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Ficus Pax has the right mixture of packaging technology, engineering, and design capabilities, which offers an International level of green packaging alternatives to its customers

Ficus Pax: Igniting the Lamp of Innovative and Green Packaging across the Globe.

Innovation has not traditionally been a hallmark of Indian Packaging companies. Today, though, a new generation of Indian entrepreneurs are working systematically to reverse that perception. They are moving closer to their goal with the brilliant reinvention of products that have remained unchanged for decades while also confronting the challenges presented by a world with ever-diminishing resources. There are very few companies where this passion for innovation and desire for a greener tomorrow is more palpable than……..
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Company of the Month

Punj Packaging Unveiling Out-of-the-Box Packaging Solutions

Changing demographics, awareness, and desire for quality products are the major drivers that have assisted the Indian packaging industry to flourish over the last decade.  ……
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The 10 Most Admired Packaging Solution Providers 

Aditya Timpack: An Esteemed Firm Bestowing Inventive Packaging Solutions

In this fast paced world, the evolution in business is imperative to its related prevailing factors. The welfare of any business is fundamental in developing a reputation for it. One such exceptional industry playing...

DCG Tech: Dealing with Online Products through Off Line Models

Since the last few decades, technology has played an important role to help the organizations grow and have simplified, most of the tasks. With the evolving technological features, there has been a huge boost...

Interview With Insights Success

TGI Packaging– Creating New Benchmarks by Delivering Quality Solutions

As one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of corrugated boxes, TGI Packaging Pvt Ltd has created a mark of its own in the Indian packaging industry. In a conversation with the Director –...

Expert’s Column

Packing 4.0 : Emerging trend, Sweet/Sour spots & Keys to unlock future

Akin to Industry 4.0 where major changes in Manufacturing (& related Services) were grouped based on Paradigm changes, Packing 4.0 is emerging as the opportunity for the coming decade even if its emergence has...

Editor’s Viewpoint

Indian Food Packaging Industry: Seeking a Way to serve it Right

Most of us are familiar with the excitement to open the beautifully packed parcel, for popping the bubble wrap used in packaging. No matter how interesting it seems, the importance of it lies in...

Leader’s Talk

An Insight to Retail Packaging

Specializing in the production of retail packaging for non-food items Globe typifies India’s most successful companies.  In 2017 they opened a brand-new production facility in Mumbai to meet the increased demand for Indian packaging. The...

Packaging Innovations

The Smart Packaging Solutions for Pharma Products

Judge a book by its cover – humans judge others by their physical appearances and form the first impression about others within a few seconds of seeing people. Likewise, consumers perceive the product by...