Shubham Dwivedi: An Exemplary Karma Legal Advisor and Registration Consultant

Shubham Dwivedi | Karma Legal Advisor & Registration Consultancy
Shubham Dwivedi

Life flows in circles: Circle of creation and destruction; Circle of birth and death; Circle of light and darkness; Circle of day and night; Circle of joy and sorrow; Circle of success and failure.

You might think that circles of failures are taking you down, and then you stop working, giving up. However, these circles are capable of taking you to the circles of success, if you will never ever give up on your dreams, desires, ambitions, and innate wishes.

Today, although Shubham Dwivedi might be a successful business lawyer-advocate, NGO expert, Founder of Karma Legal Advisor & Registration Consultancy (OPC) Private Limited, and National President of Manavadhikar Action Forum. However, at one point in his life, he thought that his life’s circle was drowning him in the quagmire of failures–even failing his own motto ‘You can do whatever you want to do. He could not find any solution after his multiple attempts to give his life novel directions.

Forging His Mettle in Circumstantial Crucible

Shubham says that if he will begin telling his life story, then his childhood was not good. It was far away from even the basic necessities of life. Circumstances were adverse. He changed many primary and secondary schools, before completing it in Hindi Medium. In his studies, he loved mathematics. He passed his intermediate schooling with First Class in Science and Mathematics, from Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Puran Nagar, Unnao, Uttar Pradesh.

In graduation too, due to his liking for mathematics, he took the subject. He then went to Kakadev, Kanpur to fulfill his childhood dream of serving in the Indian Army. There, he joined an army career coaching institute, devotedly training and preparing for the elaborately arduous series of army entrance exams.

In those days, stories of Arunendra Soni and Yogendra Kumar Uttam kept motivating Shubham. In his heart, body, and soul Shubham has decided to die for his country, in the embrace of the Indian Flag–Tiranga, rather than dying an ordinarily invisible death. During the preparation, time passed, and before Shubham knew it, the Indian Air Force’s entry letter arrived.

Shubham remembers quite well that on the day of his Indian Air Force entrance exam, there was his Graduation Exam. However, he was confident in his preparation and his abilities. He went to Hyderabad alone to give the exam and passed it- the Air Force Entrance Exam with flying colours.

A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes of Failure

Shubham began dreaming of passing all his physical and medical exams and joining the IAF and serving his country. In Hyderabad, Shubham passed the physical and interview exams easily. Then after three months, he went to Dundigal, Hyderabad, to give his medical examination. He felt that he was very near to accomplishing his dream when destiny struck. During his medical examination, Shubham came to know of his birth deficiency of Colour Blindness. Sky came crashing down as Shubham failed the medical exam.

It was like, everything was finished. I broke down. I felt like I did not fail the medical exam but I failed my dreams and my own life,” says Shubham.

However, those who rise again from their failures are true heroes. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of his failures, with time, Shubham changed his track and passed his Masters in History degree from Christ Church College, Kanpur. He was also very fond of writing–thus, kept writing and publishing his content in local Hindi news dailies, and social media platforms.

Flying High in the Sky of Success

Shubham also began participating in Social Programs as an orator, or debater. As time passed further, Shubham passed his LLB degree and kept forwarding his social work drive. He founded Manavadhikar Action Forum, and as its National President kept serving society in its various causes with his main aim of helping people who are robbed of their human rights. He met thousands of people, listening to them, aiding them in whichever way he could.

Due to his social reformist drive, he has been awarded by the World Book of Records, London, in the Social Work domain. The award was given to him by ADGP B.K. Singh. He has been further awarded in many national-level events and programs as a Bright Social Worker and Reformer.

Today, his Manavadhikar Action Forum has spread to twelve states, helping everyone who needs their human rights preserved and their social dignity maintained. He keeps fighting for the victims of Human Rights violations free of cost.

An Emerging Star on the Legal Advisory Horizon

Speaking about his professional journey, Shubham shares that his firm Karma Legal Advisor & Registration Consultancy works in the wide areas of C.A, C.S, Advocate, NGO expertise, Project Consultant, Designing and Digital Marketing services, etc. Across the entire country, Karma Legal provides complete documentation work to entrepreneurs, businesspeople, Social Workers, Reformers, and NGO enthusiasts in establishing their enterprises legally with registration and trademark.

Today, Karma Legal’s branches are active in the Union Territory of New Delhi, states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, and Maharashtra, while its clients are spread all over India.

An Ultimate Noble Aim

Mostly, I have worked with the Corporate and NGO sector as their legal advisor. We, through Karma Legal, provide an entire bouquet of solutions,” shares Shubham. He also practices in Lucknow High Court. In the corporate sector, Shubham has found his creditworthiness in Income Tax Department, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and GST Department, helping his clients in establishing their company credentials through due diligence processes and legal documentation.

Shubham’s ultimate aim in helping his client is to aid them in progressing their business and prospering their enterprising health positively. He strives to provide all the legal documentation work along with digital marketing to the corporate, NGO, and legal sector in his one-stop-shop.

Making of Karma Legal Advisors & Registration Consultancy

Karma Legal works mainly in three areas:

The first area is Corporate – where Shubham provides legal advisory and counselling for Company Registration, Annual Compliance, Audit, ITR, Food License, GST, GST Filing, DSC, and the entire docket of registration and legal services.

The second area is NGO – where Shubham offers NGO registration, NGO Audit, ITR, 12A Registration, 80G Registration, CSR01 Registration, MSME, E-Anudaan, NGO D, Annual Reports, Designing, Digital Marketing, and entire legal counselling docket related to Project Applications.

The third area is Legal – where Shubham gives all the legal advisory, counselling, and consultancy solutions to his clients.

Spreading the Good Work

Speaking about the future of Karma Legal, Shubham reveals that he has grand plans for establishing his firm having a pan-India network of branches, running and helping all types of clients seeking Corporate, NGO, Human Rights, and Legal advice, counselling, and consultancy.

He is further wishful that soon Karma Legal will be known across India as a one-stop-shop for all corporate, NGO, and legal documentation, advisory, counselling, and consultancy solutions giving their clients peace of mind.

At Karma Legal Advisor & Registration Consultancy, client satisfaction is our ultimate aim. We live, die, fight for our clients and serve them with utmost commitment and dedication,” assures Shubham.

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