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Ashish Talwar, MD, Weavings Manpower Solutions

With a vision to be the critical change agent, providing people management solutions, through an institutionalised process of tapping, harnessing, and rewarding human potential, that enhances the operational efficiency of organisations sustainably while contributing to the socio-economic advancement of the workforce, Weavings Manpower Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was formed.

Weavings is a part of the Planet Group. The Group’s present interests are focused on 6 industry sectors – People, Logistics, Aliment (French for Food), Nature, Energy, and Technology. Drawing its strength from Planet Group, WEAVINGS Manpower Solutions was formed in the year 2010 and over a decade has emerged as a dedicated people management organisation with an inclination to reinforce the bottom-line of the client’s business: PEOPLE. Its comprehensive suite of people management solutions are diligently designed to offer a competitive edge to the client’s business.

Being one of the top staffing company in India, Weavings provides end-to-end human resource solutions including Temporary Staffing, Permanent Recruitment, Statutory Compliance, Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Services, Master Vendor Services, Blue Collar and White Collar bulk-hiring and Payroll Management Services to medium and large scale organisations in India operating in different industrial domains including but not limited to Service Sector, New Age Industries, BFSI, Manufacturing, E-commerce, Oil & Gas and Logistics Warehouse Management. It is also proficient in enabling statutory compliance in the organisation for fair governance.

Bridging the employment gaps in the modern landscape, WEAVINGS has emerged as a young and promising staffing agency in India. Its diligent human resource experts work jointly with the clients to gain a fair understanding of their specific requirements, thereby catering to their comprehensive workforce management needs at all levels.

Ashish Talwar, the Managing Director of the company shares his valuable insights on how Weavings is bringing the change in staffing industry.

Please list the popular products/solutions that make your company standout from the competition.

At Weavings we offer a bouquet of People Management Solutions which help clients of each size. Whether it is temp staffing or permanent recruitment, we do it all. One of our flagship application TEJAS is one such solution that helps us stand out of the competition.’TEJAS’ is a technology agnostic process-driven application for all the compliance-related concern to give our clients a seamless experience. All the Statutory Compliance Reports for Indian states and central laws are auto-generated and available for download/print at the click of a button.Our regulatory compliance services are an ideal solution for the diligent management of our clients business. Apart from TEJAS, our other digital workforce solutions are designed to solve people management related concerns for our clients. Right from attendance and data management to candidate assessments and payroll services, we offer a wide range of digital workforce solutions which are the need of the hour. All our digital solutions are configurable as per our clients’ requirement and that is also one important factor which helps us break the clutter. We offer solutions which integrate well with our clients existing systems and therefore there is minimal development that is required.

As the MD, what is your opinion on the impact of the current pandemic on the payroll services market and other industries in general?

The impact of the COVID-19 on the labor market clearly shows disturbing effects on workers and millions of businesses worldwide. Between April-June 2020, the world lost almost 400 million full-time jobs due to the pandemic, according to the International Labor Organization. Industry estimates showed that 10.8 million jobs have been lost across sectors since the March 25 lockdown in India. The outlook of the job market has taken a hit.The overall payroll services market has got impacted as contract workers are on the frontline of being fired. Hospitality and Retail sectors are at the fore front of bearing the brunt of the pandemic as it resulted into an unprecedented lockdown of operations.

While certain sectors took a hit, the lockdown also boosted the e-commerce sector. The pandemic has rendered a great favour to the E- Commerce business community by offering them great business opportunities. According to industry insiders and analysts, the market opportunities for online commerce in the country are expected to touch $200 billion by 2028 from $30 billion in 2018. People are buying even the most low ticket or basic stuff online which is helping the e-commerce sector create job opportunities for various profiles in their warehouses. Even the last mile job profile is on the rise as there is a shortage of delivery executives in the market due to the increase in the orders.

As per a recent survey conducted by a staffing firm, Indian employers report cautious hiring plans for the final quarter of 2020. This is going to have a direct impact on the staffing companies as there is a lot of business which usually comes around the festive season in India which begins from August and lasts till December. While things have started to unlock slowly and the government is taking all the measures to bring back the economy, it was going to certainly take time.

How necessary do you think it is to align business with the latest technology?

Digital transformation is no longer a future state, or something to reconsider for the next fiscal year, it’s an initiative that needs to be woven into the very fabric of an organization. Successful digital transformation is not just about technology; it’s about transforming the way you do business and manage your workforce from the ground up. The impact of technology on organizations of every size and sector is infinite, and we know the pace of disruption is accelerating. Organizations need to bring in innovation, agility, and objectivity through technology.

At Weavings, we constantly innovate and come up with solutions that match every evolving technological disruption happening in the staffing industry. From assessment solutions to complete Human Resources Information System, we provide completely configurable digital workforce solutions to our clients. Today, when most of the organisations are working from home, it has become imperative for organisation to adapt to the new ways of doing business and managing a large workforce remotely. Be it attendance management through mobile application or managing an entire plant with individual KRA’s of each worker, we offer solutions that make organisation more productive and help them grow.

How do you envision on sustaining your company’s competency in this cut-throat and volatile business ecosystem?

In the staffing industry, what matters is how quickly and efficiently you are able to address your clients challenge as that is the primary reason, they reach out to you. At Weavings, it is always our goal to ensure that our clients get the top-class service and address each of their pain points when it comes to people management. Our holistic approach of understanding the client’s organisation and its operations helps us deep dive in to the matters that have been bothering our clients. Our team formulates a strategy to address each concern of the client and create a roadmap for the future. We are a TRACE certified organisation, which shows our commitment to transparency in commercial transactions. We are also an ISO 2013 certified organisation which ensures that we have a standard operating process in place that help us function systematically. Being transparent and realistic with our clients has helped us win their confidence which goes on to show our growth quarter on quarter as an organisation. Our technologically advanced solutions for each aspect of human resources management also enable us to have an upper hand amongst our competitors. With our solutions, we intend to address the people management challenges that our clients face.

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