Softcon: A Leading Solution Provider for Retail Stores and Apparel Manufacturing Companies


The Chinese Philosopher, Lao Tzu, has rightly said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
Back in the year 1996, a visionary man took an initiative and built a small ‘customized inventory and accounts management’ software for a single retail store and the journey of Softcon was started. From there on, there was no looking back for him. He saw a great potential for technology solutions and services to create a revolution in the retail industry. Since its inception in 1996, Softcon has always worked with a core purpose in mind:  “To empower people by providing innovative solutions and enabling them to reach the next level”.
The Visionary Man behind Softcon
Mr. Hemant Khuthia, Founder and CEO, is the idealistic and visionary leader. Being a very down to earth persona, Hemant lives by the motto of 3 Ps: Passion, Patience, and Perfection. His Passion for Softcon, the capability of maintaining Patience with his clients and the urge to deliver Perfection even in the toughest times is what has made him a successful entrepreneur and a skilled leader. He leads by example and ensures that everyone associated with Softcon grows at the same pace as the firm itself.
Hemant firmly believes in the saying by Steve Jobs, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”. It was this hunger for success and ‘never stop learning’ attitude that inspired him to establish the company and made it achieve new feats with every passing year.
Making the Implementation Process Faster and Better
The core offerings of Softcon include two of their trademark software solutions: Smart Retailer and Smart Business. The company also develops customized software and state of the art mobile applications. The esteemed clients of Softcon in the customized projects are The Clothing Manufacturing Association of India, Eway2Go, Ganko Optician and others.
They say, “We believe in building long lasting relations and bonds with our clients, which is achieved through high responsiveness and commitment. We have a retention rate of over 95%, which speaks volumes about our client satisfaction. We not only provide software but also provide value creation by giving business solutions to make every company a high-performance business. We place a lot of emphasis on the implementation process post the purchase of our software. This ensures the success of most of our clients. We constantly strive to make the implementation process faster and better.”
Overpowering Challenges Smartly
There were many obstacles and challenges in front of Softcon at the time of establishment and they overcame it with patience and successful strategies. The early years of the company were mainly related to the stability of their products and not being able to provide the best customer service experience to their valuable clients. In order to overcome these challenges, Softcon invested in the right people at the very early stages of the company. This ensured that over time, both, the product and the client experience started exceeding client expectations.
Today, more than 40% of the Softcon’s current employees have been associated with the company for more than 8 years, which is indeed a proud feeling for the company. Along with investing in continuously improving the products and services, Softcon also invests a large proportion of its resources into employee training and welfare. They believe in the saying, “Happy Employees, Happy Customers.”
Softcon’s Say on Current Industry Scenario
According to Softcon, the industry scenario has never been better. Through major restructuring in the government tax policies and fierce competition from the e-commerce giants, the company claims that the retailers understand the importance of retail software and intelligent data-driven solutions. Softcon appears at the forefront of these challenges to empower the retailers to handle the drastic changes and faces the competition head-on.
Creating its Own Opportunities
The massive advancements in technology have always given Softcon more opportunities as compared to challenges. They always perform and do their best to ensure that their products are equipped with the latest technologies so that their clients can work smoothly and with utmost efficiency. This not only gives us a leading edge over Softcon’s competitors but also gives them an opportunity to explore various other market segments.
“However, constantly upgrading to newer technologies has its own challenges such as incompatibility with older systems and lack of user familiarity to mention a few. Nonetheless, we take utmost care for the functionality and operability of the system through rigorous testing cycles and beta testing with selective users,” asserts Hemant.
Making Clients Happy and Satisfied
At Softcon, their clients are the heroes of the story. While doing business with the company, their clients not only gain extremely mature software but also receive continuous guidance and support from the client engagement team. The best part of Softcon is that they only consider the work done when their client is happy. Through their continually evolving products, 24x7availability and evolved expertise in the retail industry, Softcon always aims for perfection and their clients receive a seamless experience of adopting a solution in their businesses and growing their businesses considerably.
The Future Plans of Softcon
Softcon is currently in the expansion phase and is actively on the lookout for appointing channel partners across the major cities and states in India. In the near future, the company plans to expand their presence across the country and be the growth agent for various businesses with the industry-leading technology solutions. Moreover, in the next couple of years, Softcon is planning to launch their products in the South-East Asian countries.
Source :-The 10 Most Trusted Retail Solution Providers

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