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Secure Cam

Security Cameras with Artificial Intelligence provides a peace of mind, and probably can improve ‘Life Experiences’. The fusion of AI into CCTV Camera has given the opportunity to learn more about the surroundings. Many different functions of AI enable the person and the cameras to work more efficiently as that person won’t have to deal with numerous pesky false alerts. With this video analytics technology in the security camera systems, the job of securing home or business, now, becomes much simpler. And, the great news is AI technology will only get better with time. In this fertile hour, Secure Cam IT Solutions is offering the tech-enabled unique solutions i.e. high-resolution analog/ digital/ IP-based cameras, digital and network-based storage systems and remote video surveillance using smartphones and tablets, combining security surveillance with IT solutions.
In an interview with Insights Success, Rijoy Thomas, the Chairman, and CEO of Secure Cam IT Solutions have shared some insightful answers highlighting the influences made by his firm, service offerings, winning honors, current and future perceptions.

  1. Kindly brief us about your company and the initiation story of it.

Security in one of the biggest concerns and needs today both from the point of individuals and organizations, yet it’s an expensive proposition that is difficult to maintain consistently. That was the gap that prompted me to set up Secure Cam IT Solutions in early 2014.
We had a singular mission – to deploy available technology in order to secure people’s lives and most importantly, make it affordable to all. Today, the security surveillance and IT solutions company has grown into a young and energetic team with COO- Emil Jose and business partner- Ahmed Sarour Al Marar, who soon joined me in sharing my vision.
The company has more than 1,000 happy and satisfied clientele spread across the Middle East. Based out of Abu Dhabi, with branches across the GCC, the vision of the company is to provide complete digital security and protection to all.
In order to achieve our goal of security for all, the company has kick-started a unique global campaign called ‘Secure Our City’. As part of this campaign, the company will install CCTV for free in more than 10,000 buildings in each major city across the globe.
The estimated cost of the ‘Secure Our City’ campaign is US$1.5 billion. The uniqueness of the project is the stakeholder participation – cities will be chosen on the basis of requests from the residents. Residents of these cities can log-in into the company’s website and request for the service. If there are requests for a minimum of 500 buildings, the campaign will be launched in that city
1. What are the key attributes that helped to overcome the challenges which were faced by the company during its establishment?
Like most the companies, we too had some teething issues. However, it was the passion and enthusiasm of the team, especially the core technical staff and management personnel, that helped us overcome the initial challenges.
2.What are the different products and services provided by the company, that is setting you apart from your competitors?
Secure Cam provides high-resolution analog/ digital/ IP-based cameras, digital & network-based storage systems (DVRs & NVRs) and remote video surveillance using smartphones and tablets, combining security surveillance with IT solutions.
The company’s USP has been that we not only set up the ubiquitous CCTV cameras but also provide end-to-end solutions related to the service – ranging from application development, network cabling, hardware supplies, web designing & development, information management, infrastructure, business services, and project management – through rigorous annual maintenance contracts (AMC).
In addition, the company has also broadened its horizon to include audio and video services and Public Address Systems (PA-Systems) too.
One of our strengths is that we are quite up-to-date with technology, and we place a lot of emphasis on the after-service element. We believe that cutting-edge technology and servicing is the key if you want to stay ahead of the game.
3.Kindly explain us the advantages/ distinctive features of your company.
Secure Cam has been able to secure more than 1,000 happy clients in a short span of four years. This includes some of the biggest corporates in the GCC. We believe this is one of the biggest achievements of our highly energetic sales team and a proactive technical department.
4.Brief us about the key personality.
Secure Cam is headed by me (Rijoy Thomas). I am the Chairman and CEO. I have been a resident of the UAE for the past 12 years.
I hold a Masters in Economics & Networking (IT). I started off my career at Geant Hypermarket in the sales division, then worked as a sales executive with First Gulf Bank, followed by a stint at Citibank as Senior Relationship Officer before rounding it all off as the team leader and business development manager from 2012 to 2014 at Finance House.
However, the need to strike out on my own drove me in 2014 to co-founding this company. At Secure Cam, we are driven by a genuine desire to protect people’s lives and assets.
5.What is the source of inspiration for your company to be in the most trusted CCTV Company?
Our customers are our biggest asset. Their satisfaction is our biggest source of inspiration that pushes us to strive for more and be the most trusted CCTV Company.
6.What is the current scenario of the surveillance industry from your point of view?
The video surveillance market in India looks highly promising as it is expected to touch US$ 2.4 billion by 2020. IP-based surveillance systems are slowly replacing analog-based systems due to growing IP infrastructure and declining prices. With the increasing security concerns, the residential sector is gaining increasing market share.
7.What kind of future advancements you expect in the surveillance industry and how well equipped are you to face that changes?
Artificial intelligence has already penetrated the surveillance industry. Cameras that are capable of motion and metal detection can analyze and send alerts to people without human intervention. Ongoing research will make these systems more advanced in the future and capable of detecting all five senses like how we humans do. Through our ‘Secure Our City’ campaign, we want to create awareness among people about enhancing safety levels.
8.What are your advices for the budding entrepreneurs who are trying to embark in the same field?
Hard and smart work always pays off. Just believe in your dreams.
Share with us the accomplishments and achievements of the company.
One of the biggest achievements of the company is the ‘Secure Our City’ campaign. Everyone has the right to safety and ‘Secure Our City’ aims to fulfill our dream of a safe, secure and protected world for everyone.
10.Where do you see yourself and the company in the future?
Five years from now, we expect to be running the ‘Secure Our City’ project in more than 10 countries the world over. We are entering the Indian market this year end.
We always think big. We see ourselves as one of the biggest global players in the surveillance sector in the future.

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