Sefar India Pvt Ltd: Ensuring Total Cost of Ownership via Filtration Solution Excellence

Sefar India Pvt Ltd
Sefar India Private Limited

The benchmarks of excellence mean a continuous pursuit of improvement in performance. Excellence is achieved by constantly innovating and embracing change to positively disrupt current streams of convention. Sefar India Pvt Ltd being a 100% subsidiary company of Sefar AG, Switzerland, in India, is the perfect testament to the progressive accomplishment of that benchmarking excellence.

Sefar India carries out business in Filtration Technology as a Manufacturer and Supplier of Precision Filter Fabric made of all polymers and a solution provider for various Process Filtration which includes Chemicals, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Mining and Refining, Milling and Environmental, Filter Components includes Automotive, Medical, Acoustics, Appliances and Aerospace and Screen Print includes Graphics, Glass, Electronics, Plastics, Textiles and Ceramics.

Mr Rajesh Kumar Gupta, the Managing Director-Sefar India and Sales South Asia, shares that Sefar India has a fabrication facility near Mumbai near the biggest logistics hub, Airport and Sea port of Mumbai.

Fostering Perfection

It is a strategic location with Pharma/White room facility for Pharma-level fabrication, a Component fabrication hub for the region and a process filtration fabrication hub for the sub-region. With a focus on continual improvement, Automation, it has a high degree of control over product quality and traceability. It has a well-organized warehouse with fast and experienced logistics support team for efficient import and export logistics.

Sefar is a pioneer and a specialist in filter fabric worldwide. Mr Rajesh Gupta says, “We look forward to giving our customers the total cost of ownership and solution for their filtration process.” Sefar’s USP is back-to-back technology and support from its yarn, weaving, finishing, and fabrication plants, all under one roof.

Mr Rajesh Gupta has an MBA, a Bachelor of Engineering and a Diploma in Business Management with an overall experience of 29 years.

  • Filtration– 15 years – Air, Oil, Fuel (Automotive, Non-Automotive and Industrial) Cellulose, Meshes, Non-woven- Metal free filters – HEPA/Clean room and various other industrial filters into multiple segments like Chemical, Pharma, Food, Mining and Refining, Milling, Environment, Mobility, Healthcare, Acoustics, Appliances and Screen Printing application.
  • Power train and exhaust systems–(Automotive) 12 years -EU4,5,6 technology mapping, Implementation and Negotiation.
  • Suspensions– Two years – (Automotive) Light weighting and Tubular bars.

A Leadership of Precision

Mr Rajesh Gupta worked with Indian and Global OEM’s rich experience in Sales, Operations, Finance, Projects, and Green Field plant set-up. He has successfully headed Start-up, Turn around, Change management and Lean manufacturing. He is highly professional and compassionate and inspires people with his work. As an individual, he’s integrated and flexible, strongly believes in the team and follows stability, improvements and synergy at the workplace. Mr Rajesh Gupta states, “I encourage new ideas, technology upgradation and follow current digital trends to stand strong in today’s competitive world.”

According to him, it has been a very interesting and challenging time when the world is undergoing a slowdown and the South Asian economy not being strong as before. He says they have entered new segments, customers and projects to mitigate the risks. They are confident of continuing to grow as per the set targets. Their commitment to excellence, integrity, and customer focus has positioned Sefar India as a reliable and trusted brand in the business world.

Mr Rajesh Gupta shares, “By consistently demonstrating our core values, ethical behaviour, exercise discretion and leading industry by example, I foster a culture of trust and reliability within the organization – focus on delivering value to our customers and stakeholders.”

Optimum Focus

With a focus on services and excellence, Sefar India manufactures tailor-made fabrics which are used in a wide variety of industries for various equipment such as Horizontal Vacuum Filter Belt, Coolant Belts, Filter Press Cloth, Drum Filter Cloth, Nutsche Filter Cloth, Rotary Disc Sector bags, Rotary Drum Filter cloth, Leaf Filters, Plan sifters, Connector Sleeves, Vibro & Turbo Sifters, Milling Accessories, tube cuts, filter discs, reaching electronics, graphics, medical, automotive, food and pharmaceutical applications and mining and refining. Its sub-segments, like Chemicals, Minerals, Milling, Environmental, Components segments like Mobility, Fuel Filters, HVAC, Acoustics, Appliance, Healthcare etc.

Sefar helps its customers to achieve optimum results in their industrial processes by providing customer-tailored solutions in separating, coating and dosing for industrial processes and technical applications. Mr Rajesh Gupta adds, “With our sales representatives and regional offices close to the customer in India and South Asia, Sefar offers its customers the comprehensive, local support for design, delivery and faster response they need in a shorter lead time.”

Aggressively Progressive

Mr Rajesh Gupta says that the corporate world has seen an increased focus on the needs of progressive companies in recent years.

Being one of the progressive companies, Sefar prioritizes sustainability, social responsibility, innovation, and diversity as one of its key driving business practices in its products and services ahead of industry standards. As a result, it partners with various industries and sectors that have emerged or adapted to cater to the needs of forward-thinking organizations. “The focus has been clearly to reduce total cost ownership through our filter solutions,” reveals Mr Rajesh Gupta.

Having a broad experience in the business field, he believes that technological advancements can automate repetitive tasks, streamline processes, and improve overall efficiency. This saves businesses time and resources, enabling employees to focus on more strategic and value-added activities. Embracing technology allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition. “By adopting innovative solutions, we differentiate ourselves, optimize operations, and explore new opportunities. Also, we are upscaling the automation and bringing new automated machines to reduce delivery costs and lead time,” he states.

Nurturing Entrepreneurial Mindset

In his advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and enthusiasts wishing to venture into business, Mr Rajesh Gupta says, “Clearly define your goals, mission, and values. Understand what problem you are solving or what value you are providing to the customers, and be customer-centric, allowing you to be innovative, agile and ready to respond to business uncertainties. A strong vision will guide your decision-making and keep you focused during challenging times.”

Before diving into a business idea, one must conduct comprehensive market Research-Understand your target audience, competition, industry trends and potential challenges. “This will help you identify opportunities and make informed decisions.

My belief – for cultivating and nurturing entrepreneurial mindset – always be curious, seek continuous learning and personal growth and commit to the power of building relationships and leveraging the network.” Stay focused, determined and persistent and Manage risks effectively.

Future Growth Infinitum

On envisioning scaling his organization’s services and operations, Mr Rajesh Gupta divulges that they have a concrete plan for growth in the future.

*Sales growth: They have aggressively focused on developing new projects or product segments that cater to emerging market trends or address untapped customer demands. This could involve expanding the product range, faster response and providing customer solutions.

Implement targeted marketing and sales campaigns to acquire customers. To reach a wider audience, utilize various channels such as online advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, and attending industry events.

*Customer Focus: To fulfil superior standards in their work and behaviour to achieve high customer satisfaction and confidence.

Focus on enhancing the value and satisfaction of their existing customers. To build long-term relationships, offer personalized support, after-sales service, and loyalty programs.

Based on feedback and market trends, we continuously evaluate and improve our products, services, and customer experience. Regularly analyze their sales data, customer feedback, and market insights to identify areas for optimization. He adds, “We strengthen and complement our successful market positions through innovations and rapid implementation on a global basis.”

*Developing long-term business strategies: It requires a forward-thinking approach and careful planning in terms of various aspects like:

  • Evaluate the current business landscape and identify key trends, technologies, and market dynamics likely to shape the future.
  • Review our company’s vision and mission, ensuring they align with our organization’s long-term goals and values.”
  • Define Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound (SMART) goals for our business.”
  • Identify technological advancements likely to impact the industry in the coming years.
  • Explore opportunities for innovation, such as adopting emerging technologies or developing new products/services.
  • Assess the resources (financial, human, technological) required to execute our strategic initiatives,” says Mr Rajesh Gupta.

*Sefar India’s Hall of Fame*

Highlighting Sefar India’s numerous achievements, Mr Rajesh Gupta says that the best testimonials for any organisation are its Human Capital and how they feel and take pride in the organization.

With focus in Building and sustaining a High -Trust, High -Performance Culture, Mr Rajesh Gupta shares, “We are proud to be certified for two consecutive years in a row as

Great Place To Work®Certified™ 2023-2024 and 2022-2023:

This certification is not only a recognition of our achievements but also an index to our organization’s efforts to create a positive and inclusive workplace culture that values & promotes diversity, teamwork, fosters innovation and commitment to excellence. We are proud that our team members feel supported, respected, and motivated within our organization.”

Some glimpse of GPTW certified celebration diary.

*About Great Place To Work: Backed by 30 years of data, Great Place To Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Through its proprietary For All™ Model and Trust Index™ Survey, it gives organizations the recognition and tools to create a consistently positive employee experience.

The institute partners with more than 1800 organizations annually across over 20+ industries to help them build High-Trust, High-Performance Cultures designed to deliver sustained business results.

*Corporate Social Responsibility: With Sefar’s commitment to ethical business practices and giving back to the society at large, several meaningful CSR engagements have been completed and initiated to foster a sense of shared values across various areas like: education, hygiene and environment sustainability.

*Magazine coverage – “We have published advertisement for our product range in Mobility segment in two of the Automobile magazines this year,” concludes Mr Rajesh Gupta.

*Customer Testimonials –

  • “Sefar produces precision fabric for the flour milling industry ensuring consistency of the end product year after year.” – Milling Customer.
  • “Good Quality Products. On-time Delivery”. – Mobility Customer.
  • “We are using since long, Product quality is excellent.” – Healthcare Customer.
  • “Good product as advised by equipment manufacturer.” – OEM – Chemical Industry.

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