Shazé Luxury Retail: A Lifestyle Brand with a Blend of Modern and Self-Expressive Fashion Style

Shazé Luxury Retail

In contrast to our country’s past with fashion and trends, it appears that the younger generation and millennia’s of today are more inclined towards their dressing style as well as their looks. It’s a style statement for them or one can say a medium to express their personality. The world was a different place a few years back, when Shazé Luxury Retail was founded.
The Foundation Story
Inspired by the need to redefine lifestyle brands, Shazé began its journey with exquisite silverware products that combined fashion with self-expression. Distinction through exclusivity remained at the heart of Shazé’s existence as the company produced designs that served the most discerning clients and helped define that perfect urban high-street lifestyle. Since the birth of Shazé, it has been all about retail growth, demystifying retail trajectories, launching new categories and driving the brand to cater to contemporary consumer needs.
The Maker behind Shazé
Mr. Samrat Zaveri, Founder and MD of Shazé Luxury Retail, who capitalized on his extensive experience in the jewelry space to carve a niche for the company. Having spent more than 18 years in the jewelry and retail space, he recognized the growing design sensibility among the consumers and saw it as an opportunity to revolutionize the industry offerings. Through Shazé, Samrat gave the fashion world design that complimented the consumer’s individuality better and helped them express themselves in the most exclusive way.
For Samrat Zaveri, incorporating fine judgments while treading down the path of entrepreneurship was same as twisting all the hooks and corners that led to less travelled roads. With the idea of digitizing a shopping category that people were the most cautious about, Samrat was simultaneously taking on a role in his company that naysayers were most wary of, as well.
One of the few entrepreneurs who are as confident and buoyant as him, Samrat is also known to be a power house of knowledge. He is a multi-faceted dynamic individual driven towards excellence. Samrat is not only the MD but the life of Shazé. He visualizess Shazé as a global lifestyle brand that would touch million lives from across the world. From conceptualizing the product to giving birth to its existence, Samrat is personally involved in all the aspects of business. He develops ingenious strategies to ensure a smooth sync of the products with Shazé ideology and philosophy. With his vision, Samrat envisaged the change in consumer mindsets and the way consumers would use brands to express themselves more than before.
Shazé’s X Factor
Though there are plenty of jewelry brands and retailers in India, even foreign ones, they are either overpriced or irrelevant to current fashion trends.
Shazé’s products are unmistakably captured by its all new philosophy of ‘More Than’, which is a call about breaking barrier to move beyond what defines personalities and holds them back.
Shazé is all about discovery, the ability to go beyond what holds a persona from celebrating true individuality, empowering and forward looking to keep pace with their competitors.
Its in-house design studio ERBI features designs that are bold, edgy and distinctive. Every Shazé product is an attempt to bring an individual thought to life through innovation and creativity.
Redefining Fashion & Technology
Shazé evolved as a brand; the brand that consumers use as a medium of self-expression. With artisans from across the world creating exclusive products just for Shazé, today the brand is known for its innovative and contemporary designs. Every Shazé product narrates its own story through its edgy manifestation. The brand offers products and accessories such as home décor, fashion jewelry, sunglasses, scarves, and worthy gift items. Shazé has invented a whole new trend in luxury gifting in India through its world-class offerings.
Overcoming the Roadblocks
For any entity, it is natural to feel friction when it is entering a new market. Fortunately, this was not the case with Shazé and a lot of it can be attributed to its clear vision and niche market. Shazé’s methodology to cater to the exclusive needs of the customers has helped in steering clear of any turbulence, while its progressive mindset and confident communication has formulated a successful way forward.
Shazé’s Footprints in the Current Marketplace
The current market landscape witnesses a growing consciousness among the consumers about their portrayal in the society – whether it’s about the way they project themselves or what their choices communicate. And therefore, more and more people are investing in themselves and their homes in a bid to distinguish themselves from the rest. The primary incentive of all Shazé-enthusiasts is to attain exclusivity.
Shazé design philosophy ensures that their customers are poised with an arsenal of great products that will break the monotony and will get maximum share of voice in the market. Along with jewelry, the market for home décor, accessories and gifting also becomes a big opportunity to make an impact.
Keeping Pace with the Technology
The digital revolution has been a massive influencer on how Shaze approaches their customers. More and more people are moving towards the ease of shopping offered by online platforms. These people are more exposed and therefore possess a greater idea of what they are looking for. This gives Shazé an opportunity to identify its particular target audience and serve them more exclusively by offering them products designed to reinvent their lifestyles. For Shazé, “The only challenge is the amount of time you get to catch the attention of the customers online.”
Shazé’s Clientele
Shazé is all about self-expression. And that is exactly what their products equip the clients with – a chance to express better through inimitable and unique design offerings. With stores across India, as well as presence online, Shazé offers its customers an urbane lifestyle with products such as home décor, jewelry and accessories. The brand revels in providing memorable shopping experiences for upwardly moving, well-travelled urban customers. Each Shazé creation is handpicked with a keen eye on subtlety, finesse, craftsmanship and uniqueness to keep up with the demands of Shazé’s unique customers.
Upcoming Plans down the Lane
Shazé is constantly working to revolutionize design offerings through unique and bold products. And to extend this goal, Shazé has tied up with international design houses and artists from all over the world.  Shazé’s vision is to become a global iconic lifestyle brand and infest the fashion world with designs that are unique and symbolize self-expression.
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