Senaxus Technologies Pvt Ltd:  Benchmark of Excellence and Precision

Vikas Owdhbal | Co-founder & Director | Senaxus Technologies Private Limited
Vikas Owdhbal | Co-founder & Director | Senaxus Technologies Private Limited

Video surveillance is a critical subsystem for establishing a safe and secure personal and professional environment. It serves as the all-seeing remote eyes of any home or work management team and the security personnel.

It gives them advance notice of security breaches, like threatening, hostile, and all kinds of criminal acts. Thus, it is essential to any personal and professional life and asset protection plan. And video surveillance must be of top-notch quality covering anything and everything in its entirety.

This is where Senaxus Technologies Pvt Ltd excels in the industry. It is completely focused on providing end to end solutions in power management, solar solutions, LED lighting, video surveillance and security solution domains.

It is not just any other company focused only on operating profits. It came into existence with an aim to change the current scenario and culture of how other companies work.

Mr. Vikas Owdhbal – Co-founder and Director of Senaxus, states, “We firmly believe that we should deliver our best to the client for which they have trusted us!

And that is why although making a very humble start with a small seed funding, today, Senaxus is growing at a very high CAGR and aspires to be one of the top three solution providing companies in India by 2025.

A seasoned marketing professional having over 25 years of rich experience in the corporate world, Vikas lives in Delhi with his family of five, including his father (a Retd. Senior Railway Officer), two adorable kids and his wife.

He is an Engineering Graduate in Electronics and Telecommunication and possesses a master’s degree in Business Administration. In his last assignment, he headed all of India’s key positions for almost ten years in an MNC, handling power management products and solutions.

Currently, Vikas spearheads the marketing, business development, customer support portfolios and strategic tie-ups in Senaxus.

In an interview with Insights Success for its edition of The Most Reliable CCTV Companies 2022, Vikas talked about his and Senaxus’s journey, its mission, and shared his opinions on the future of the company.

Below are the excerpts from the interview.

Vikas, enlighten our readers about the inception story of Senaxus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Senaxus Technologies Pvt. Ltd came into existence at the beginning of 2014. The founding directors incubated the planning for establishing such a company in 2010. But it took some time for the founding directors to prepare, plan, finally execute their vision and establish this organization.

What inspired you to venture into the video surveillance niche?

When we started our operations way back in 2014, we found that very few companies actually were providing end-to-end solutions in this video surveillance segment. The market was highly disoriented. Most companies were just supplying and installing the systems, but after-sales support was a real issue with the end clients.

Senaxus saw a big gap there and started focusing not only on supply and installation but also on providing 24x7x365 days after-sales support to its client.

What are the immersive benefits of the services/solutions you provide to your clients?

Over the last seven years of our operations, we are serving the best and most prominent names in the industries. We are helping our clients keep almost 100% uptime for their ultra-critical applications.

Today, we are known for our on-time service support. We have in house service teams to support on a 24x7x365 days basis. We are fully capable of designing any extensive CCTV network and executing the same too.

What were the initial challenges after venturing into video surveillance services, and what are the challenges now?

The major challenges and roadblocks for us when we started our operations were team building, finding the right OEMs and convincing customers. As a new entrant in the already crowded market, people (both our suppliers and buyers) were a little skeptical about working with us.

But, with the passage of time, we gained the confidence of clients as well as our suppliers. Today, we are associated with the biggest names in the medical, education, hospitality, pharma and manufacturing sectors. We are designing and executing their projects.

Significant challenges today are crowding and competition from low-quality suppliers. They only play on low prices and do not care about the quality and services. Many small clients do prefer them as their initial Capex cost is low.

Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how video surveillance systems are crucial today and what advancements can we expect in the future?

Video Surveillance in today’s scenario has become an integral part of our lives. Whether we talk about a small house or a shop application or any sizeable corporate setup. Everyone needs this. These systems not only help in restricting the crimes but also helps in the prevention of the same.

Today, we are working on cameras that can capture video images and audio sounds. The Technology is now being upgraded to make cameras that can see through extreme foggy conditions and work in very low and high temperatures.

We can expect artificial intelligence (AI) based systems in the near future. Who knows, we might develop some cameras one day through which we can monitor the entire area/city from a single camera.

What would be your advice to aspirants willing to venture into video surveillance security and services?

Our advice to budding entrepreneurs would be to venture into this field with complete dedication. First, try and build a service platform for your customers. Maintain quality both in your products and services. Please do not take any shortcuts to make quick money. Create a niche for yourself.

Where do you envision Senaxus eventually, and how do you plan to embrace the changes happening in your space?

We believe that we are poised to become one of India’s top three companies providing end to end solutions in the video surveillance domain.

Our goals are very clear. There would be roadblocks, but now we are fully capable of handling them. We are a technology company and want to create an environment for our clients where they feel entirely secure with us.

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