Contus Vplay is Putting Personalization as The Next Big Thing in Video Streaming

Sriram Manoharan | Insights Success

Digital Video has become a way of life. YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Netflix and many other video companies have become household names with the might of digital video.
Businesses across a wide spectrum of industries are leaning onto video as a strategic advantage. The fact that it gives direct insights to customer behavior and preferences is a bonus.
Sriram Manoharan, Founder and Managing Director of Contus, says: “On a global level, television channels are resorting to digital video distribution. It will only be a matter of time before cable broadcasting will become a thing of the past.”
Sriram lists three main areas where digital video is making a difference compared to traditional cable TV services:
Audience: Segmented audience based on age, preferences, social factors, past watching history
Services: Flexible and scalable infrastructure that can deliver video services on multiple fronts including subscription, live streaming, advert-based streaming, pay per view and so on.
Video Management: Automated indexation of videos based on metadata tags and contextual information
Personalization: The Best Foot Forward
Digital video has helped companies capture their audience interest and hold them longer in front of screens. Viewership has long outgrown living room television screens and are now omnipresent in mobile, laptop, tablet and hybrid device screens.
“More than TV, mobile devices have become the primary source of video consumption for the millennial generation.” opined Sriram.
Video Discovery
The amount of video produced and streamed has quadrupled in the recent years. Abundant availability of Internet bandwidth, powerful smartphones, and free video sharing platforms have fuelled this video frenzy. But, finding videos that are best attuned to user preferences has always been a challenge.
Advanced video on demand solutions wrapped with intelligent algorithms are putting together several variables like past browsing history, viewer demographics and video metadata to suggest recommended videos. These recommended videos help viewers find videos that interest them, thus, increasing the overall time spent on the website. Prolonged time sent on website translates into more revenue for the business owners.
Video Data Mining
Mining video metadata information is easily said than done. Powerful video solutions that can get under the skin of videos are needed to do this delicate task. Manual processing is out of question, since it is time consuming to single out information from heaps of videos that get added every minute.
Secondly, the cost involved for such data mining efforts should also be minimal. Otherwise, a major chunk of video creators, media businesses and broadcasters will be left out without an option to understand their viewers better.
Solutions that makes all this possible
To address all these issues, Sriram Manoharan of Contus and his team at Contus has developed a video solution targeting the small and medium scale enterprises. Contus Vplay – the video on demand solution is custom-built to help enterprises stream on demand videos, live stream events and also measure, monetize and manage their video assets effortlessly.
Contus Vplay’s cloud-readiness ensures that businesses are able to scale their bandwidth as traffic volumes increases. The end-to-end video solution also ensures that businesses are able to achieve global delivery of videos quickly with display resolution that can be scaled up to 4K clarity.
“It will take at least a year or so and millions of dollars as upfront investment for a new entrant to build a video streaming website. Many media businesses will be forced to let go off the idea because of the time frame and the cost involved..” added Sriam. It is here that Contus makes a difference by providing a customizable solution with the basic setup already made that can be instantly introduced to the market.
Contus Vplay can be customized to specific business demands. It does not restrict itself to a specific business model or video type as is the case with ground up development. Also, Contus Vplay can also be used as a launchpad for audio streaming websites and services. It is a complete media solution that media businesses can bank on to build their audience, establish their brand identity and also monetize the efforts thereon.
Contus is a Digital Transformation company that harnesses Social, Mobile, Analytic and Cloud technologies to forge next-gen products and services. Contus Vplay is an intelligent video on demand solution designed to build VoD and live streaming websites instantly.

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