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360 Realtors: India’s Largest Real Estate Advisory in Primary Real Estate Market

Overall the market sentiments in the country, both domestic and international institutional investors are holding aggressive position on India realty. In Q1 2018, investment into Indian housing industry has crossed over INR 17,000 crores and growing to 15% over the years. This further reinforces the confidence on the long term potential of the sector. As there is a potential bounce back associated with Indian realty, more investors are piling into the sector………….
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Consultant Of the Year

Abbey Homes: Insinuating the Real Estate Domestic Arena with Best in Class Customer Service

A pioneer amongst professional real estate consulting companies in Chandigarh, India and the fastest growing Company of the region is Abbey Homes Consultants…………….
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The 10 Most Admired Real Estate Consultants

In4velocity Systems: India’s Leading Real Estate ERP for Property Developers and Infrastructure Players

The Indian real estate is one of the most dynamic sectors that has witnessed a high growth in recent times with the rise in demand for office as well as residential spaces and can...

Interview With Insights Success

SareStates Realty: A Proficient Advisor of the Indian Real Estate and Financial Services Sector

Real estate is one of the largest employers in India after agriculture and is engaged to grow at 30 per cent over the next decade. With demand for office space as well as urban...

RE/MAX India: A Leader of Innovation and Sustainability in the Real Estate Sector

In the present world, India is emerging as a business location, particularly in the service sectors. Its favourable demographics and strong economic growth has made the country an attractive place for property investors. Today,...

CXO Standpoint

Smart City Mission – Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities Take the Lead

For a very long time, real estate developers and investors focused almost exclusively on the metros and tier 1 cities, as these were considered the safest bets for sales and returns on investment. After...

The Real Estate Financing Trends in India

Indian Real estate Financing industry’s scenario has witnessed a paradigm shift since the magical night of 8th November 2016 i.e. when the night Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji announced The Demonetization followed by even mightier,...

A think Piece

Secrets of Being a Successful New-Age Real Estate Agent

In India, the commercial real estate sector is on its evolutionary pathway. The current real estate business in India is projected to be about fourteen billion USD. This business market is witnessing the emergence...

Tech Talk

Transforming “Real” Estate with “Virtual” Space and Changing Technology

Technology is stretching its arms around every possible sphere. It has also embraced the real estate industry. From renting or buying a house to putting it up for sale, everything can be done with...

Watch Tower

The Evolving Roles of Brokers in Real Estate as Consultants

Recent advancements in economical and technological state in the real estate industry, has forced real estate brokers in evolving day-by-day to become successful. Technological advancements like internet, media, social media and various platforms have...