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Secured Security Solutions

With the fast-growing economy of our nation, the demand for smart security services has also augmented. In corporate world, the significance of security is rising to ensure the safety and security of people, premises, and assets. There are many big players in the Private Security Service Industry and one of the well-established players in security sphere is Secured Security Solutions Private Ltd.

The company delivers a wide-range of security services to individuals, businesses, and government organizations. Secured Security Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company which was established in the year 1988. The company has grown from strength to strength over the passage of time and is known for its business ethics and transparency.

The Fervent Leader
Vinod Sharma is the Managing Director of Secured Security Solutions Private Limited. He is a pioneer in the field of security and has rich experience in security domain, real estate, hotel, and leasing business. In 1988, he launched Victor Guards & Detectives Pvt. Ltd, in security sphere. His clear vision, dexterity, humbleness and Industry know-how helped the company to reach at the top in the security industry. Today, Secured Security has the national presence all over India with 10,000 plus personnel in Guard force and has grown as one of the most prestigious organizations under his leadership.

Customized and Technology-Enabled Security Solutions
In present the scenario, private security services are not only limited to manned guarding, but it also provides a wide-range of services that includes, employee, and property protection, intellectual property prevention, investigation, background verification, and many other functions. These services can be broadly categorized as the protection of unauthorized activity or entity, traffic regulation, access control, and fire and theft prevention and detection. Secured security provides total security services that include Life security, Property Security, Cash in Transit services, Crisis Management, Security Consultancy, and Security Audits and also provides state-of-art electronic security equipment.

Specially Trained Employee to Meet the Clients’ Needs
The employees are specially trained under the expert training program to provide better security solutions to fulfill the clients’ needs. These training programs are managed by Ex-Defence service personnel and follow the syllabus recommended by Private Security Regulation Act (PSRA) 2005. Some of the expert training programs are;
Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting: This training is provided to make employee learn what to do in case of a fire emergency, their duties as part of a fire fighting party, salvage party, rescue party; take precautions to prevent outbreak of fire.

First Aid and Evacuation Procedure: After this training, the trainee learns how to give first aid to the victims under the circumstances of serious burn injury, gas and de-hydration victims, Cardiac attack, and electric shock.
Traffic Control: Under this training, the trainee learn how to handle all visitors, government personnel, contractors, and others on the organization’s premises; control and account for the keys to the organization’s property and premises; control incoming and outgoing materials with the view to avoid pilferage.
Handling Threats of Bomb and Explosive: Special training is provided to staff to take precautionary steps in case of threat of bomb/explosives, crowd control and more.

Apart from this, the company provides various specialized training to their employees as per the clients’ need. Secured Security has some esteemed clients which are Bharti Telenet, Birla group of Companies, Indus Towers, American tower company (ATC), Larsen & Turbo, Ultra-tech cement, Monnet Ispat ltd., Bank of Karnataka, State bank of India, State Bank of Indore, Allahabad Bank, UCO Bank, Bank of Maharashtra and many important institutions like hospitals, educational institutions, and newspapers.

Key Drivers That Fuelled the Industry
Manned guarding in schools, ATMs, shopping malls, townships, and corporate parks has become mandatory. Moreover, the event security for global festivals, International concerts, sports events and for many more events, skilled manned security is needed. Further, electronic securities equipment like CCTV installation, biometrics, IP camera and other smart security equipment are in demand. The gradual rise in the security needs for events, concerts, and infrastructure is directly linked with the further development of security industry.

Additionally, there are large numbers of youth who have dropped out of formal education and have limited opportunities for employment. The private security industry provides vast employment opportunities to them. The industry is one of largest employer in India and manned guarding has the highest employment rate. The private security sector is indeed a sunrise sector in India.

Moving Towards a Robust Future
The management has the clear vision to establish Secured Security Solutions as No. 1 “Total Security Solution Provider” in India and overseas. The company is focusing more on offering innovative and personalized security service to capture the new-age security market.
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