Vajram Group: A Perfect Blend of Lifestyle and Value Appreciation

Established in 2009, Vajram Group strives to build and create high-quality residential and commercial projects in selected markets of Bangalore and various other parts of Southern India. The company focuses on creating architectural projects by identifying and analyzing locations with a promise of an excellent growth potential. Embracing changes and converting challenges into opportunities is what best describes Vajram Group. The company handles all its projects by considering demographics, patterns, and trends of the present and future, policy and growth factors and so on. It ensures to follow all mandatory clearances and approvals required to warrant clear titles.

The company is passionately driven to deliver on its dream to transform the face of residential and business properties. In a market flooded with uninspired design and products, Vajram envisions building high-quality properties with inspiring designs that will stand out clearly on any city’s skyline. Its strength is in its dedicated team of professional architects, engineers and other employees who work in tandem towards achieving success and delivering the finest offerings to the clientele.

Meet the Expert Formulist
Pavan Vajram is the Managing Director and CEO of Vajram Group. He is a technocrat with a track record of excellence in identifying business opportunities, building and managing high growth organization in Information Technology space and Realty Industry. Under his esteemed guidance and leadership, the company has successfully forayed into real estate in India catering to residential, commercial and hospitality segments. Pavan has more than two decades of experience in the Indian residential property development sector, which helped Vajram to stand tall amongst its peers.
Prior to heading the Vajram Group, he also Co-Founded an integrated chip design company – TechForce.

Surpassing Challenges
For Vajram, establishing an empire within the complexities of the market was not an easy task. The most important aspect of any new venture is complete understanding of the market, its needs, the potential and the competition. “We did not just survived the real estate game, we flourished because we focused on customer centricity to design every project,” asserts Pavan. The company trekked beyond the traditional horizons to successfully overcome the speedbreakers of demand and supply. Vajram’s sheer dedication and unified efforts are proven to be the key drivers in fueling its success engine.

Curated Set of Products and Services
Vajram Group’s complete transparency is commended by its customers who are happy to recommend it to others.
Planning, Process, and Implementation governed by Quality are the key differentiating factors which sets Vajram Group stand out in the crowd. The company works on predefined quality process wherein major emphasis is given on project structure, input material, planning, implementation etc. It also has regular input materials third party quality checks and audit on consistent basis throughout the project implementation and adherence to total quality management for all aspects of project implementation. Its in-house construction capabilities and tie up with Bureau VERITAS – one of the leading third party quality audits, ensures that customers get the best product. Vajram Group complies with government guidelines and works with certified partners and vendors for certified quality of input materials.

Other factors which play a vital role in rolling-out distinctive products and services are Design philosophy, Design validation, and Zero Deviation Policy. Vajram’s customer-centric approach has opened doors to all its customers wherein customers can access the quality audits reports by in-house developed tool QMS. Also the company has developed Customer Support tool ‘Doculite’ where all customer have access to their own records and documents related to project and monthly construction update. Each and every customer at Vajram is supported by dedicated team of customer support executives.

Real estate is a high wastage industry. Efficient use of materials and better construction processes can bring down the amount of waste created. The company is a member of IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) and its design philosophy and specifications are prescribed by the IGBC. The company ensures that its projects minimize environmental impact and have access to regular updated information on improved construction methods. More importantly, all materials used in all its projects are in compliance with Green Building standards and regulations.

A Bigger Canvas
Technology has become the most important aspect of the real estate industry, be it the facilities provided in residential properties or the kind of construction techniques used. The future of real estate is on its pathway of discoveries. As an industry, real estate has always lagged in terms of technology absorption, but the current digital age makes it critical for the sector to embrace innovations to give greater benefits to the customer.
As a company, Vajram has already begun its stride towards technology adoption. Its new project, Newtown, imbibes the need for smarter homes through different technological aspects that bring together a great living experience with the right innovation. The company’s future endeavors also seek to attain higher levels of innovation.

Vajram is striving hard with an aim to attain sustainability in the near future. The company is also integrating technology into its projects to make them more efficient, be it consumption of resources or its utilization. “We want to do more, not for the certifications but because we know a sustainable practices are the only way forward for our industry,” concludes Pavan.
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