Sage: One-Stop-Hub for ERP, CRM and Payroll Solutions

In a global marketplace where speed, change, and the demand for innovation are accelerating challenges, the expectations of ERP have changed. ERP is no longer simply about cutting costs, but rather about enabling businesses to grow and take advantage of new opportunities and avoid unexpected risks. Companies now need ERP systems that can adapt to unique and dynamic business environments, drive growth, and control costs. Globally, Sage is one such leading ERP, CRM and HCM provider. Headquartered in Mumbai, Sage Software Solutions, a distributor of Sage Asia Pte Ltd, in India boasts of a Pan-India presence with offices in Chennai, Delhi and Bengaluru as a well-defined partner network for serving businesses in every corner of India.
Leader behind Sage Software Solutions
Sage Software, under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Kumar Siddhartha, Managing Director, is gaining customer loyalty with every transaction. Mr. Kumar Siddhartha is an alumni from prestigious IIT-BHU, Varanasi. He carries over 18+ years’ of entrepreneurial experience as a Management and Strategist in IT Software Services, Consulting and Product organizations with a special focus on corporate strategy, and entrepreneurship. Mr. Kumar Siddhartha helps Indian SMEs succeed in their businesses using world class processes and smart technology. He has been one of the instrumental figures in building Sage brand as a leading provider of ERP, CRM and HRMS in India.
Services Sage Proffers
Being an industry leader in providing advanced and cutting-edge enterprise management solutions to businesses of all sizes and verticals across the nation for more than a decade, Sage Software understands how competitive the Indian business environment is particularly for the SME where each business is trying furiously to the break glass ceiling and takes business to next the level. Hence, to cater to the needs of all set-ups from manufacturing to services, Sage has various products, namely Sage X3, Sage 300 and Sage CRM.
Sage X3 is designed to meet the challenging enterprise management needs of SMBs particularly manufacturing setups operating across India. It eliminates all the complexities in a business pertaining to finance and resources management, streamlines key operations and helps a business stay faster and lean. It empowers SMBs to harness the power of a next-gen ERP solution to become flexible and efficient in their operations on private cloud harnessing power of emerging mobile and IOT technologies. Core modules of Sage X3 includes Finance Management, Resources Management, Manufacturing, Purchase, Sales, Marketing, Role Based Access, Reporting and Analytics,Workflow Automation & Alerts and Doc Management & Office Collaboration.
Sage 300 is meticulously designed ERP software for SMEs to simplify and streamline complex business operations for almost 30+ years. It brings down total ownership and operational costs. Proving that Sage 300 is not just traditional ERP Software, it has some advanced and smart features like:
Accounting and Finance – Calculating ROI, payroll expenses, etc. at the click of a button.
Business Intelligence And Reporting – Receive insightful and intuitive reports for the most complex and difficult to interpret business data with Sage 300.
Sales and CRM– Manage Leads, Opportunities, Account management, get instant access and tracking of inventory, stocks, purchase/sales data on the go from anywhere and on any device.
Purchasing And Supplier Management – Streamlined purchase and supply chain data through Sage 300, a proven business process improvement ERP software.
HR And Payroll – Get rid of payroll redundancies and improve productivity with the best accounting software.
Inventory Management And Warehousing – Sage 300 not only enables real-time inventory tracking, but also boosts business process improvement across diverse operations.
Sage CRM – Today with a lot of business happening online, industries need a CRM which helps them in coping with and act as a catalyst in building their strategies. With strong and coming of age features like Mobile CRM and Social CRM, Sage CRM is already winning the game where integrating online and offline worlds are concerned. Some features that make Sage CRM stand out from its competitors are:
Mobile CRM – Sage CRM Mobile Solutions empowers your sales team with the much-needed mobility to access and update critical customer and other sales related information while on the run and that too in real time.
Social CRM – Sage Social CRM solutions work coherently to help businesses build and maintain strong customer relationships by leveraging the power of prominent social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
Smart Reporting – Sage CRM is a fully data-driven customer service software providing sales reps and managers with intelligent reports and insightful analytics on interactive dashboards pertaining to customer’s buying behaviors, preferences, purchase history, etc., all with just a few clicks.
Key Values to Overcome Roadblocks
Sage Software Solutions has always believed in helping businesses staying ahead with cutting edge technology and solutions. They are moving a step ahead and helping the sales person analyze the case, future trends and plan his next move on the go. What Sage Software is seeing today is a hyperactive generation – from employees to customers and they need to adapt them and the technologies which will enable them to move faster. Sage Software Solutions has always taken pride in being a step ahead always and thinking from not only the customer’s but also from the employees’ point of view. From navigation to data everything needs to be easy and fast and that is what Sage Software is doing.
Sage Software Strategies
Sage Software’s strong point is that it has always provided futuristic solutions which help the customers stay ahead and keep overall TCO for midsized businesses in check. Through solutions like Mobile CRM, Social CRM, Sage Software has proved its ability to be future ready from a long time. With channel and direct presence Pan India, Sage Software has always been closer and available to its customers to provide an efficient after sales support and training. Presence of channel partners in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities includes consulting services firms to IT solution companies and support services firms to outsourcing business partners.
They are committed to support all their channel partners. Since these partners offer their best practices, domain expertise, technology innovation and expertise to all the customers and prospects, therefore Sage Software strives steadfastly to provide top-notch enterprise management solutions.
Client’s Benefit
Sage Software has experts from various domain knowledge areas like Finance, Manufacturing, Supply chain which can help their customers to streamline their business. Gone are the days when business solutions deployment used to take years to implement, Sage Software offers rapid deployment, quick ROI and visible and measurable benefits to their customers. With changing landscape, today customers expect quick deployment and measurable ROI and they strive to provide this to their customers.
Sage Software knows that for a medium enterprise, it is all about winning new customers, expanding new geographies, eliminating operational inefficiencies and automating key business processes and this is where their ERP solution chips in. Sage Solutions improves operational efficiency across the business by offering excellent insights into key business operations, thus empowering SMBs to tap into new geographies with increased operational efficiency. It offers SMBs with the right set of tools to reduce costs to grow revenue and win new customers locally and globally.
Sage’s Outlook towards the Future
Experts and thought leaders at Sage Software Solutions are ardent evangelists of agile enterprise management solutions and SMAC technology. SMAC along with Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things are undoubtedly the most prominent upcoming trends that would be taking businesses by a storm and they are firm advocates of these trends. In fact, all their flagship products are helping businesses to stay ahead of the game. And looking at the start-up boom which started with ‘Make In India’, which is riding high and would continue for years to come, it is a total heads-up sign for Sage Software to help these budding businesses achieve new altitudes.

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