Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson: An Emerging Global Commerce Leader

Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson Managing Director Hemas Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd[Diagnostics,Logistics,Surgicals,Pharmaceuticals]
Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson Managing Director Hemas Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd[Diagnostics,Logistics,Surgicals,Pharmaceuticals]

Macro-economic forces led by advancing technology, globalization and e-commerce are transforming the world and our business. As the future of these businesses is always dependent on the endeavor of right people they grow because of its people. Thus a business constantly strives to preserve a strong pipeline of skilled and driven brainpower to meet its goals and consumer expectations.

With a desire to develop and sustain, the firms never let go of a single opportunity to expand their pool of innovative, smart and technology-forward people. They help to maintain and further strengthen their industry position as leaders.

The mentioned excerpt is the journey of a professional woman who has been at the frontier of various paradigms and has managed to stand tall by the virtue of her grit and firmness.

Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson, the Managing Director of Hemas Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Hemas Surgical and Diagnostics Pvt Ltd, and Hemas Logistics and Maritime Cluster talks about her story with us. Fiercely passionate, self-inspired and sharp-thinking, Kasturi is nurturing a culture at her workplace that helps people to drive their best selves at work.

Outlining Early Days

Kasturi is a relative new comer to the positions but not to the industry. A fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) UK, Ms. Wilson began her career as an Audit Trainee at Someswaran Jayewickreme & Co(SJMS), and was the Director Consulting and Audit Manager at SJMS. Prior to joining Hemas in 2002 she was the Financial Controller at Confifi Hotels.

Since her journey with Hemas, she has been involved in various managerial roles including General Manager Finance for Hem Tours, Head of Hemas’ Shared Service Unit, and Chief Process Officer of Hemas Holdings. Executing the responsibilities of Hemas Holdings she overlooked the group’s processes, technological set up, infrastructure as well as financial and HR shared solutions.

Creating Infinite Opportunities

Kasturi moved on to her first business role as Managing Director for Hemas Logistics and Maritime Cluster. The undertakings comprised maritime, aviation and logistics operations in the industry.

Kasturi took over in her current role in 2016 as the Managing Director of Hemas Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd and Hemas Surgical and Diagnostics Pvt Ltd. Whilst spearheading these challenging sectors that represent over 50 percent of the group’s revenue and earnings, she also serves as a Non-Executive Director of Morison PLC and Capital Alliance.

Achievements Awarding Excellence           

Ms. Wilson’s persistence and determination have led her to achieve an award presented by the Sri Lanka Parliament i.e, ‘ Women Change Maker in Sri Lanka’ in the Business Category.

She has been accredited with the ‘Career Role Model’ award by Women in Management (WIM) in 2012 and has been among the rankings of 50 Sri Lankan business people in LMD’s 2018 A-LIST.

Under her leadership Hemas in recent years has been commendable, recording laudable revenue and operating profits in the group. Her firm superiority at Hemas has made the maritime sector management team a prestigious recipient the coveted ‘Master of the Arena’ award.

She is also a well-known sports personality having represented the National Women’s Basket Ball Team at the Asian Games from 1989 to 1991 while serving as a captain in 1989.

Facilitating Inclusive Services

Hemas Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Hemas Surgical and Diagnostics Pvt Ltd, and Hemas Logistics and Maritime Cluster–  are part of a diversified conglomerate Hemas Holdings PLC a company listed in the Colombo stock exchange. Hemas placed in Sri Lanka touches the lives of millions of loyal customers, everyday via its renowned wellness, leisure and mobility services.

Hemas has served selflessly and delivered award winning diversified products and services for more than seven decades with innovation, investment, and the talents of its people. Their fineness and global approach have made a positive contribution to the nation’s economic development.

The Challenging Curve

Ms. Wilson explains that being part of the growth diversification of Hemas she faced many hurdles while balancing her personal and professional life.

One of the intricate challenges she faced at the very onset of her career was undertaking a full-time work as a single mum- balancing motherhood and profession. Another tough decision she had to undertake was when she took up the role of CPO (IT and Process) despite her strengths in the finance sector.

Accompanied by a great support system including her parent, helpers, superiors, colleagues, and friends she saw through tough times.

Her mother has remained the biggest motivation and guide throughout all the circumstances.  And when it comes to career, her best mentor is the company’s Chairman Husein Esufally who believed in her potential.

She says, “From a career aspect, I am a person who is passionate to succeed. In my work and in life in general, I am a simple individual who strives to be straightforward, direct and uncomplicated.”

Beholding the Future

Ms. Wilson believes that for Hemas, as a group with a rich history of over 70 years, which has served every SriLankan house hold operating in the wellness and healthcare segments, it is important to focus on building for new – to innovate and excel and strive for agility over security in order to lead disruption

She states that proactive work with a disruptive mindset can keep pace with consumer dynamics and environmental changes including new ways to gain accessibility to customers.

In her opinion to the emerging entrepreneurs striving to make a successful career in this field she conveys, “For entrepreneurs looking at the pharmaceutical industry, it is essential to bring in new age innovation. Don’t let historical structures and old school thinking impede innovation. Create your own space and let the industry adjust itself or else there will be no true growth.”

There is more to explore about Ms Wilson. Connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter, and to know more about the firm you may also visit the websites http://www.hemashealthcare.com/ or https://www.hemas.com/.

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