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Social DNA| Digital marketing
Aditya Raj Mankani, Social DNA

The world of digital marketing is not just about placing brands in a technological environment with the assumption that they would connect to consumers. It’s about digging deeper; it’s about exploring the immense possibilities that technology offers to create relevant brand stories that targeted consumers can relate to and react to positively. This is the belief that drives Social DNA, a result-driven digital marketing powerhouse that’s been ranked among the Top 3 Advertising Agencies in Hyderabad for the year 2020.

The Inception Saga

Started in the year 2013 by Aditya Raj Mankani, a third-generation entrepreneur with a passion for marketing and technology, Social DNA’s mission is to engage consumers with brands in the digital space through well-researched marketing strategies, driven by experiential technological solutions to make them relevant and result-oriented.

To create and deliver value, Social DNA helps customers understand what the real problems are, and how they could be addressed. Social DNA has a human to human approach when it comes to branding. This involves a team of marketeers and storytellers who work to create a brand language that the target audience can relate to.

The Team Behind S-DNA

Creative storytelling at Social DNA is backed by the team’s active research and brainstorming processes to understand the need of their target audience. They believe in humanising the content for their brands which enables measurable results such as awareness & engagement. Explaining their relentless process for their brands, Anjali Devi, Social DNA’s Marketing Head says, “Storytelling through content should transpire into a memorable experience; one which benefits the audience and connects with them in real-time. A brand can achieve its desirable growth only by constantly adopting to a unique approach listening to their consumer & analysing their performances”.

Social DNA is changing the marketing industry by making a difference. They go above and beyond their role of a solutions provider to be the catalyst of digital transformation, delivering measurable results. In the words of Aditya, “Social DNA makes this revolutionary change in a brand’s marketing outlook by blending the art of storytelling, cutting-edge technology, and foolproof analytics into a sparkling cocktail of tailor-made branding strategies.”

Over the years, Social DNA, by virtue of its commitment to deliver value to its clients, has not just earned a formidable reputation in the industry but has been rewarded with a whole lot of recognition. These include being conferred with the Best Integrated Marketing Award for the work done for My Home Avatar (2017), being recognised as one of the 10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Companies by Silicon India (2017) and one among the 25 Most Promising Marketing Consultants to watch out for by Consultants Review (2015)

Hall of Fame

These awards and citations were conferred on Social DNA for helping its brands build, amplify and multiply through an array of services that include Branding, AR/VR Experiential Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Media Buying and Programmatic Advertising, Mobile App Development, Email Marketing, Creative Designing, Website Designing, Online Reputation Management, Wikipedia Profiling, WhatsApp,  Marketing, E-Commerce Consultancy to Phygital Marketing, Drone Marketing, Offline Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Possibilities for Tomorrow

Talking about the Social DNA’s vision for the future, Anish Kholay, Social DNA’s Chief Digital Officer says “Our vision is to harness the power of possibilities, the immense possibilities that technology keeps opening up constantly, giving rise to endless opportunities for creating memorable, measurable, result-oriented consumer experiences.”

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