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Scantech Laser

Time is changing and so is the world’s outlook towards India. India is emerging as the new hotspot destination in Asia for companies to set up their manufacturing plants. With the assistance of strong government initiatives and business plans, the Indian manufacturing sector is continuously rising to the greater heights. Today, many industrial segments require precision, improved quality, and quick turnaround of their manufacturing processes with minimal human interference. These can be accelerated by modern technologies. One of the most efficient technologies in this era is the laser technology, owing to tremendous power, flexibility, speed, and best quality of execution. Laser technology is widely used in diverse fields ranging from automobile to medical, electronics to semiconductors, diamond to jewelry, and among many others.
By seeing the massive but unexplored potential of laser industry, Scantech Laser Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1991 to fulfill needs of the manufacturing industry. G.S. Parkhe industrial merit prize winner (1998) for indigenous developing laser system, Scantech has processed over five hundred laser applications and has ten patents for various types of laser machines. With technical experience, core competency, and cost-effectiveness, the company is poised to deliver the highest quality laser products to their clients.
Trailblazers of Scantech Laser
Naren Shikarkhane, Founder, and Chief Technology officer at Scantech Laser is charting the course for the future of the company. With his extensive knowledge of laser technology, Naren marked his presence all over the globe. He is listed in the Marquis who’s who in science and engineering for US publication. He is also the member of the Optical Society of America and the Indian Laser Association. Naren has authored many technical papers which have been published in leading professional journals. He attributes his company’s success to its dedicated staff. He proudly says that the main reason behind all the growth of the company is its dedicated employees and that is what helps them to differentiate from any other company.
Nilesh Ramani is the Director at Scantech who contributed in the company with his progressive thought process and guidance to expand its operations on a global scale. Nilesh has extensive shop floor training experience in practical applications of laser processes. He has combined his industrial experience and learning to educate and advise their clients to enhance productivity and reduce cost through effective application of laser processes. He is accountable for Scantech’s design and development department which has a direct effect on the global revenue earning of the company. He has taken active leadership in developing and enhancing the process to achieve the company’s goals and vision in India.
Excellence in Providing Laser Solutions
Scantech Laser is worldwide known for its technical innovations in various fields of custom laser applications. While buying custom laser applications it is important to understand the needs first. The company is very well known for the customer-centric approach, where machines are tailored as per client’s specification for quality production and cost-effectiveness. Apart from custom laser machine manufacturing it also offers a wide range of machines like laser marking machines, laser welding machine, laser-drilling machine, and laser cutting machine according to client’s requirement.
Being one of the reputed global laser machine manufacturing companies, Scantech laser has contributed in the growth of many industries including electrical, pharmaceutical, textile, jewelry, automobile, and many other heavy engineering industries. Scantech is closely associated with many laser job shops. Apart from serving global clients with latest laser products and applications, the company also provides support services in hardware, software, spares, and design. The company believes in placing customer’s needs at the forefront while manufacturing their laser applications by spending valuable time with customers, mapping customer needs, and urgency.
Stand-out in a High Tech World
Scantech has been using the latest laser technology since its inception. The company is working towards building their organization based on technical capabilities which creates their unique standpoint in the industry.
Scantech’s Proclean Laser cleaning technology provides an environmentally safe and very economical method to improve the processes of cleaning, surface preparation, and paint removal. Proclean meets customer’s specific requirement in all ranges from heavy-duty, production intensive applications to regular processes. Proclean does not affect the base material and helps in the quick evacuation of grease, epoxy, paints, dust, rust etc. It can be applied to processes like paint stripping, selective paint removal, degreasing, mold cleaning, oxide cleaning and many more.
Scantech’s ScanCut five-axis laser cutting machine offers high adaptability and accuracy over an extensive range of complex laser applications. ScanCut is designed for three-dimensional profile cutting along with the capability of cutting two-dimensional sheet metal cutting using five-axis Laser control. It has a quick setup time, able to adopt any changes in drawing quickly. It is highly recommended and used as a product by the automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding industry.
Scantech’s 3D Laser Marking helps in marking on curved or inclined or irregular shapes with precision. The marking is done without the movement of the 3rd axis or Z axis. High speed and high precision can be achieved via this. It is a clean and safe process which is controlled via software to give precise output.
Laser cladding is a processing technique used for adding one material to the surface of another in a controlled manner. Replacing worn components, modifying or repairing parts often is a heavy on cost and time-consuming process. For laser cladding, Scantech’s Proclad is the perfect and economical solution. ProClad uses two methods of cladding using powder feeder and wire feeder. It can be used in various processes including die mold repairs, ship component repairs, aerospace component repairs, oil and gas industry components, repairs of bearing shafts & seats, cylinder liners and pins, hydraulic shafts, mining equipment, forestry and agricultural equipment etc.
Creating Unique Standpoint in the Industry
Innovation is crucial, but the flawless execution is something which brings success to a company. Scantech is known for providing the best laser solutions using advanced laser technology and best-sourced materials from world-renowned companies to ensure durability, reliability and high efficiency of the products. It provides proficient training and free services to their clients. The company has built every part of the machine in the house and offers fabrication job shops to their clients.
Scantech has first indigenous laser head, OROS, and laser marking on the fly systems in India. Scantech is the first player in the Indian market who introduces fiber laser marking machine and high-speed laser masking technology. It also has the first laser hardening systems in India. The company is working with fastest laser cutting speed, highest accuracy micro cutting, and finest laser welding to deliver cost-effective solutions.
Being the pioneer in custom laser manufacturing, Scantech is providing the best and reliable laser systems as per the requirements of clientele. The company’s dedicated service team giving timely and fortified service to the customers. The company’s service team is the major highlight of the company’s business values. It is standing strong and steady in Asian as well as African continents. Scantech’s research and development team are continuously working on machine efficiency of the clients.
A Look into Future
In addition to being a renowned laser manufacturing company, Scantech aims to be the number one solution provider for the custom build laser systems across the globe. The company is dedicated to develop, manufacture and supply customized laser solutions with experienced and advanced in-house research and development team while maintaining high quality, standard, and safety. With expertise in laser technology, Scantech has been developing things which are still in the minds of the people.
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