Inspirria Cloudtech: Leading Cloud Aggregator

It’s a no brainer why organizations are considering switching to cloud- based ERP software solutions. While we know that storing and processing data in the cloud can give better accuracy by letting supervisors exercise the same set of data. And we also know that it also lets you access report calibration, test data and operator information so that you can trace from the raw materials to the end-customer experience.
These competitive dynamics of the current business scenario made organizations take stock of their current business processes. A glaring need for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system came to the fore.
Trailblazer in ERP
Enterprises across the world are moving on to Cloud based ERP. This can be a daunting task but Inspirria Cloudtech is an achiever in this field. They are a specialized Cloud Technology services company with an experience of more than 12 years with the #1 Cloud ERP NetSuite. They have a team of highly qualified, experienced professionals who do Consulting, Strategy, Implementation and Execution of Cloud Technologies for their clients. Inspirria Cloudtech is a trusted partner for many renowned organizations. They assess and understand your company’s exact requirements, and enable you to be a Cloud powered enterprise.
High-Flyer behind Inspirria Cloudtech
Biswas Nair, Founder and Managing Director of Inspirria Cloudtech is an Electronics Engineer from Nagpur University and an MBA from Pune University. He has been passionate about introducing path breaking & innovative technology solution for the Indian enterprises and launched Inspirria Cloudtech.
The focus was on building a leading Cloud Aggregator company aka Cloud Service Brokerage in the leading technology consulting firm Gartner’s parlance, especially in Software as a Service (SaaS) space and became a one-stop shop for clients for all their Cloud needs.
Mr. Nair’s past experience has been in the leading Technology Research and Consulting firms like EDS Technologies, Gartner Inc and Forrester Research Inc. He is a regular speaker at Computer Society of India, Confederation of Indian Industries, and Software Association of India like Nasscom. He is respected as a thought leader in various leading Indian publications and is also actively involved for industry academia initiatives with leading institutes in Pune University like Symbiosis.
Services Inspirria Cloudtech Offers
Inspirria Cloudtech is a Cloud Aggregator offering consulting based enterprise applications on an integrated Cloud platform. They have presence in India, Middle East & North American markets. The key technology areas they focus on are ERP, CRM, HRMS, E-commerce, Project Management & Collaboration. Inspirria Cloudtech has leading Cloud partnerships with NetSuite,, Google, Box, Docusign & Onelogin.
Inspirria Cloudtech Plan of Action
Today Inspirria Cloudtech and its management have more than 12 years of Cloud Experience with 400+ Cloud clients across the globe and 83+ cloud consultants. The key strategies behind this achievement were their consultative skills with local presence in various geographical locations. Secondly, they are a Cloud focused company offering integration capabilities with clients existing legacy system applications. And lastly, being a Cloud Aggregator they offer a one-stop shop for the clients for all their Cloud application needs.
Need for Rebranding
Considering the International nature of the work portfolio and the client base initiated the need to reposition & rebrand. Also, Inspirria Cloudtech’s 2020 vision plan demanded to re-focus and their new brand “Inspirria Cloudtech” reflects their value proposition to clients.
Inspirria Cloudtech Key Features
Inspirria Cloudtech is driven by the 5 core values including delivering satisfaction through service, driving change at every level, building trust & honest relationships with communication, team and their family spirit, and lastly transformation with passion. These key values helped Inspirria to overcome challenges they faced in there initial days as well to be a current dominant force in the market place.
Inspirria Cloudtech and its Clients
Today, organizations are looking at Cloud solutions because of the convenience and value it provides. The organization though struggles with multiple cloud solutions and its integration with existing on-premise applications. Hence, there is a need for a Cloud Aggregator like Inspirria Cloudtech who can offer an integrated Cloud platform to run your entire business. Secondly, the clients today are looking at quick implementation in weeks instead of years and they offer that service agility to align with business demands. Lastly, with their hybrid business model of onsite and offshore they provide quick ROI to the clients with their IT investments.
Inspirria Cloudtech Future Outlook
Inspirria Cloudtech wants to strengthen its Cloud Aggregator portfolio with additional Cloud products and this is primarily driven by their client’s requirements. They are also seeking for geographical expansion in Europe and the Far East in the upcoming years. One of the key focus is also looking at extending some of their own cloud suite of products built on this platform to enhance the value of their solution sets. The fact that Cloud solutions have become their mainstream & even large enterprises have adopted it for ERP solutions is indicative of the exciting future and growth for Inspirria Cloudtech.

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