SareStates Realty: A Proficient Advisor of the Indian Real Estate and Financial Services Sector

SareStates Realty Advisors

Real estate is one of the largest employers in India after agriculture and is engaged to grow at 30 per cent over the next decade. With demand for office space as well as urban and semi-urban accommodations and the growth of the corporate environment, the upward rise of this sector is well complemented. According to the independent research, the Indian real estate market is expected to touch US$ 180 billion along with the housing sector which is also expected to contribute around 11 per cent to India’s GDP by 2020.

To reach these expected demands, SareStates Realty Advisors Pvt Ltd, an organization which is extremely passionate about Real Estate is implementing all their efforts and expertise in providing personalized guidance to their customers, to understand, anticipate, and satisfy their needs. Further, it is providing customer’s expectations in a timely, cost-effective and value-added manner.

  1. Kindly explain about your organization

I would like to consider SareStates Realty Advisors Pvt Ltd as an institution rather than an organization which injects transparency & customer centric approach into its employees. We stand by our investors and utilize our expertise and experience to provide personalized guidance to them. We also practice our core values to encourage and anticipate ROI maximization approaches to satisfy our investor’s expectation in building their property portfolio.
We are a team of extremely dedicated and profound individuals who treat investor’s interest over and above anything else.

  1. Briefly tell us about the CEO/Founder of your company and his contributions towards the industry?

Amit Choudhury, the brain behind SareStates Realty Advisors Pvt Ltd is a great visionary and an extraordinary Leader who has gifted the industry with some Great Leaders under his efficient training. He has been nurturing the brand since its inception in 2010 which was earlier popular in the name of Way2Wealth Realty Advisors Pvt Ltd and was also a part of Café Coffee Day.
With the vision of transforming the Real Estate Advisory vertical and backed by an impeccable track and passion, Amit decided to acquire the Real Estate vertical of café coffee day – Way2Wealth Realty Advisors Pvt Ltd and Rebranded it to SareStates realty Advisors Pvt Ltd. As the name suggests, his mission is to position SareStates Realty Advisors Pvt Ltd across Sare States (All States) as one of the best Real Estate advisory, Real Estate valuation, Real Estate research and property & capital markets service provider for residential segment.

  1. Explain us about the current scenario of real estate from your point of view?

The real estate scenario has seen a clear transformation post entering the RERA & GST regime. The buyers trust has again come back into real estate which has helped in increase in investments and FDI’s coming into the sector. The affordable housing segment push being initiated by the Government has transformed the vision and mission of many real estate giants. GST implementation has brought in transparency into the sector which has given an unexpected push to the developers.

  1. What are the obstacles faced by the company on its journey especially among the stiff competitive era and the strategy that who’ve used to overcome those?

Generally obstacles make us stronger and better, we have learnt a lot and have bettered ourselves through the learning’s from our mistake.
We have been able to stand out of the league due to the innovative and customer friendly approach which we implement into our Real Estate Advisory practices. We have been able to understand the mindset of buyers and have adapted to the market in the best possible way.

  1. Kindly tell us about the services provided by the company to withstand the competitions?

We at SareStates encourage and practice our core values which are to implement all of our efforts and expertise in providing personalized guidance to our customers
We provide full range of real estate services including the following:

  • Residential Property sales
  • Commercial Property Sales
  • Property valuation and research
  • Mortgage & Business Loan Advisory and sales

We create the best and most profitable robust Real Estate Portfolio for our clients. We are the major associates of the most trusted financial institutions and help our clients to borrow loans and the best possible rates

  1. What are the distinct services that benefit your client base?

We assist our clients to form a robust real estate portfolio and assure that our clients make the best ROI on their investment. We are committed to offer our clients with a dedicated consultation packaged with best in class study and analytics done by our unbiased team of extremely experienced, proactive and mastered real estate brains.

  1. How do you see the industry, yourself and the company in the near future?

According to the mission of SareStates Realty Advisors is to be the most successful real estate firm in Indian River County. The company does the business to fulfill the missions and objective of the clientele. In future we see our company become a leading real estate company in India and to establish good working relationships and begin working as a team, promoting communication and suggestions from all participants. We want to become one among the top 5 realtors of the country by 2022.

  1. What would your company advise the young entrepreneurs entering into the Market?

According to the today’s condition of real estate market, we can give some advice to the young entrepreneurs like;

  • The industry has become transparent and regulated, which will be growth driver in coming days hence the time to enter in to the market
  • Professional are lacking in the industry, hence more young professionals are the need of industry.
  • There is humongous opportunity for money making in this industry as traditional brokers will vanish from the market.
  1. Kindly explain us about the unique methods followed by the company in the competitive world and the turning point which changed the organization. What is the USP of your business?
  • Customer first approach
  • Technology supported system and processes
  • Relationship beyond business
  1. Tell us about the achievements gained by the organization over the past years?   
  • Café Coffee Day Ventures Into Realty Business Through Way2Wealth Realty SareStates Realty Advisors Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 18 February 2010.
  • On 2014 Way2Wealth Realty achieved a landmark of 500 sales.
  • In 2015 Way2Wealth Realty ventured into mortgages & home loan advisory.
  • In 2016 Way2Wealth Realty achieved a landmark of 1000 sales.
  • In 2017 Way2Wealth Realty Rebranded as SareStates Realty Advisory and operating in major metro cities

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