Shradha Sharma, An Incredible Journey of an Excellent Storyteller

Shradha Sharma | An Excellent Storyteller | Insights Success

There is no hiding that successful entrepreneurs get to celebrate a lot. They are admired in functions; they’re cited in media, and they are followed in schools and colleges. But, and I would say BUT in capital letters, how many of us did know them when they started off? Or when they were struggling to achieve what no one ever could? Or when they were working till they get tired and even after that?
It is easy for us to celebrate the success of entrepreneurs when we don’t have other options to do. But what is important for everyone is to know and understand the long and winding road and the journey that comes with it, when an entrepreneur makes his way through the dense forest of uncertainty. Their success may seem glorious and splendid to us, but the tale behind their journey is what makes every one of them, an entrepreneur.
Every entrepreneur has a tale to tell, but the absence of common platform makes it impossible to happen. Founded with a vision to tell the tales of thousands of entrepreneurs, YourStory has told more than 15000 stories to the nation through their platform. This is a tale of that entrepreneur who saw the need to tell the stories of other entrepreneurs like her to the world, Shradha Sharma, Founder of YourStory.
Shradha was at the top tread of CNBC, which involved her speaking with a lot of entrepreneurs. And, that’s when she saw a common strand connecting all of them – they all had a story to tell, but nobody was keen to take their story to the world.
And thus, five years ago, she quit her luxurious, high paying job, to startup her own venture, as a storyteller. From the profound dark days to their first glimmer of hope and their voyage thereon to triumph, she started sharing each of those. It was about the entrepreneur’s story and thus, it was rightly named, YourStory.
Five years gone, YourStory is a domestic name in the entrepreneurial community and has earned the status as the go-to portal for everything a startup founder would ever need. It has provided great significance for its attendees and those who’ve been allied with it, through its events and engagements. However, behind this feat lies the persistence and hard work of a woman from what was perhaps India’s most politically suppressed and negatively professed state – Bihar.
When the Bihar was perhaps at its lowest point – socially, economically and politically, Shradha was growing up. The time back then was hard for girls, as going to school for a girl child was a big deal. But, the situation didn’t affect her, instead, her hunger for achievement grew and she chose to perform to the best of her ability. It is probably from this desire of outperforming every task, her entrepreneurial nature was born.
Her strong thrust got her into one of India’s most prestigious colleges – St Stephen’s in Delhi. But it didn’t change anything for her. Here too, she’d keep herself busy through volunteering to do as many things as she could. Shradha completed her MBA from MICA and joined CNBC, after a brief stint with the Times of India. At CNBC, she spent a good few years, while being introduced to the world of entrepreneurs. Meeting entrepreneurs and listening to their stories, made her realize what was lacking; a common platform to share their stories. And being an entrepreneur at heart, Shradha found her strong need, combined it with her passion and so, YourStory was born.
When it came to the obstacles that Shradha faced in her initial days, it looked like she knew what she was signing herself up to. The biggest challenge for Shradha, was how the same people treated her differently after she left CNBC. No big names acknowledged what she was trying to do. But, it didn’t let her morale down. Because, from the day one, entrepreneurs appreciated her work and Yourstory was being well received.
Her hunger only helped her take YourStory to where it is today. Even, after her mother died, she didn’t let the emotions come in her way. She was born to be an entrepreneur and she did make it through. From the small girl fighting against the odds in Bihar to the Founder of YourStory, her tale is inspiring hundreds of entrepreneurs across the nation.

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