Shedding off the Western Influence and creating a New India

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Shedding off the Western Influence and creating a New India There are millions of problems in India and we have 1.3 billion people to solve these problems. About 300 million people in India came out of poverty in the last one decade. That’s a big achievement, but there are millions of people who are still below the poverty line. There are over 2 million children living on the Indian streets, who are in need of a hand who can take them out of their situation. A lot of work needs to be done, so that 1.3 billion people together can create a New India, as prosperous as it was in ancient times. Just three centuries back, everyone wanted to come to India because it was the richest country on the Planet. The time has come to get back the lost glory.
21st century is the time of India
But how many of us have stepped out of our comfort zones and have taken any initiative to transform our country? We need more and more people who don’t work just for creating their own lives, but who have the wisdom to look beyond, who can create products or services which can enhance the lives of millions and billions of people. India has already become the 2nd largest start-up ecosystem on the Planet. Thanks to government initiatives such as Start-up India, Stand-up India launched by PM Modi and his government. The initiatives have inspired many to take the path of entrepreneurship. But, we still need more and more entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneur – An old wise man?
Wisdom is a characteristic which is usually associated with old age. Why can’t we associate it with someone young? Most of the entrepreneurs who fail don’t fail because of the product, business model, funding or any other reason, but they fail because of the lack of wisdom. We need to bring this wisdom back in our culture. It still exists in some fractions of the society but largely it is missing. As entrepreneurs, we have to do decision-making all the time. A wise entrepreneur will take the right decisions most of the times, which will help him/her to make the impact they want to make. Wisdom helps you get in-depth insights and brings clarity and clarity helps you take a right decision.
Seeking wisdom from Ancient India
India is a land of seekers and ancient India was full of wisdom, it still exists in bits and pieces, here and there. But, due to western influence, this wisdom is constantly questioned by the minds of people, who don’t go beyond logic. Logic is okay, but it works only in very limited situations. Can you explain the whole of existence with the help of your logic. Can it fit in a small brain of a human being whose own existence is for a very limited period of time on this Planet? Modern science has a very long way to go. Intuition is greater than logic, whereas intuition doesn’t even fit in rational ways of thinking.
Shedding off the Western Influence and creating a New India
Time has come when we have to shed off this western influence from us. Once we do that, the wisdom will find a way to reveal itself. India is a very rich country when it comes to culture and traditions. We at Elysian Studios are working towards bringing this wisdom back to mainstream using the latest visual technologies. Ancient wisdom when combined with the latest technology creates bliss!
About the Author – Arvind Ghorwal is an alumni from IIT Mumbai, he initially started working in a start-up founded by his seniors and friends, where he lead teams which executed the operations in Tier 1 cities in India, using the latest visual technologies like drones, 360, VR and AR. He then founded Elysian Studios which creates blissful experiences in Virtual Reality.

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