity has increased within the span of last five years. With Sachin’s constant efforts, Skynet Secure Solutions was recently recognised amongst the Top 25 Cybersecurity Consultant Company in India by a prominent magazine.

The Industry Conundrums
Sachin had to face challenges within the industry itself. During the initial establishment of the company, people didn’t take information security seriously. Organisations did not want to invest in security because it was not a favourable ROI. Ethical hackers were considered as a taboo or they were not valued. The society or industries did not take preventive measures until something worse happened. Cyber ruptures like damage, identity theft, and data theft have rendered companies into monetary loss and brand erosion. As these breaches erupted, firms have now started to change the attitude; however, it is still low. The compliance requirement has forced these organizations into investing in information security.

Every Security Need Under One Roof
Skynet provides all the security services under one roof. It entails IT security audits, Cybercrime investigation, training in Ethical Hacking, IT Security Audit, Digital Forensics Audits, E-mail Tracing, Cyber Crime Investigations, Help to File Cyber Cell Complaints, and Training in Information Security Domain, and Digital Forensics. The firm provides Government as well as international certification for all its training programs. It has ties with the prestigious associations like Bombay Chambers, Indo American Society, Princeton Academy, and covers almost all the colleges across Mumbai. The organization has delivered Pan India seminars and workshops across all sectors of the industry. Additionally, the company conducts special training program for cyber cell departments across India. Skynet is the only company that have exposure to law enforcement as well as corporates banks.

Acknowledging the Brave Strength
Sachin Dedhia describes his daily motivation and consistent performance by saying “We ethical hackers strive to fight in the cyberspace to secure the data or information or identity”. Comparing data to the new oil, the information security has become an integral part of any industry. It is crucial to secure it.
Sachin believes that the industry is still developing, and a lot of companies are now opening up to hire cybersecurity experts. The ransomware attacks have brought a lot of awareness regarding the protection of digital data. Even the regulators like RBI, SEBI, and IRDA are partnering up with the right security providers to fight against digital crimes.

Future Protection of the Digital World
The company plans to open new branches in the USA, California, and Singapore in the next two months. The company is starting seven more branches across India and is increasing its team-strength to over a hundred in the next few months.
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