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Shyamal Karmakar| S&IB
Shreyasee Karmakar, Development Director, Shyamal Karmakar, MD, S&IB

To a layperson not in the know of things, it would come as quite a shock to be told that one of India’s most prolific pay-roll companies, S & IB Services Private Limited started its journey in little more than a shack with hardly a roof, a gate or even a table.

Thus, began the S&IB journey

The year was 1985. To ward off unemployment and earn his share of living, Shyamal Karmakar, the illustrious Managing Director of S&IB, started his entrepreneurial journey with a princely sum of Rs 350.00 spent on creating a rubber-stamp and letter-head. The first income, all of Rs 1050 brought them an income of Rs 150.00 of which Rs 50.00 was spent paying the instalment of an old bicycle. Precarious situations, such as these persisted for some years in the life of M/s Security and Investigation Bureau (S&IB).

The Current Scenario

S&IB today provides services in Total Security Solutions, CCTV and e-surveillance, Integrated Facility Management, Outsourced banking services, ATM cash management, Cashvan services, Cash-sorting and cash processing. It also deals with Transportation of notes and coin, Mobile tower erection and maintenance, Optical fibre cable laying (Aerial), Logistics, Housekeeping, Outsourcing and Payroll management, Property maintenance, Electro-mechanical repair and maintenance, Pest control, Fire safety and Risk management. All these aspects and more give them a combined turnover of around Rs 436 crores.

Their clients include the best and more known among Banks and Financial Institutions, IT companies, MNCs, Government Establishments, Healthcare, Hospitality, Telecom companies, Warehouses and Logistics, Retail, Education, Research Institutes, Media and Entertainment, Construction, Residential, Malls, FMCGs, Textile, Power Plant, Oil Refinery and other production units. These they serve from branches in practically every city in India cementing their PAN India presence.

The Upper Cut

Describing their USP gives Shyamal Karmakar, S&IB’s charismatic MD a sense of immense pride. He says they include:

  • Unrivalled & unparalleled knowledge gained over 35 years in the Indian Market.
  • Remote Monitoring Solutions
  • Extensive use of technology to improve efficiency and optimise on costs
  • Unbeatable 24*7 services with extensive backup and hand holding
  • Distinctive value-added services
  • Transparency and prompt response to every query
  • Ability to quickly ramp-up any new business venture they get into
  • Ability to learn and adapt any new business with low costs and low turn-around time

Words of wisdom

He’s been there, done things, established businesses and succeeded. In the process, he has learnt a lot about client servicing and business management. To this end, Shyamal, the ever-positive business-head who has withered many business battles and reversals like a true veteran, has a few words of advice for those who fear competition or find it daunting. He says, “when faced with the cut-throat competition of the kind that he has seen in his over three decade-long existence and growth in entrepreneurship, one should use their employees as their true “Brand Ambassadors”, employees. Right down from an office boy, all the way up to the owner himself. In doing so, one may have to invest significantly in training and re-training existing and new Human Capital.”

S&IB’s Brand Ambassador

A trained “Brand Ambassador” in the form of employees means there is no extra expenditure on advertising and promotion. What-ever promotion takes place is of a very earthy and realistic kind which becomes evident from the employees’ demeanour, behaviour and output. By giving excellent service, the employee raises the worth of the organization much more than an “external” Brand Ambassador and also brings in more business.

The other ace that Shyamal has up his sleeves to stave off competition is to remain on the right side of the law and ethics. Never do unethical and illegal business and never support it either, says he. He is equally certain to remain compliant with all statutory requirements in the running of businesses, be they related to employment, taxation or quality of service.

Keeping up with times with Digitization & Technology!

Tech Savvy that he is, Shyamal credits his organization’s ability to adapt to new technology as one of the factors that allow them to provide quality uninterrupted services to their customers which continues 24 x 7 x 365. They have invested in customized ERP & CRM packages which help them give more and better services to clients who can now track the progress of their services and requests and accordingly raise new requests.

Incidentally, it’s adherence to the latest in technology that helps S&IB stay head even in these times when the pandemic is sweeping every other business under the carpet. With the induction of new talent, they are today ready to serve every new and diversified need of their clients which include outsourcing of on-site payroll work to remote locations while maintaining client data security at all times. That coupled with immense experience and strict adherence to established ethical practices is sure to keep them in the client’s line-of sight for a long, long time.

The Future at S&IB

For Shyamal Karmakar, living up to his clients’ faith in his abilities is quintessential. It keeps him on his toes to stay ever resourceful and ever-ready and come up with solutions irrespective of problems or their scale. Life, after all, has taught him that the intrepid invariably find solutions to problems, and in doing so find immense, immense success.

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