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Sahu & Co. Law Offices provides high-quality litigation, corporate, and intellectual property services to clients across industry sectors and regions worldwide.

Sahu & Co. is one of the most respected intellectual property litigation practices, with particular experience in large-scale patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret misappropriation and advertising matters, providing end-to-end legal solutions across all facets of Intellectual Property and allied areas. With offices in New Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Chennai & San Francisco (USA)

Our success is built on our clients’ success. We have a long and distinguished history of supporting our clients wherever they do business, from major financial centers to emerging and growth markets. We represent many of the world’s leading corporations and major financial institutions, as well as emerging growth companies, governments and state-owned enterprises, often working on ground-breaking, precedent-setting matters. With a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and the industries they operate in, our work is driven by their need for an outstanding legal and commercial advice. We are committed to a long-term relationship with our clients, providing them with genuine insight and practical advice and supporting them as they navigate the challenges of our 21st-century global economy.

Nevertheless, Sahu & Co., Law Offices, – Advocates & Legal Associates, under the wise leadership of Mr Rajendra Sahu, the Managing Partner and Advocate on Record (AOR), the Supreme Court of India, and Mr Rishabh Sahu, the Managing Partner for Litigation and Dispute Resolution, both being the sons of the Legal Legend-Mr Charan Lal Sahu–the Senior Partner and a noted Constitutional Expert of Supreme Court of India with an enriching experience of over four decades–precisely and exactly follows this practice.

Rajendra shares, “We focus on innovative solutions and resolve problems quickly and cost-effectively. We seek to settle disputes rather than enter into long-drawn-out litigation.”

In support, Rishabh adds, “Our clients say that we provide sound and practical advice. Litigation can have a devastating effect on people’s lives, and so it is important for you to be assured that we pride ourselves on being skillful, responsible and caring litigators.”

A Legendary Legal Guiding Force

The Senior Partner, Mr Charan Lal Sahu, is a noted lawyer of the Supreme Court of India with an enriching experience of over four decades. Enrolled as an advocate under the provisions of the advocate act 1961 on 07-04-1964, Mr Sahu has to his credit the prestigious Advocate on record title in the supreme court of India in the year 1974. Since then, Mr Sahu has been practising in the country’s highest court, the Supreme Court of India.

In the year 1976-1977, he appeared in the supreme court of India in the MISA CASE during the emergency in A.D.M Jabalpur Vs ShivakantaShukla case, when all the political leaders were sent to jail for 19 months by Late Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India as reported in A.I.R 1976 S.C 1207 and also in the State Of Rajasthan Vs Union Of India A.I.R 1977 S.C 1361 case about the Dissolution of all state assemblies in 1977 by Janta Dal Govt.

Mr Sahu also has to his credit the infamous Bhopal gas tragedy case in 1984, as reported in Charan Lal Sahu Vs Union Of India A.I.R 1990 S.C 1480 and Union Carbide Vs Union Of India (1991) SCC 584 AIR 1992. S.C 248. Appeared in the K.S Court at New York before Judge Keenan and the Supreme Court of India in which a compensation of ₹720 crores was awarded for the people of the Bhopal gas tragedy.

In 1992, Mr Sahu appeared in the famous Mandal Case of O.B.C reservation as reported in the A.I.R 1993 S.C 477.

Apart from this, there are various reported cases in the election laws, Income Tax Act, Industrial Dispute Act, civil and criminal cases, along with constitutional writs, in which Mr Sahu was involved as an attorney.

With over fifty years of experience and service to the law and thousands of cases to his credit, Mr Sahu is a master law practitioner. His vast experience, knowledge, and interpretation of law have been a tremendous guiding force and part to be proud of.

Expanding the Sahu & Co.’s Legacy

Being second generations lawyers and sons of noted constitution expert Mr C.L. Sahu, himself the AOR in the Supreme Court of India, Rajendra and Rishabh have seen the entire judicial, legal, and Supreme Court procedures and practices with great insight. They had always been fascinated, inspired, keen and motivated to be lawyers after seeing the great and illustrious carrier of their father at the Supreme Court of India. And from their childhood days, both Rajendra and Rishabh decided to fill in a carrier so challenging and also termed Noble.

Rajendra is a young, experienced, and dynamic personality in the field of litigation and dispute resolution. With a vibrant and versatile personality, Rajendra is well known in the areas of company law litigation as well as corporate and Business law. With an expertise of over a decade in litigation, Rajendra is also an Advocate On Record (AOR) in the Supreme Court of India. Under Rajendra’s management, Sahu & Co. is fast emerging and growing as the leading business practice law firm with expertise in mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property practices, business formation, capital raising, intellectual property protection and financing.

This uniquely diversified nature of the Firm with a top-ranked individual team helps it focus on different fields. With dedication and a result-oriented approach, the team provides counsel to various segments in different sectors.

Rishabh says, “We provide this consultancy service in various ways, including,

  • Corporate and Business Law,
  • Arbitration,
  • Litigation,
  • Intellectual Property Rights,
  • Finance and Banking Law,
  • Service Matter and Labour Law,
  • Real Estate and Property Matters,
  • Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution,
  • Legal Outsourcing Jobs, and
  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy Matters
  • Digital Data and Records.”

Rishabh himself is a dynamic and trusted name in the field of corporate and commercial litigation with expertise in Debt Recovery Tribunals throughout the country. Further, he has an in-depth experience in Banking and Sarfaesi law for nearly two decades. Along with insolvency and debt recovery, Rishabh has advised numerous foreign law firms regarding M&A and Indian law requirements for Business startups and their further growth.

Apart from Rajendra and Rishabh, Ms Hema Sahu (Senior Partner) is also a partner of Sahu & Co. Hema is a dynamic, social and noted lawyer of the Supreme of India with an experience of nearly twenty years or two decades of practising law in the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court.

Hema has a vast experience in the field of Litigation-Criminal and Civil(corporate law, Service law, land matters, property matters, academic matters, labour matters, rent matters, land acquisition and requisition matters, service matters, public interest litigation, election matters, company law, MRTP, arbitration matters, intellectual property right matters, compensation matters, habeas corpus matters, family matters, ordinary civil matters, personal law matters, mercantile law, commercial transaction including banking, mortgage matters, consumer protection matters etc.)

Hema is a force in herself. Being an active and dynamic part of the law firm and a focused and experience-rich helping hand in corporate law and litigation, Hema is the wisdom to be cherished by the firm.

A Professionally Creative Approach

Sahu & Co, Law Offices (hereinafter referred to as the “Firm”) is a multi-disciplinary law firm based in New Delhi, with associates in most Metros. The Firm has extensive experience in crafting a creative, practical and business-oriented approach to its clients’ legal problems, and its success stems from its key strengths.

  • Client Focus,
  • Legal Skills,
  • Depth of People, Experience, and Resources,
  • Firm Organization.

The Firm believes in maintaining a high level of ethics and stands for integrity to its clients. Its lawyers are regularly involved in novel and challenging issues across a broad spectrum of law.

The firm renders efficient, cost-effective, and proactive legal services, emphasizing the highest quality of service and response time—the Firm functions in collaboration with well-known Solicitors and Advocates based in New Delhi.

Rajendra further says, “We offer Legal Consultancy of various issues to our clients. We are easily accessible and offer our expert guidance and advice on legal matters after ascertaining all the relevant details.”

An Adept Legal Counsel

As advice to young aspirants wishing to enter the legal field, Rajendra says, “It is necessary to understand and live according to your goals.” Law practice is a tough field which requires a different IQ. He further adds ‘To live a successful life, you must first believe in yourself, as life is about winning your dreams with hard work, perseverance, and honest belief. So don’t get fascinated by the shine and charm of the field. Instead, understand the hardships it contains and then only enter this Noblest of the Professions. For some, there is nothing so pleasing in life more than winning victims’ hearts and fighting for justice.

While Rishabh’s advice is, “Having seen the law field for nearly two decades now, it is always advisable to take a path of knowledge and self-belief for success. And our motto, ‘Quality with advocating an innovative idea,’ aptly support our beliefs.”

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