S&IB:  Aiding Organizations with the Right Workforce

Mr. Shyamal Karmakar | Shreyasee Karmakar | Founder, Director | S&IB
Mr. Shyamal Karmakar | Shreyasee Karmakar | Founder, Director | S&IB

Companies can employ a variety of strategies to estimate current and future staffing needs with strategic human resource planning (HRP), but the end goal is always to reduce exposure to labour surpluses or shortages. Managers must anticipate individuals moving into, out of, and within a company. They should be able to forecast future demand for the company’s products and services. Finally, within the framework provided by supply and demand estimations, they must adopt processes and activities that improve staff competences. The quality of the workforce in a certain organisation determines the overall functioning of the organisation.

This is where S&IB Services come into play. Established in 1985, S&IB Services now has the strength of approximately 25,000 personnel, covering about 4500 locations pan India. With a highly trained workforce ready to offer services in various fields such as total security solutions, integrated facility management service, manpower outsourcing and payroll management, fire control and evacuation, banking support services, erection and commissioning; repair and maintenance utilities, transport, logistics, covid measures, etc., the personnel at S&IB shall keep no room for errors. Read along to know more about how these services can be of use to your organisation.

Please brief our audience about your company, its values, vision, and mission. 
S&IB Services is an Integrated Facility Management Company providing end to end solutions to its clients. We are based in Pan India having branch office in 27 states in India. S&IB today is providing a Total security solutions, CCTV and e-surveillance, Integrated Facility management, Outsourced banking services, ATM cash management, cash-van services, cash sorting and cash processing, Transportation of notes and coins, Mobile tower erection and maintenance, optical fibre cable laying (Aerial), logistics, housekeeping, outsourcing and payroll management, property maintenance, electromechanical repair and maintenance, pest control, fire safety and risk management etc.

S&IB serves different industrial sectors which include Banks and Financial Institutes, IT Sector, MNC, Government Establishments, Healthcare, Hospitality, Banks and financial institutions, Telecom, Warehouses, Retail, Education and Research Institutes, Logistics, Media and Entertainment, Construction, Residential, Mall, Consumer Goods, Textile, Power Plant, Oil Refinery and other production unit. We are an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified company.

Vision: Most ethical and transparent, statutory compliant, CSR Compliant, ecofriendly and human service-company in India. Employees are the true face and Brand Ambassadors of the Company. We invest significantly in Human Capital and recognize our employees as the main drivers of business growth.

What are the distinguished services offered by your company? Please elaborate on how it has helped in staying ahead of your competition. 
At S&IB Services, you will find a wide array of services that are offered to clients. We work for over 34 different industries and train our service professionals as per the industry protocols and requirements to render a seamless service. S&IB today is providing total security solutions, CCTV and e-surveillance, Integrated Facility management, Outsourced banking services, ATM cash management, cash-van services, cash sorting and cash processing, transportation of notes and coins, mobile tower erection and maintenance, optical fibre cable laying (Aerial), logistics, housekeeping, outsourcing and payroll management, property maintenance, electromechanical repair and maintenance, pest control, fire safety and risk management etc.

S&IB has strongly believed in taking challenges as the Managing Director Mr. Shyamal Karmakar believes, “Every challenge is an opportunity to learn!” We have adapted to new trends and have introduced automation in various service levels. With the rapid growth in the market, we have developed solutions to provide flawless services to all our valued customers. Our USP: Unrivalled knowledge gained from 35 years of experience in the Indian Market Remote Monitoring Solutions Use of Technology to improve efficiency and cost optimisation 24*7 unbeatable services Distinctive value-added services Transparency and prompt response to every query

Brief us about the featured person and his/her journey in the facility management services space. 
Mr. Shyamal Karmakar, the Founder of S&IB Services started the business with a mere capital of Rs 350 from a rented garage. He started his journey by deploying security guards. Over time his business grew, and he invested in other verticals like housekeeping, pest control, repair and maintenance, electrical and plumbing, banking support services, landscaping, tower site maintenance, optical fibre and so on. Back in 1985, he had a manpower of three, while at present he has a family of 22000 happy employees.

What were the challenges you came across when you started a business in the facility management services sector? 
Mr. Karmakar says, “Challenges are part of life; however, the focused area is the key takeaway from such situations.” Mr. Karmakar has always considered these situations as an opportunity to learn and equipped himself and his team with all available resources to stay ahead of the game. He strongly believes employees are the true face value and main drivers of growth of any company and thus, never regrets investing in human capital.

How the adaptation of new technology in the facility management services space has helped transforming your company’s operations and what more could be expected in the future? 
“Adapting to change is the only constant for the growth of any company.” Being in the facility management sector, the industry has taken huge leaps in terms of growth with the use of advanced technologies. Our company has invested a huge amount of time and money in our research and development team,” says Director Shreyasee Karmakar. The technologies have not only helped us providing seamless service to our clients but has improved the efficiency of our servicemen. We have presently entered a smart city project. S&IB is ready for all challenges and surprises that come its way.

How has the ongoing pandemic affected the operations of your company? How are you driving your firm to sustain its operations and ensuring safety of your employees at the same time? 
The ongoing pandemic has affected every industry. However, being in the facility management sector, we could not stop providing services to all our clients. We had to take utmost precautions while rendering such services. All our staffs were trained and regularly monitored to undergo this difficult situation as we provide essential services like cash remittance, ATM management, mobile tower site management, housekeeping, sanitisation, security and so on.

We have provided all essential safety kits to our staffs. We have extended our hand and supported our employees and their families who fell prey to this dreadful virus. We have kept encouraging them and tried keeping them positive towards life. We are still organising multiple vaccination drives to get all our employees and their families vaccinated at the earliest

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the facility management services sector? 
Never give up your dream or compromise with your business ethics. In the cutthroat business ecosystem, keep your patience and adhere to all statutory compliances. Aim to build a brand which customers can trust.

Where do you envision your company to be in the long run and what are your future goals? 
We aim to employee 50000 underprivileged young male and female by the end of 2025. We are planning to work with robotics and drones in near future, our research and development team is already on it. We portray ourselves as the most ethical and transparent company that observes all statutory compliances.

What is the current industrial scenario of the Indian facility management services space? 
The Indian Facility Management Industry is booming at present. The competition has led to industries adapting new technologies helping them provide seamless services to clients and increase its own service efficiencies. We invest a huge amount of time and energy on uplifting our employees’ efficiencies.

Give us a few testimonials of your clients that highlight your organization’s position in the market. 
“We sincerely appreciate the efforts taken by entire S&IB team in keeping the ATM Channel functional during the Lockdown period.” By Kala Venkatachalam of a reputed bank in India “I am really thankful to S&IB Services who amidst these restrictions were able to support very well and also provide a near pre-Covid 19 support to Hitachi.” By Krishnan Lakshmanan.

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