Sahara Industry: Empowering Water Treatment Innovations Beyond Your Imagination

Mohammed Abdul Rahman
Mohammed Abdul Rahman

As fascinating as water is, its origin on Earth is even more captivating. Researchers’ recent (2020) revelations show that enough water to fill the oceans sufficiently had always been there in the Earth’s crust. Also, our mother Earth is such a wonderful planet amongst its rocky counterparts in the solar system that it won’t lose its liquid aqua to the extreme heat or icy cold because it resides at a safe distance from the sun, called the habitable zone.

The water bodies on Earth or oceans are the origin of life, including ours. Although, in our ignorance and haste, we as a species have arrived at a point of no return in our evolutionary history, that if we do not urgently address the severe issues of water pollution, contamination, and resulting scarcity, we might find ourselves struggling to survive in a global desert-land.

Grasping the severity and urgency of the cause, Sahara Industry has been leading the mission of providing wastewater treatment and recycling solutions for the last 25 years. It is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of qualitative water treatment equipment.

Mohammed Abdul Rahman, the Chief Executive Officer, shares that empowered with technologically advanced machines and a well-qualified team, they have grown in leaps and bounds in the industry. They have specialized in manufacturing Water Management Systems, Sewage Treatment plants, Drinking Water softeners, etc.

Fostering a Pure and Healthy Environment

Mohammed Abdul Rahman adds that their ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certification proves the quality of the water treatment equipment. Their client-centric approach has assisted them in earning a long list of reputed clients, spread in every nook and corner of the world. “We always strive to sustain a pure and healthy environment with our high-performance water treatment equipment,” he states.

Mohammed Abdul Rahman, as the CEO, is spearheading the company initiatives in water treatment equipment, chemicals, softeners, water vending machines and other product categories across India and abroad. With his innovative business approach and significant knowledge, he is leading in business planning and development, financial planning and policies, product development and operational management, and setting up policies and procedures for the efficient use of resources to drive growth and innovation in the company.

He is also accredited with successfully launching modern business tools and digital technology to help sales and marketing teams have relevant information at their fingertips, allowing them to make quick and real-time decisions. The young entrepreneur with an MBA in marketing and finance has 15 years of rich experience and leads the organization with strong people management and development vision.

Sahara Industry was established in the year 2003 with the resolve of making water safe for drinking, industrial and institutional purposes. In a rich legacy of two decades, it has contributed immensely with clean drinking water, ultrapure water for industrial production and treating wastewater for reuse within India and several other countries. With an unmatched experience of executing over 1000 projects of various capacities, it has employed technologically advanced machinery and manufacturing solutions combined with good engineers and well-qualified professional teams to achieve the rare feat of being an indigenous creator of advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions matching world standards.

In-Depth Excellence

Sahara Industry has carved a niche as one of the homegrown brands, becoming a leading and most preferred water and wastewater treatment solution provider and manufacturer of the highest quality equipment and filtration system. With a market-oriented approach and driven by modern systems and processes, it has a long list of reputed clients worldwide. The technical expertise, in-depth understanding of the water sector, high-quality products and excellent service standards enabled it to offer the best integrated and strategic approach to industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment systems. Sahara Industry provides multi-disciplinary water and wastewater treatment and engineering services and delivers ideal solutions based on the experience of implementing several hundred plants with an integrated project approach.

Mohammed Abdul Rahman informs that the inspiration behind setting up a water treatment solution provider was to promote and collectively achieve sustainable water treatment and management to empower people and industries to thrive on safe and clean water.

The founder is a design genius who, at a very young age, learned the art of creatively developing unmatched indigenous water treatment equipment and solutions and delivering exemplary results at a very economical cost. The company’s innovative ideas and product lineup have always received market acceptance for quality and innovation. He adds, “Our products and services are well supported by technological intervention at every level resulting in utmost customer satisfaction.”

Encountering Unsustainability with Technological Advancements

When they started about 20 years ago, water scarcity was not severe, and there were a limited number of companies delivering water treatment solutions. Market penetration of water treatment products was low, and the growth rate was substantial. The challenge for the industries to find the best solution for producing pure water was there earlier as well, but it has magnified multi-fold due to heavy water contamination due to our unsustainable disposal of wastewater into freshwater resources.

Being an experienced leader, sharing his opinion on how technology is transforming the water treatment sector and what advancements can be expected in the future, Mohammed Abdul Rahman says that water-efficient technologies will continue to be developed. Still, more importantly, the renewed understanding of water as a shared commodity will help these technologies find acceptance with industries, agriculture, and individuals. Smart technologies, automation, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, machine learning, acoustic sensors, etc., will help redesign water management more efficiently. Over the coming decades, new habits will be created for efficient water usage, and technological intervention will become natural for large-scale use in India.

Various technologies and processes are used to treat and decontaminate water for consumption by people and industries. Technologies for treating water have advanced significantly in the last few decades as researchers have increasingly focused on water and wastewater treatment suitable for the requirement in line with emerging challenges. Apart from the traditional treatment methods, the innovation in the field has transformed with new age technologies, like Nanotechnology, Membrane Filtration Technology, Ultraviolet Irradiation Technology, Advance Oxidation Technology, Ion Exchange Technology, and Advanced Reverse Osmosis technology, among other interventions.

A Crystal Clear Future

In his advice to the aspirants willing to venture into the field of water treatment niche, Mohammed Abdul Rahman says that globally, the water and wastewater treatment market is growing at a healthy rate of 5.4% CAGR and is expected to reach USD 956.48 billion by 2032 during the forecast period of 2022–2032. The opportunity is immense in the sector, and enough space for new entrants passionate about water and committed to public service. Technology solution providers will be more welcome to help the industry with robust explication.

On envisioning scaling Sahara Industry’s scope and offerings in future, he reveals that it is time to think differently and adopt and implement innovative treatment technology with sustainable practices to address the challenges of increasing pollution while preserving natural resources.

Sahara Industry has been manufacturing innovative products and promoting sustainable solutions for water treatment, helping utilities and industries to produce pure water and addressing the complex task as water continues to deplete and pollution rises. “We are continuously reinventing our products and making them suitable to the customers’ changing needs. In going forward, new technologies will involve the changing landscape of our products and services to make it relevant and reliable for our existing and future customers,” he concludes.

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