SEBI Ordered Finance Influencer Ravindra Bharti to Pay 12 Crores for Wrong  Promise of 1000% Returns

SEBI Ordered Finance
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Sebi has directed Bharti to refund Rs 12 crore, labeled as ‘unlawful gains’, and deposit the amount into an interest-bearing escrow account. Additionally, Sebi has imposed a ban on Bharti, along with his wife Subhangi, from participating in the securities market until further notice.

Ravindra Balu Bharti, a prominent fin-influencer with a following of over 2 million, has come under scrutiny. He was operating the Ravindra Bharti Education Institute Pvt. Ltd. (RBEIPL) since 2016 alongside his wife, Shubhangi. RBEIPL, under the guise of educational activities related to stock market trading, was allegedly functioning as an unregistered advisory. The institute purportedly employed individuals unauthorized to conduct trades.

Sebi’s action against Bharti is part of its efforts to protect investors and maintain market integrity. The regulatory clampdown extends to RBEIPL and several other individuals associated with the entity. Allegations include the promise of exceptionally high returns, reportedly reaching up to 1000%. Sebi emphasized the importance of investor protection and market integrity, denouncing guaranteed returns of up to 1000% as an abuse of investors’ trust. Investigative officials noted that Bharti’s office had devised innovative methods to circumvent regulatory requirements.

Bharti, known for his YouTube channels “Bharti Share Market Marathi” and “Bharti Share Market – Hindi”, is facing scrutiny from Sebi. These channels, once platforms for financial advice, are now under investigation.

Investors were enticed with promises of returns ranging from 25% to 1000%, requiring them to enter into detailed agreements outlining terms and conditions, fees, expected returns, and profit-sharing arrangements.

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