Sizzle Properties: Converting Dreams into Realty

Sizzle Properties

Things are changing for good and the real estate sector is back on track. It is one of the most globally recognized sectors. Many youngsters are purchasing properties, which is fuelling the growth of the industry. According to one of the independent survey, Bengaluru is expected to be the most favored property investment destination, followed by Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, Goa, Delhi and Dehradun in India.The growing demand for mid-segment properties is expected to continue in the coming years. Regulatory changes, demonetization and GST, were game changing factors which had a tremendous impact on the industry.

In such a buzzing and growing world, from June 2013, Sizzle Properties has been smoothening, simplifying and speeding up the land/plot purchasing process. The young, urban professionals are able to fulfill their dreams of owning the sites without breaking their heads over property documents, disputes, and loan approvals.

The Fastest Way to Own Plots/Lands with Sizzle Properties
The company offers legally-clear, dispute-free, bank-loan approved plots in some of the most enviable locations in East Bangalore. In less than forty-five days, one could own a property without any hassles and stress. Company’s ready-to-construct properties come with a fantastic array of amenities, including electricity, water, roads, and security etc. They are a short drive away from the prime locations and landmark attractions in the city. Yet, our projects provide the peace and serenity of living amidst nature.
Sizzle properties are one of the few plotted developers to provide the postsale support and assistance. Thus, one doesn’t have to worry about Katha and property tax transfer and maintenance. From scrutinizing the legal documents, arranging bank loans, drafting the deeds to safeguarding the property post-sales, as the company takes care of everything.

The Visionary behind Sizzle Properties
“How can busy, urban professionals, working 5-6 days a week, squeeze time out of their everyday, hectic routine life to buy a land?” –It is this question that drove Shravan Reddy, a first generation young businessman, to establish Sizzle Properties.

Born in Delhi and brought up in Bangalore, Shravan Reddy developed a keen interest in marketing and entrepreneurship during his engineering days in Bangalore. He started working in a small MLM company while studying in the college. Then, he moved on to marketing and sales of fully constructed houses along with his partner. In just 2 years, he and his tiny team successfully sold more than 200 houses and Sizzle Properties was beginning to take shape. He felt a strong urge to build a plotted development business in Bangalore.
Things fell in place in January 2013 when Sizzle Properties launched a small plotted layout named as Sizzle Palm Kingdom. It was formed in one and a half acre land near K. R Puram with the help of trusted well-wishers. It was the time when real estate, particularly land was very much in demand in Bangalore. The layout was completely sold in just a few months thanks to the impeccable legal titles and by being in the midst of excellent location.
After that, there was no turning back for Sizzle Properties. Today, it is one of the promising plot developers in East Bangalore, which has won the Asia Real Estate Excellence Award. And, also successfully completed more than fourteen gated layout properties and currently working on six projects.

Succeed in the competitive Industry
“We identified every single problem people faced while purchasing the land/plot and wanted to ease the process of buying properties. As the real estate industry was then filled with scams, we wanted to earn the trust and respect of people – whether they did business with us or not.” says founder Shravan Reddy. He focused on identifying properties which are absolutely clear in legal titles and are at perfect location with ease of commuting. Furthermore, he said—“We also stressed on building relationships and engaging in honest conversations with our customers. Since real estate is usually bombarded with pushy, on-your-face marketing practices, our customers felt a real difference while dealing with us. In fact, if we felt our properties did not match the requirements of our customers, we would tell them right away. And, we never tried any marketing gimmicks to force their decision making process. This made a big difference.”

Future Plans of Sizzle Properties
Sizzle Properties will consistently launch affordable plots that would cater to the middle-class segment. It is our earnest desire that every individual own a piece of land. In the next ten years, we will be completing hundreds of layouts, making land-buying an easy, affordable, and fulfilling journey for every aspiring and ambitious citizen of the country.

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