TS Advisory Services: Turning Water Solutions Providers’ Innovations into Mass Adoption

Tariq Siddiqui
Tariq Siddiqui

In the hyper-connected digital era, companies wishing to be successful in the long run cannot afford any disconnect between their solutions and solution seekers. Take water treatment solution-providing organizations, for example. Contaminated, polluted, hazardous, and salty water is leading to severe water scarcity in many parts of the country, while companies offering modern innovative solutions are finding it difficult to increase awareness about their water treatment, management, and highly effective products and services, thus limiting their reach to the needy populace.

In such a scenario, the most experienced digital strategy and marketing communication companies, like TS Advisory Services (TSAS), are well-positioned to navigate the marketing and communications strategies necessary to put products and services on a path to success.

Putting this entire situation aptly, Tariq Siddiqui, the Chief Strategist at TSAS, says that given the speed at which the marketing and media landscape is evolving, companies are facing a disconnect between innovation and adoption because it is quite difficult to keep up with the rapid pace of change.

The Success Connector

In most cases, it’s not a matter of a lack of competence that’s fuelling rather. It’s simply challenging to weed through the clutter to discover, assess and adopt viable marketing solutions that can add practical business value and provide a creatively designed growth strategy with both short- and long-term perspectives. As digital technologies become complex, companies are constantly pressured to implement relevant, responsive, and profitable strategies.

With accomplished projects in different industry ecosystems, TS Advisory Services guides clients in strategic planning, marketing communication, digital and traditional media, corporate social responsibility and specialized event organizations. “We help our clients grow in business and remain competitive amid market variance,” adds Tariq.

TSAS is a team of highly skilled professionals having diverse industry experience with a pragmatic approach to solving complex challenges. Its mission is to assist corporates and businesses by providing innovative and intelligent strategies and delivering tailored solutions. It understands that strategic planning and implementation are crucial to differentiating an organization from its competitors in a highly competitive market. It firmly believes in the power of strategic thinking and its impact and provides dedicated support to help businesses break through the noise and achieve a competitive edge. By leveraging expertise, it helps the clients develop unique strategies that align with their goals, optimize operations, and drive sustainable growth.

An Eternal Aqua Link

TSAS specializes in water sector strategic advising, where insightful guidance and transformative strategies pave the way for sustainable success. As a water sector strategy advisor, it specializes in navigating the complex landscape of water management, addressing critical challenges, and unlocking opportunities for growth. With a deep understanding of the water industry, extensive experience, strategic acumen, and trusted growth partners, TSAS is dedicated to helping organizations in the water sector develop innovative approaches and achieve their goals with long-term sustainability. The long and diverse journey of its leadership team, TSAS revolutionizes the water sector and creates a brighter future for water management in India.

Boasting a client base comprising leading water companies in India, TS Advisory Services has solidified its position as a trusted partner in the water sector. It is privileged to work closely with renowned water companies, providing them with expert guidance, innovative strategies, and tailored marketing solutions. The in-depth industry knowledge and experience help it to understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by water companies in India.

By collaborating with water industry leaders, it has gained valuable insights into the intricacies of the water sector, enabling it to deliver strategies and solutions that drive growth, enhance operational efficiency, and maximize customer satisfaction. Its client-centric approach ensures that the customized services meet each water company’s specific requirements and goals, helping them stay ahead of the curve in an aggressive market while contributing to the sustainable management of water resources in India.

The Brightest Star

With a distinguished background, over 26 years of experience, and being a seasoned professional, Tariq has dedicated a significant portion of his career to the water sector. His expertise is being sought after by prominent water companies in India, where he has provided valuable advice and guidance. Currently serving as the Chief Strategist at TS Advisory Services, he has played a pivotal role in developing, evaluating, and defining marketing and communication strategies across various industries. His extensive knowledge and industry experience have proven instrumental in driving growth and success in the ever-evolving landscape of the water sector.

With a firm belief that success lies in embracing positive change, he spearheads the organization’s strategic direction. With his profound expertise, he is responsible for evaluating, defining, and developing growth strategies that deliver measurable results for water companies.

With a doctorate in media and an impressive career spanning over 26 years, he brings a wealth of experience across various sectors, including the pivotal field of water and wastewater. His visionary leadership and commitment to progress make him a driving force in shaping the success of TS Advisory Services and the companies they serve.

The strong desire to bring positive change into the water sector to address present and emerging challenges such as water scarcity, pollution, inefficient infrastructure, unequal access to clean water, wastewater treatment for reuse etc., has been Tariq and team TSAS’s inspiration to venture into the water sector. He says, “I am also motivated by the potential for technological advancements to revolutionize water management practices, leverage emerging technologies and data-driven solutions to optimize water treatment, distribution networks, and monitoring systems. By advising companies to embrace innovation, we strive to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance the overall resilience of the water sector in the country.”

Empowering Transformational Change

Sharing TSAS’s USPs, Tariq says that as water strategy advisors, they aim to drive transformational change in the water sector to create sustainable solutions that make a lasting impact on communities and the environment. TSAS bring invaluable insights, industry knowledge, and analytical expertise, helping clients to improve performance, drive innovation, optimize processes, overcome challenges, and enhance their overall business effectiveness.

However, there were the initial challenges and current challenges which the team TSAS keeps solving. The major one was the limited awareness and understanding of the role of a strategic advisor in water companies earlier. The evolving nature of the water sector, including the complexity of projects, technological advancements, increased competition, and sustainability focus, has amplified the need for strategy advisors. Their guidance and insights enable water companies to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve long-term success in a rapidly changing landscape of water projects in India.

Water’s Tech-Know-Logic

Being an experienced leader, Tariq shares his expert opinion on how technology is transforming the water sector and what advancements can be expected in the future. He says that, like any other industrial sector, technology is also playing a transformative role in the water sector, revolutionizing various aspects of water management, treatment, source augmentation, NRW reduction to reuse and conservation. Some of the latest technological interventions can be described as

~Smart Water Management: The Internet of Things (IoT), sensors, real-time monitoring and data analytics enable smart water management systems. These systems monitor water usage, detect leaks, and optimize water distribution networks. Smart meters and automated monitoring systems provide accurate data for efficient water management, reducing wastage and improving resource allocation.

~Water Treatment and Purification: Advance treatment technologies such as reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), ultraviolet (UV) disinfection, and advanced oxidation processes (AOP) are enhancing water treatment and purification methods. There have been significant advancements in the water treatment sector in recent years, enabling more efficient, effective, and sustainable approaches to water management. These technologies remove contaminants, including pollutants, pathogens, and microorganisms, ensuring safe and clean water. Solar-powered water filtration systems are getting acceptance in remote locations where conventional energy is hardly available.

~Water Quality Monitoring: Sensor technologies and remote monitoring systems enable real-time monitoring of water quality parameters that help detect water pollution, identify potential risks, and allow prompt responses to ensure water safety. Machine learning and data analytics can also predict water quality issues and guide preventive measures.

~Data-driven Decision-making: Big data analytics and predictive modelling enable data-driven decision-making in the water sector. By analyzing historical and real-time data, water utilities can optimize water resource management, forecast demand, identify efficiency gaps, and plan infrastructure upgrades more effectively.

~Water Reuse and Recycling: Technologies for water recycling and reuse are gaining prominence to address water scarcity challenges and reduce the burden of wastewater. Advanced treatment processes such as membrane filtration and advanced oxidation are employed to treat wastewater and convert it into reusable water for various purposes like irrigation, industrial processes, and groundwater replenishment.

~Desalination: Desalination technologies are becoming more efficient and cost-effective, addressing water scarcity in regions with limited freshwater resources. Innovations in reverse osmosis, electro-dialysis, and membrane distillation are improving desalination processes, reducing energy consumption, and increasing water production rates.

The Way of Revolution

He adds, “As we move into the future of water management, we expect further advancements and technology will continue to revolutionize the sector, driving improvements in efficiency, quality, and better sustainability. “

Water and energy will be integrated for better resource management and optimization. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms will be increasingly used to optimize water systems, detect anomalies, analyze complex data sets, predict water demand, automate processes, and assist in decision-making. IoT-enabled devices and remote monitoring systems will become more prevalent for real-time data collection, asset monitoring, and proactive maintenance. Advanced hydrological modelling, remote sensing and satellite imagery will further improve to help better water resource management. Innovations in water-efficient appliances, smart irrigation systems, and leak detection technologies will help reduce water consumption, minimize losses, and encourage sustainable water use practices.

The Flowing Wisdom

Tariq’s advice for aspirants willing to venture into the field of water management would be to gain a deep understanding of the water sector and its various components, such as water treatment, distribution, wastewater management, and emerging technologies. It is also important to develop knowledge of regulatory policies, prevailing practices, environmental impact and climate change on water resources to deliver the best strategy and advice.

Going Global

On envisioning scaling TS Advisory Services’ scope and offerings in the future, Tariq divulges that TSAS currently has water companies as its clientele from India only. Team TSAS is discussing expanding their services beyond the boundaries, and a few international organizations providing innovative water technologies and services will soon be joining hands with them. They are also increasing their services from core strategy and planning to other relevant segments, including water resource management, water infrastructure planning, climate change adaptation strategies, and water governance advisory to cater to broader client needs.

Apart from integrating emerging technologies and digital solutions into the company’s service offerings, they are also making strategic partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, including technology providers, research institutions, and government bodies, to enhance the company’s capabilities and expertise enabling it to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions to our clients. He concludes, “We are also positioning ourselves as a thought leader in the water sector by actively sharing knowledge and insights through publications, industry conferences and webinars and forums through industry associations.” It helps establish the company’s credibility and attracts new clients seeking expertise and innovative solutions.

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