Shehan Selvanayagam: Forging Reformative Digital Marketing Solutions

Shehan Selvanayagam the Managing Director LOOPS Solutions[Digital Marketing,Business Management]
Shehan Selvanayagam the Managing Director LOOPS Solutions[Digital Marketing,Business Management]

In the days gone by, online marketing was just a new and different way to uplift businesses. It opened up a new form of media on which the businesses promoted their products and services. But within the recent years the significance of digital marketing has become evident.

But to have integrated digital marketing strategies working for your business, you should gravitate towards marketing professionals. They understand clearly how to utilize data to propel your business forward. Having such people around you that advance your journey to leading position and support you is crucial in this field.

A tech leader who is promoting and providing advanced solutions to businesses at national and international arenas through his digital marketing expertise is Shehan Selvanayagam, the Managing Director of LOOPS Solutions.

He holds degrees in several majors that have helped him to develop discipline, inventiveness and analytical skills. He has pursued BSc in Business Management, MSc in Information Technology, and Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Shehan initiated his path to the E-commerce world at Sri Lankan Airlines. It was September 2005 and he had joined the company as one of its first e-commerce executives. Under his leadership a his team built an e-commerce division for the airline. Within six months, the department was raking in $5 million per month. This success was due to his multi-faceted professional backgrounds which he had applied in it.

The Dream Foundation

LOOPS started its journey in Digital Marketing around 10 years ago when the market was almost non-existent, Shehan and his associates were one of the first players in Sri Lanka and working with over 100+ companies in around 10 markets across the world.

Loop’s is instantly recognizable for providing the following solutions:

  • Digital Marketing:

The company offers a wide range of Digital Marketing services including Web Designing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing.

  • IT Development:

LOOPS provides IT solutions that places clientele brands on the virtual map. Their services include App Development, Game Development, and Web Development.

  • Video Animation and Filming:

The company excels in creating eye-catching video and animation services that help bring the customers’ brand to life.

  • Mainstream Media:

LOOPS collaborates with the consumers to understand and collect in-depth information and frame a perfect strategy and solution to help their brand.

Appreciating Teamwork

In acknowledgement of the collaborative efforts of his team Shehan says, “During one of my long visits overseas exploring different market, it was nice to see the team working independently on projects without me getting involved at all, which gave a nice confidence that the team would be able to run on their own which is a key transition from an owner-operated business to a corporation.”

Achievements Crediting Excellence

Shehan’s contributions and determination have led the organization to win over 35 awards for digital distinction. The awards and recognitions include, Customer Engagement Awards –Sri Lanka, Customer Engagement Awards –Mumbai, Mobbys Digital Media Professional Award, Zero One Awards For Digital Excellence, and many more.

Technology in the Mainstream

LOOPS develops technology solutions internally and uses third party solutions as well. The firm constantly tries to get personalized with the changing technology attributes.

Shehan is of the opinion that the e-commerce industry is looking for companies that can help them either solve a problem or capitalize on an opportunity. Thus, he believes if one can crack that idea and plan how to implement it, one can master even the most complete aspects of the industry.

In his advice to the emerging entrepreneurs striving to excel in the e-commerce industry Shehan says, “Being an entrepreneur is not as glamorous as the media makes it out. The first few years are super hard where you would have to make personal sacrifices. However, do something that you believe in and even if people say no, believe in your vision and it should all work out in the long term.”

He adds, “entrepreneurship is about collaboration and learning from others including your competitors so being open for change and learning is an important part.”

Optimizing Future Plans

LOOPS currently works with a significant number of companies in Sri Lanka. Shenhan looking at other venues where along with his team, he adopted a three-pronged approach

  • Value Add

The firm envisions enhancing the relationship by offering multiple services to established clients.

  • Global Offering

Increasing the global footprint where the company, under his leadership, can offer services to different countries while maintaining a support team in Sri Lanka, is the primary goal for Shehan. He also plans to launch several start-ups owned by him utilizing the knowledge and experience they yield.

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